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PMG Chapter 1996: Imperial Concubine

PMG Chapter 1996: Imperial Concubine
Qi Tian Holy Town, one of the main eighteen cities of the Dark Night Region, one of the three biggest cities…
Lin Feng and the others were on his boat when they arrived in Qi Tian Holy Town. An ancient Qi surrounded the town. The buildings were very old, but in perfect shape.
In the cultivation world, people fought all the time, so buildings also broke all the time. It was rare to see ancient buildings in perfect shape like in Qi Tian Holy Town.
“That’s what a Dynasty looks like!” murmured Lin Feng. Qi Tian Holy Town was once a Dynasty. Even though they had divided later in history, it was still different from other places. The Dynasties still ruled over the town. Some sects and Ancient Holy Clans had settled there later on, but they hadn’t taken over. It was completely different from the Holy City. Dynasties were different from Ancient Holy Clans, even if they had become small and lost influence, they were still more influential than Ancient Holy Clans or sects. People from Dynasties were proud and arrogant. They respected their ancestors, as the Dynasties hadn’t forgotten about the Qi Tian Dynasty, their forebears!
“They’re like countries, Dynasties are like countries. Qi Tian Holy Town is almost a region made of several countries. Of course, Dynasties are much more incredible than countries,” said the young man from the Tianci Dynasty. He had invited Lin Feng and the others, so he also had to come with them.
“Don’t fly when you’re in a Dynasty. It’s a sign of disrespect. You can’t even fly above the clouds,” said the young man. Lin Feng nodded, it was standard in all the large influences.
After a long time, the young man pointed at a building and said to Lin Feng, “That’s the Tianci Dynasty. Let’s head there.”
“Alright” Lin Feng agreed. The Tianci Dynasty had survived the dismantlement of the Qi Tian Dynasty, the young man was very proud of it.

The Tianci Dynasty was very strict when it came to protection, but nobody prevented Lin Feng and the others from entering. The buildings all had an imposing appearance, and the guards were all emperors. Lin Feng sighed; in his homeworld, emperors could rule over countries and empires, but in the Tianci Dynasty, they were just ordinary guards…
“Where are we going?” Lin Feng asked the envoy.
“We will go to the Holy Imperial Concubine’s Building. The Imperial Concubine will give everybody a welcome dinner, and you can rest for a few days afterwards. When everybody is here, you will see the Holy Sovereign. Also, during these days, I will also be awaiting orders. If you want to go and have a walk in Qi Tian Holy Town, I can be your guide, too.”
Even though the envoy looked extremely young, he was very polite and courteous, easy to get along with. He made people feel at ease.
“Holy Concubine!” murmured Lin Feng. The Dynasties were different, as expected. They were first received by the Holy Concubine?…
After a short time, the envoy brought Lin Feng and the others to some vast and elegant mansion houses. There were large and high buildings, small bridges above small rivers, green mountains and bamboo forests, waterfalls, it looked like a painting…
After a short time, another group of people arrived, the leader of which was a beautiful and vigorous woman. Her lovely eyes kept twinkling, she looked noble and pure. She was very young, and next to her, there were a few people wearing black armor. They looked cruel and violent.
The woman glanced at them in a strange way. Then, she looked at the envoy and bowed, “Prince. Are these the people from the Holy City?” asked the woman calmly. She sounded gentle and cute, and had a beautiful voice. She sounded and looked just like a princess.
“Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin, Jian Mang, and Meng Qing are from Champion University in the Holy City. They are all on the Celestial Champion Ranking List. There’s another one from the top ten, but he came alone, he must have arrived already,” replied the envoy.
“They’re all so young. How incredible. Thank you for coming from so far away,” said the woman, smiling at Lin Feng and the others, she even bowed respectfully.
“You must be stronger than us, Princess,” Lin Feng answered with a polite smile. This woman was a high-level emperor. She was gentle and polite, and didn’t seem proud and arrogant at all. Woman like Yu Wen Jing couldn’t compete with such woman.
“When the princess was a medium-level emperor, she understood Dao intent. Now, she is a high-level emperor and her Dao intent is incredibly powerful. Of course she’s not weaker than you. If she went to Champion University, she’d rank first. She’d crush Ji Chang!” said a young man in armor next to her aggressively. When Lin Feng said she was probably stronger than them, he had the feeling it was false modesty.
He also looked at them disdainfully. These days in Champion University, there were four people who were medium-level emperors in the top five? Even if they were talented and understood Dao strength, it meant that Champion University was a bad university!
“Insolent!” said the princess angrily. She turned around and released Qi which oppressed him. The young man didn’t dare look at her and lowered his head.
“Apologize!” said the Princess icily.
“Princess!” said the young man, stupefied and raising his head.
“Apologize!” said the Princess extremely angry now.
The young man shivered and said, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”
“No harm,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. He didn’t mind.
However, the young man said to him using telepathy, “I just apologized because the princess gave me an order. If Ji Chang doesn’t come, well maybe the Tianci Dynasty doesn’t need Champion University’s people at all. It’s a fact!”
Lin Feng smiled indifferently and ignored him. However, the princess said to Lin Feng politely, “Lin Feng, please.”
She glanced at the young man icily. The young man in the armor had not heard about Lin Feng, but the princess had. Lin Feng had defeated Ji Chang on the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List a year before, and he was third on the Imperial Ranking List of the Holy City. Now, he was second, since Ying Cheng had become a great emperor. Of course, she knew that Ji Chang was not the first one in the rankings!
A medium-level emperor had defeated Ji Chang, a Champion, she was amazed. She might not even be able to defeat Lin Feng herself. She also knew that if Lin Feng wanted to kill her guards, it would be easy for him. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so kind and considerate.
“Please, Princess,” said Lin Feng, following after her as she led them away.
After a short time, they arrived in a room with a floor of jade, where a beautiful woman waiting there smiled thinly at them. Lin Feng’s eyes were drawn to her, it was as if he couldn’t look anywhere else.
The guards next to the Princess all lowered their heads.
Lin Feng had the sensation nothing else existed around him, he was just staring at that peerlessly beautiful woman.
But he quickly came back to his senses. Such woman were too powerful!
“Welcome, everyone. I hope you had a nice trip,” smiled the woman, too attractive for words.
Lin Feng and the others bowed before her and he said, “You must be the Imperial Concubine.”
“Yes, no need to adhere strictly to formalities, though. Please come in,” said the Imperial Concubine calmly. Lin Feng sat down to her side, as did everyone else.

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