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PMG Chapter 1993: Reincarnation

PMG Chapter 1993: Reincarnation
The news that Lin Feng had been to the Ji Clan to kill people spread quickly in the Holy City. The Yu Wen, Pei, and the Ying Clans all got ready. Everyday, the three clans were on tenterhooks, they didn’t dare leave the clan, to the extent that the disciples of those clans who were also students at Champion University all left and went back to their clans.
However, Lin Feng didn’t reappear. He suddenly disappeared. Many people made fun of the four Ancient Holy Clans because back then they had joined hands to fight against Lin Feng, then they had left with their tails between their legs because Shi Jue Lao Xian had appeared and threatened them, Now, they didn’t even dare travel freely!
He Xiao also left the Ying Clan. He didn’t have any reason to stay there. He didn’t want to offend someone who had transcended worldliness and attained holiness because of the Ying Clan and the Ji Clan. He was done with their business!
After those events, the Holy City became relatively calm. Many people had disappeared: Lin Feng, Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, Dou Zhan Seng, Guili… Xiao Wu Tian didn’t reappear, either. Some people guessed that Ying Cheng might have left the Holy City already. Another likely event was that he might have broken through to the Di Qi layer. If Ying Cheng didn’t offend powerful people, he’d become even stronger!
Ji Chang had used the mysterious technique of the Ji Clan on the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, and people didn’t know whether he had completely recovered or left the Holy City.
At Ji Chang’s cultivation level, one year was a short time. Even for ordinary medium-level emperors, ten years were not long. They didn’t become stronger quickly anymore, even if they were talented, unlike when Lin Feng was still in his homeworld. In Lin Feng’s homeworld, low-level emperors stayed at that level for thousands of years.
Only real geniuses made visible progress in one year.
During this year, Lin Feng was cleansed by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength an eighth time. One more time and he might become a high-level emperor. After the eighth Deva-Mara Kalpa cleansing, Lin Feng also cleansed his Deva-Mara body, his physical strength was so incredible that no high-level emperor could compete with him anymore in that manner. If high-level emperors attacked him using physical strength, they would have no effect at all.
Lin Feng also improved his godly awareness palace to improve his soul strength, and had cleansed his soul using Deva-Mara Kalpa. In terms of soul strength, he had already surpassed many high-level emperors. In all aspects, Lin Feng was already as strong as a high-level emperor, he just had the cultivation level of a medium-level emperor.
Lin Feng returned to Tiantai. One year had passed, and Tiantai had become too big. When Lin Feng saw Tiantai’s disciples, he noticed how strong they were. Someday, they’d become as strong as an Ancient Holy Clan. Lin Feng was relieved. However, his teachers still hadn’t come back. Lin Feng thought that the reason was maybe that his teachers didn’t feel like coming to the Holy City, as initially his fellow disciples hadn’t come either.
“How come you failed again, Buddhist monk?” Lin Feng heard someone. He saw a group of people smiling at Tian Chi.
Tian Chi was used to such jokes, he put his palms together and said, “I feel ashamed, I am not smart enough I guess.”
Tantai smiled and said, “You should forget about it, you’re not stupid but it’s difficult for anyone, you already failed five times, and you’re still so persistent.”
“Tantai, you’re funny. Each time Tian Chi comes back, he’s much stronger, haven’t you noticed?” Qin Wu smiled.
At that moment, Tantai saw Lin Feng come and said, “Lin Feng, Tian Chi has been begging the Buddhas for half a year already, do you think he should go again?”
“He can make his own decisions,” Lin Feng smiled. “Brother, how many steps did you manage to climb of the hundred thousand steps of Buddha Mountain?”
Tian Chi shook his head and said, “There aren’t 99,999 steps, it’s just an expression, there’s no end. If there were actually 100,000 steps, I’d already be at the top. It’s just an expression, a way to say that you must never stop practicing to achieve enlightenment.”
Lin Feng nodded. “Brother, according to legends, many people try to climb up the Buddha mountain. The record for getting to the top is three years, some people need ten years, and others a hundred years. However, most people who have managed to get to the top haven’t become Buddhas. On the contrary, they’ve become evil demons. Do you really think that there’s a peerless ancient Buddha at the top?”
“I do believe so. If you go, you’ll think so too,” Tian Chi nodded. Lin Feng was startled. He believed Tian Chi. Even people from the Ancient Holy Clans of the Holy City didn’t dare fly above Buddha Mountain. People from the Holy City believed that there was a peerless ancient Buddha at the top of Buddha mountain. Maybe that that cultivator was like Shi Jue Lao Xian, a peerless cultivator?
“Brother, our second fellow disciple is gone again?” asked Lin Feng.
“Ruo Xie and he are maniacs, it’s so rare to see them in Champion University. Last time, after what happened, they left and didn’t come back for a while, they probably left the Holy City,” Tian Chi laughed.
“Indeed, they’re both maniacs!” Lin Feng agreed, joining in. He knew Hou Qing Lin and Ruo Xie were great cultivators. He remembered back then when they had all gone to Tian Long Divine Castle. Now, he understood Reincarnation Dao intent and kept becoming stronger. Hou Qing Lin loved traveling and facing dangers. A bright future was awaiting him!
Talent wasn’t enough to become a peerless cultivator, courage, determination, and luck were necessary, too!
“I’ll go to the celestial mountain,” Lin Feng smiled. His silhouette flickered and he was off to the celestial mountain where Ancestor Shi Tian was.
However, at that moment, Ancestor Shi Tian wasn’t sitting there, Xue Baguio was!
At that moment, Xue Baguio was surrounded by celestial Qi. She looked like a celestial being.
“Lin Feng, you’re here!” said Ancestor Shi Tian at that moment. He descended from the sky and landed next to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at Xue Baguio and said, “I understand a few things now.”
Lin Feng looked surprised. Xue Baguio had always had doubts.
“Ancestor, what happened to her?”
“Come with me,” said Ancestor Shi Tian and then he left with Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised. Something strange was going on.
After a short time, Ancestor Shi Tian and Lin Feng arrived at the top of a snowy peak and sat down cross-legged. Ancestor Shi Tian said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, have you ever heard of cultivation reincarnation?”
“Reincarnation because of bad Karma?” Lin Feng frowned. Was Xue Baguio going to die and reincarnate because of her bad Karma?
“Nah, it’s not that dramatic. Cultivation reincarnation is a powerful skill. Only the Three Lives Scriptures contain such a skill, and nobody knows where the Three Lives Emperor is, or who he is. Nobody knows how many bodies he has, either. Apart from him, some other people have cultivation reincarnation techniques, they can reincarnate using other people’s bodies. I think she is the reincarnation of a very strong cultivator,” explained Ancestor Shi Tian.
Lin Feng’s face stiffened. “Why do you think that?”
“According to what you’ve told me and what she’s told me. She keeps forgetting things after a short time, but her heart is pure. She only cares about cultivation. And now her memory is getting shorter and shorter. There must be a skill stamp in the depths of her soul. Back then, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there was such a book.”
“What book?”
“Selfless Scriptures, but few people practiced it. They forget everything and solely focus on cultivation. Not everybody can practice those scripture, however. Each time she forgets things, she remembers new things, for example what scriptures she needs and so on. It was as if her path was already determined for her. But nobody controls her. So there’s only one possibility I can think of: she’s a terrifying cultivator’s reincarnation!”
“Besides, I’m convinced she will soon regain all the memories of her previous life, but first she needs to become a great emperor, otherwise, reincarnating would be pointless.” said Ancestor Shi Tian.
Lin Feng didn’t hide his astonishment. Xue Baguio was a strong cultivator’s reincarnation!?

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