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PMG Chapter 1998: Close Yet Distant

PMG Chapter 1998: Close Yet Distant
The two attacks collided, and the World of the Living Imprints immediately broke apart, while the gigantic bulls roared and dispersed progressively. However, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying wild and fierce Qi surround him as the ground under his feet started crackling.
“Your ancient imprints technique is terrifying! Awesome, you crushed my attack!” said the attacker, laughing happily. “No wonder you defeated Ji Chang. You’re really strong. You can resist my attacks, you can be proud.”
Lin Feng looked at the other man. The guy sounded crazy, but he was really strong…
“Lin Feng, in the future, we’ll join hands. I hope that before going to the Holy Place, you’ll become even stronger. If you could become a high-level emperor before going, that would be great. Piao Xue will definitely get the most out of it,” spoke the prince, smiling at Lin Feng.
Even though he sounded polite, Lin Feng still had the sensation the guy was looking down upon him. People from the Tianci Dynasty probably competed within the Dynasty. Maybe this young man was competing with Piao Xue. They had invited three different groups, so Lin Feng was almost sure that there were three different descendants in this generation going. Princess Piao Xue, the young man in front of him, and someone else…
The Imperial Concubine and Princess Piao Xue had decided to cooperate with Champion University, while the young man before him had decided to rope in Goblin Spirit University.
“Thank you very much, brother. Even if Lin Feng’s cultivation level remains that way, Lin Feng can still protect me,” said Princess Piao Xue, smiling indifferently. She was being polite. She was very strong and didn’t need people to protect her.
“I think too much sometimes,” replied the prince calmly, “I’ve heard that many people were going to the Holy Way Stage today, where you can listen to the saints. We’re going there now. We’ll see how strong all the emperors are. See you!”
“We can go to Holy Way Stage today?” asked Piao Xue, surprised.
“The Holy Spirit Dynasty invited everyone in Qi Tian Holy Town,” smiled the prince. He glanced at Lin Feng… it seemed that Piao Xue already had a good impression of Lin Feng after only a few days. Surprisingly, she had forgotten about this event. The prince quickly left with the geniuses of Goblin Spirit University.
“Is the Holy Way Stage one of the places where there are historical remains?” Lin Feng asked Princess Piao Xue.
“Indeed. Holy Way Stage is controlled by the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The Holy Spirit Dynasty is a Dynasty, like Tianci Dynasty. Usually, they don’t allow people to come so easily, but today they invited everyone. I’m a bit surprised,” replied Piao Xue.
Lin Feng nodded and said, “Since it’s that way, let’s go and see the Holy Way Stage.”
Princess Piao Xue smiled thinly and said, “Alright, I know that geniuses like you are eager to participate. Since they invited you, we can go. Maybe we’ll be able to listen to the last saint, and even if we can’t, seeing other geniuses will be a great experience.”
Lin Feng smiled. Since he was in Qi Tian Holy Town, he wanted to see as many things as possible, especially other geniuses.
The Holy Spirit Dynasty and the Tianci Dynasty were two ancient Dynasties. They both had boundless territories. People of the Holy Spirit Dynasty controlled Holy Spiritual techniques. They were very strong and controlled a mysterious kind of strength.
Lin Feng and the others arrived at the Holy Spirit Dynasty before too long.  Someone led the way and took them to a celestial place. It looked like a misty fairyland with many shiny pillars.
Many people were already there. Lin Feng saw many women, who all looked incredibly beautiful, with a strong celestial Qi. Behind them was a high stone stage, which looked rather illusionary: the Holy Way Stage!
Many people looked over Lin Feng and the others, but then again, everyone was watching everybody else. Everybody here was really strong.
When people glanced at Lin Feng and the others, it was just for a second. However, there were exceptions too. Those beautiful women looked detached, above worldly material attractions.
They were from the Moon Palace.
They all recognized Lin Feng. Back then, Lin Feng had been abandoned by the gods. Cosmic energies hadn’t fallen from the skies to cleanse his body. But they remembered him well, and he was really close to some of them.
Yi Ren Lei was there. She hadn’t changed too much, her eyes looked even more beautiful and mature. When she saw Lin Feng, she smiled. When the crowd saw she was smiling at someone, they looked at Lin Feng, surprised someone so beautiful was smiling at someone.
But people didn’t pay too much attention to her. The people who came here were all extraordinary. Ordinary people would have gone crazy, but not those geniuses.
When Lin Feng saw her smile, he smiled and nodded back at her. Then, he continued looking around. He noticed someone was looking at him icily. She looked emotionless. Even when she saw Lin Feng, she looked emotionless.
“Yue Xin!” exclaimed Meng Qing. They were like sisters, but Yue Xin ignored her. Even when she looked at Lin Feng, she looked ice-cold.
Qiu Yue Xin turned away, she didn’t continue looking at them. Meng Qing looked disappointed.
“We have enough people, when are you going to open the Holy Way Stage?” asked someone at that moment, smiling at someone from the Holy Spirit Dynasty.
“No rush. Please go into the building first. We can have a seat and then we’ll listen to the saint.”
“Alright, so many incredible people, yet I don’t know many of them,” someone else nodded. People slowly walked towards the many pillars shooting up into the sky. Lin Feng also walked in that direction. Someone joined Lin Feng and the others as they moved that way… it was Yi Ren Lei.
“I’ve heard that you became famous in the Holy City, I’m happy for you,” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling slightly. She looked seductive only when she looked at Lin Feng.
“Have a seat,” said Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei. She sat down next to him.
“How’s the Moon Palace?” Lin Feng asked calmly. He felt calmer these days. So many things had happened, so much time had passed. Yi Ren Lei had abandoned him, he had been sad, but now he had gotten over her. However, Yi Ren Lei had never promised him anything. She had just said they’d be a couple for a hundred days, then she had really abandoned him and Lin Feng had really been disappointed, but he was okay now.
When Yi Ren Lei saw that Lin Feng looked so serene, she sighed. She would always be an acquaintance. Even though Lin Feng smiled at her, it wasn’t like it had been in the past. They just met when they bumped into one another, and they talked to one another out of politeness, there was no happiness, no sadness. But it was her choice, she had made her decision.
“It’s alright. The Moon Palace doesn’t lack resources. I have many powerful Scriptures, and they keep helping us,” replied Yi Ren Lei. They hadn’t thought they’d be able to have a normal conversation like this if they met again.
“Good. You finally found your Path. I hope you’ll become really strong and that your dreams will become  reality,” Lin Feng wished her success.
Yi Ren Lei smiled and replied, “I will do my best. I think about you sometimes, I wonder whether I’ve made a mistake or not. But in the end, it was my choice. However, if someday you really become a Demon God, will you remember our promise?”
Yi Ren Lei smiled at him teasingly. Lin Feng’s heart started pounding violently. A promise, the Demon God and the Ice and Snow Goddess, but they still had a long way to go!

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