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PMG Chapter 1994: Qi Tian Dynasty

PMG Chapter 1994: Qi Tian Dynasty
Lin Feng watched Xue Baguio, she looked as calm as a celestial being. Lin Feng’s heart beat faster.
She was from the his homeworld and surprisingly, she was the reincarnation of a strong cultivator. Each time she forgot things about her own life, it was because she remembered things from her previous life. Maybe someday, she would suddenly remember everything from her past life and would be another person.
Besides, she might be the reincarnation of a peerless cultivator and maybe that she would be able to get back to that level someday, otherwise, what would be the peerless cultivator’s goal in reincarnating?
“What about her true self, though?” Lin Feng sighed as he left. She could practice cultivation calmly in the celestial mountains, never mind…
In Champion University, everybody understood that Tiantai’s core disciples were all strong, not just Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin and Lin Feng’s wife, Meng Qing, also controlled Dao strength. One controlled reincarnation Dao strength and the other one ice and frost Dao strength. Jian Mang also controlled light Dao strength. Not many of the students understood Dao strength within Champion University, but most of those who did were from Tiantai. It was definitely the best group in Champion University these days.
Of course, Tiantai wasn’t as aggressive as Ji Chang’s Club back in the day. They didn’t bully other people, they just focused on cultivation. They also spent a great deal of time in the Edict Palace learning about current affairs. As a result, many people wanted to join Tiantai.
There were still the frequent entry exams at the university. Today, there was an exam, and many talented people passed the exam and joined Champion University. In Champion Palace, when new students saw Lin Feng’s name, they all felt determined. They also wanted their name to be carved there!
Higher ranking list, Celestial Champion Ranking List, low ranking list, I wonder when I’ll be on those lists!, thought a daydreaming new student.
“Look, Brother Lin Feng is the first cultivator on the Celestial Champion Ranking List. When he was a medium-level emperor, he provoked Ji Chang, on top of that on the day of his Champion ceremony! Four Ancient Holy Clans also joined hands to capture him, but they failed and then he went to the Ji Clan to kill their emperors. He’s very aggressive and talented!” said someone else.
“You know how strong Lin Feng was. Back then, he was still on the lower ranking list, and suddenly he was on the Celestial Champion Ranking List. He’s never been on the higher ranking list. He’s only a medium-level emperor, usually you can’t be on the highest ranking list when you’re a medium-level emperor, but the university made an exception.”
“Brother Lin Feng surpassed Ji Chang. He hasn’t been proclaimed a Champion yet, but he’s already a Champion in people’s hearts. Do you know what Lin Feng told the Ancestor when the Ancestor asked him if he wanted to become a Champion?
“Lin Feng said ‘When I am at the top of the Huang Qi layer and have no enemy anymore at that level, why would I need to be proclaimed a Champion? Even without a crown, I will consider myself as a Champion.’”
“Pfew… Arrogant and proud. I wish I could be like that, too!”
“Lin Feng is amazing. Look at the fifth cultivator of the Celestial Champion Ranking List, do you know who he is?”
“Lin Feng 1st, Ji Chang 2nd, 3rd Jian Mang, 4th Hou Qing Lin, 5th Meng Qing. Hou Qing Lin is one of Lin Feng’s best friends. Meng Qing is Lin Feng’s wife. Jian Mang is Lin Feng’s friend too, in the top five, everyone is closely related to Lin Feng, except for Ji Chang. They shouldn’t be on the Celestial Champion Ranking List, but Champion University made an exception for all of them.”
“Who’s stronger between Meng Qing, Jian Mang, and Hou Qing Lin? We will never know, they won’t fight against one another. A year ago, they weren’t in the same position. Apart from them, two other people in Champion University understand  Dao strength. After Jian Mang defeated Liu Yan from the Wind Clan, he got onto the list. Hou Qing Lin is discreet, but he is becoming more and more famous. Hou Qing Lin isn’t weaker than Jian Mang, I think. I don’t know when he’ll try to become fourth. And Meng Qing is fifth, I don’t know why the university decided that,” said many young people, staring at the ranking lists.
Behind those people, there was a cave with a waterfall at its mouth. A young man was there, he was bathing in the water. He was wearing a golden cape and looked noble. There were many carvings on his ancient robe.
When that young man finished looking at the Celestial Champion Ranking List, he left the Champion Palace and walked towards the celestial mountains of Champion University. He looked free and unrestrained. He walked as if he were extremely familiar with Champion University, but actually he wasn’t from Champion University.
When the young man arrived just outside the celestial mountains, he bowed respectfully and said, “I’m a descendant of the Tianci Dynasty, I came to see the masters of Champion University!” he shouted loudly. His voice resonated far, far away. Many people in the celestial palaces came out.
“Descendant of Tianci, please come in!” replied someone after a few seconds. The young man then continued forwards.
He proceeded to the top of a mountain and bowed before two old men. “Greetings, Ancestors.”
“Good, how fast, a hundred years, that was extremely quick,” Ancestor Xuan Tian smiled and nodded at the young man. “You’ve been in the Holy City for a few days?”
“You have a mind which perceives both past and future, Master,” the young man smiled back and nodded.
“You’ve been to Champion Palace, right?”
“I have. You know why I came, I came to invite Lin Feng, Jian Mang, Ji Chang, Hou Qing Lin and Meng Qing to come to the Dynasty. I hope you can help me.”
“Alright, stay in the celestial mountains for a few days. We’ll ask them to come back. If they want to go they can, otherwise we can’t force them,” said Ancestor Xuan Tian calmly.
“Please tell them why I came,” said the young man, bowing before Ancestor Xuan Tian. It was better if the Ancestors explained the details themselves. People would trust them more than him. Of course, they didn’t need to explain anything to people who had spent a lot of time in the Holy City, like Ji Chang.
Lin Feng looked at Ancestor Shi Tian, asking, “Ancestor, what did you call me for?”
“Lin Feng, the Dark Night Region has eighteen main cities, the three most important ones are in the very center of the region, you know that, right?”
“Holy City, Qi Tian Holy Town, Tian Yuan Ancient City,” replied Lin Feng easily.
“What do you know about Qi Tian Holy Town?”
“According to legends, Qi Tian Holy Town is gigantic and boundless. It’s a terrifying place. Their dynasties rule over the region. Ages ago, their dynasties were even more fearsome than now. They’ve lost a great deal of influence. Back then, there used to be one dynasty, but now they’ve divided. They’re not called a dynasty anymore, they’re called Qi Tian Holy Town. But even now, there are dynastical alliances which are extremely strong. They are even older than Ancient Holy Clans or universities,” recited Lin Feng slowly. He had never been there, but he had read books about the Holy Town. He knew a bit about the dynasties and everything. Nowadays, there were several dynasties.
“You’re right. Even today, there are dynasties in Qi Tian Holy Town, many of them very old. Some of them have disappeared, too. The Qi Tian Dynasty used to be terrifying and gigantic. They used to rule over Dark Night, but they were too big, and ended up divided into several small groups,” Ancestor Shi Tian told him solemnly. Back in the days, the Qi Tian Dynasty was terrifyingly strong. Now, the Qi Tian Holy Town was all that was left of the former Qi Tian Dynasty!

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