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PMG Chapter 1997: Ancient Historical Remains

PMG Chapter 1997: Ancient Historical Remains
“Lin Feng, even though we’re in Qi Tian Holy Town, I know about the Holy City. You’re quite famous,” the Imperial Concubine said with a gentle smile.
She looked so attractive, Lin Feng was aroused just by looking at her lips.
“You’re flattering me, Imperial Concubine,” replied Lin Feng, smiling humbly. He tried to remain calm.
“Lin Feng, you’re a medium-level emperor and you’re third on the Imperial Ranking List, that’s not flattery, that’s a fact,” smiled the Imperial Concubine. “Lin Feng, whom do you think will reach the highest level in their lives: Ying Cheng, Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, you, or anyone else?”
Lin Feng was startled, what kind of question was that?
“How could I talk about other people, Imperial Concubine?” Lin Feng answered politely.
The Imperial Concubine smiled calmly. “You’re right, but I’m sure that if I asked Chu Chun Qiu, Ying Cheng, or Ji Chang, they’d say they would.”
They all thought they were the strongest.
“I invited people from Champion University because of you, Lin Feng. My daughter loves you. I hope you can help her out,” said the Imperial Concubine glancing at the princess tenderly.
“Imperial Concubine, I will do my best.”
Lin Feng was surprised. She didn’t care about offending Ji Chang by talking that way. The Imperial Concubine probably knew that Lin Feng, Jian Mang, Hou Qing Lin, and Meng Qing were close.
“As a mother, I feel relieved then,” said the Imperial Concubine, standing up and bowing before Lin Feng.
Lin Feng hastily stood up and said, “Imperial Concubine, you’re my elder, you can’t bow before me!”
“I’m a mother, I should,” said the Imperial Concubine, bowing again. She smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Anyway, you must feel awkward to be with me. I won’t disturb you. Lin Feng. If you need anything, tell Piao Xue to come and call me.”
After that, she left. Lin Feng was stunned. The Imperial Concubine was very strange…
“Lin Feng, you must take care of me!” spoke up the princess, smiling after the Imperial Concubine left. She looked as beautiful and fresh as a flower. The young man next to her was annoyed. Lin Feng was that strong? Why were the Imperial Concubine and the Princess so polite? He had no idea. A medium-level emperor? Even if he had understood Dao strength, how strong could he be? Could he compete with people at the top of the Huang Qi layer?
The Princess smiled at Meng Qing and said, “Sister Meng Qing, I hope you don’t mind.”
“How could I?” replied Meng Qing naturally. The princess was really easy to get along with, her manner warm and gentle. During the banquet, they quickly became good friends.

After the banquet, Princess Piao Xue brought Lin Feng and the others to their rooms. Lin Feng and the others walked around in the territory of the Dynasty. It was ancient, and the landscapes were beautiful.
During the days they waited, ever more strong cultivators from the eighteen main cities of the Dark Night Region arrived. Some people even battled now and then, their fights impressive. The people who came were all geniuses, and they never submitted to others.
One of those days, Princess Piao Xue took Lin Feng and his friends out at his request. Lin Feng wanted to walk around Qi Tian Holy Town.
“Sister Meng Qing, you won’t be disappointed here. There are only eighteen main cities in the Dark Night Region, but there are many historical remains. I invited you to come to help me, but you can also spend a few years here and enjoy yourself.”
Princess Piao Xue and Meng Qing had quickly become good friends. Girls talked a lot, so it was easier for two women to make friends. Meng Qing and Piao Xue were even holding hands like sisters. Lin Feng didn’t mind. Friends were friends, enemies were enemies. As long as the Imperial Concubine and Piao Xue didn’t try to harm them, Lin Feng didn’t mind.
“Where can you find some famous historical remains in Qi Tian Holy Town?” asked Meng Qing, curious now.
“All the sites are under the control of the Dynasties. For example, Suffocating Sword Valley, there’s a terrifyingly powerful and old intent there which makes people suffocate. People who go there almost always die. Dao-Breaking Mountain, it’s a mountain where your Dao gets destroyed. You can hear ancient people’s voices there apparently. There are many other places.”
Suffocating Sword Valley, sword intent, suffocate? What a strange name, thought Lin Feng. His eyes glittered.
“Sister Piao Xue,” called out someone in the distance. Lin Feng and the others looked over and saw another group of people. There weren’t many of them, but their Qi was impressive. The leader of the group was a prince from the Tianci Dynasty, he had the same family name as princess Piao Xue.
“Brother, are those the geniuses of Goblin Spirit University? They look, extraordinary,” Princess Piao Xue greeted him.
However, the geniuses of Goblin Spirit University looked at Lin Feng coldly. The Tianci Dynasty had good relations with three groups of influence, and they had invited all of them to come. The three groups were Champion University, Goblin Spirit University, and one Ancient Holy Clan.
“Champion University’s geniuses look extraordinary too,” the young man smiled. A strong cultivator of Goblin Spirit University walked forwards and shouted, “Champion University, who’s Lin Feng? He must be here!”
Lin Feng looked him over; that guy looked strange and wild. His Qi was powerful and aggressive.
Lin Feng took a step forwards and rose up into the air.
“As expected, a medium-level emperor! I’ve heard that you had defeated Ji Chang! I really want to know if you’re that strong. Be careful!” shouted that guy. So saying, he released a terrifying amount of bestial Qi. Lin Feng had the sensation millions of wild beasts were running towards him.
“Show me your strength first!” said that guy, his power bearing down on Lin Feng.
Lin Feng flickered away and released demon Qi, which shot up into the sky. They started punching one another. Suddenly an explosion rent the air and a strong wind started blowing.
Millions of threads of bestial Qi penetrated into Lin Feng’s body. Death strength penetrated into his attacker. The bestial Qi quickly dispersed. Lin Feng’s arm crackled, but his physical strength was astonishing. His opponent looked like a bull, and also had an incredible physical strength.
“Haha, not bad. A medium-level emperor can surprisingly stop a physical attack from me. No wonder you defeated the Champion!” said that guy, laughing eagerly, his long black hair bouncing messily around him.
“Now I’ll use seven layers of strength and Dao strength, be careful!” said that cultivator, condensing more physical strength to oppress Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the sensation he was on a field surrounded by millions of strong and heavy bulls.
“Lin Feng, if you’re careless, you might lose. He’s the Champion of Goblin Spirit University. He’s been a Champion for much longer than Ji Chang,” said the princess to Lin Feng telepathically.
Lin Feng was surprised. He was confident when it came to his physical strength, but he had never been careless, he was always vigilant. He knew his strengths and weaknesses. His weakness was his cultivation level. His strength was that he knew many things. Naturally, when fighting against people with a higher cultivation level, he had to be more careful.
Lin Feng sensed a strange yet terrifying Dao strength. Lights twinkled all around, and millions of bulls roared in a thundering rage, trying to crush Lin Feng!
What’s that Dao intent?, thought Lin Feng, his face stiff. His opponent’s strength was terrifying. Lin Feng cast his celestial stage deployment spell and condensed more strength. World of the Living Imprints also appeared around him, containing an endless amount of strength.

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