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PMG Chapter 200: The Dual Spirit

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Outside of Duan Ren, only hills and valleys could be seen over the boundless distance.

That area was covered with dust blowing in the wind. In that remote area, white tents were erected everywhere which looked like a small city.

The troops stationed there all belonged to the Xue Yue Country.

Duan Ren Border was the only way to reach Duan Ren City. Besides, Duan Tian Border was just a huge valley. From Duan Ren City, there was a panoramic view of the valley so if enemies came, they could easily spot them with a glance.

Therefore, Liu Cang Lan couldn’t let the troops of Mo Yue enter Duan Ren Border that easily. He had troops guarding the outer border. Except for critical situations, his troops normally wouldn’t go to Duan Ren Border.

At that moment, Lin Feng and Liu Cang Lan were together above the city gate of Duan Ren City. They were looking at Duan Tian Lang and his troops. They had passed through Duan Ren City and were heading towards the border.

Liu Cang Lan had eventually allowed Duan Tian Lang to come into Duan Ren City but there was only one condition, he and his troops were not allowed to stay in Duan Ren City. They had to leave immediately and go to Duan Ren Border and establish their military camp. They had to stay there and defend in case of attack.

Duan Tian Lang had accepted those conditions. Once inside Duan Ren City, he had surprisingly continued and moved towards Duan Ren Border.

“Lin Feng, let’s go to the campsite.” said Liu Cang Lan indifferently when he saw that the troops were moving to the Duan Ren Border. Lin Feng slightly nodded and they immediately went down the stairs and headed towards the Duan Ren Border.

In Duan Ren Border, there were countless old broken weapons on the ground. While walking through the valley, the wind was howling. Immediately after, coldness invaded Lin Feng’s body started in the legs and then spreading to the rest of his body. Lin Feng’s heart started beating a bit faster.

There were so many weapons covering the ground in Duan Ren Border. They had all been broken during the war and their owners had all died on the battlefield. Those days, Duan Ren Border was a sea of broken weapons which diffused a cold energy like mist across the ground.

Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath. He looked calm and solemn, but his heart was trembling. It was impossible for anyone to look at such a scene and not be touched.

They walked to the other side of Duan Ren Border where there was a precipice.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance and thought that the cliffs were incredibly beautiful but he was still aware that danger lurked there.

Liu Cang Lan could easily take advantage of the landscape.

Even though there was no imminent danger at the moment, as before, Lin Feng felt an oppressive cold Qi while walking in the valley. Only after having entirely passed through it could Lin Feng relax.


There were tents as far as Lin Feng’s eyes could see. At that moment, he took a very deep breath and said: “Uncle Liu, how many troops are there here?”

“Three hundred thousand.” replied Liu Cang Lan indifferently. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, amongst cultivators, there weren’t many who were willing to join the army. Otherwise, three hundred thousand stationed troops was a trivial number considering that the Xue Yue Country had billions of people.

The Mo Yue Country was entirely unified under their Emperor. There wasn’t any sects, which had influence. In their country, they always say ‘A single army is stronger’. Amongst the nine other countries of Xue Yue, their army was considered as one of the strongest. They had over three million troops. They always had ambitions to conquer the other countries. Xue Yue and Mo Yue were neighbors so Mo Yue wanted to take the initiative to invade.

“The sentinels have reported that this time, the Mo Yue army has over five hundred thousand troops.” said Liu Cang Lan indifferently. Lin Feng was astonished. That meant two hundred thousand more than them. That was a terrifying amount.

“Duan Tian Lang also brought a hundred thousand troops, if he wholeheartedly cooperates with me, the Mo Yue Country is far from being able to invade us. Our geographical position is very advantageous. The opponents may have five hundred thousand troops but if Duan Tian Lang and I manage to efficiently cooperate then the terrain advantage will make it too difficult for them to invade.” said Liu Cang Lan. There wasn’t much hope but, Liu Cang Lan had high expectations.

The soldiers on the Chi Xie armored horses were rigorously protecting the campsite. The best soldiers of were there.

Liu Cang Lan and Lin Feng arrived on the campsite and said: “Make Han Man and Po Jun come to my tent.”

“Roger, General.” said an officer. A short time after, two silhouettes entered the tent. The one leading them was a robust young man. His face was well proportioned according to his body. He looked determined and strict.

These two people were both wearing red armor. Only their eyes which contained a golden light, were visible.

The two people moved into the tent. They were about to salute Liu Cang Lan but when they saw Lin Feng, they were dumbstruck. Immediately after, inside his armor, a wholehearted smile appeared on the face of the robust man.

“Lin Feng, big brother.” Han Man rushed over to tightly hugged Lin Feng. Behind him, Po Jun was also smiling warmly. No sharp Qi was being released from his body but he was as full of vitality.

“Lin Feng, you guys can chat, I am going to see Duan Tian Lang as he settles down.” said Liu Cang Lan with a warm and soft smile on his face. Immediately after, he left the tent leaving Lin Feng and his friends alone.

“Han Man, Po Jun, are you getting used to this place?” asked Lin Feng.

“We are used to it. Lin Feng, big brother, Po Jun and I are now controlling elite troops. The General has put them under our control. They are all very strong and all have an outstanding background.”

Han Man’s voice was filled with pride. He hadn’t been there for a very long time and already had a thousand troops under his control. To achieve this, he had only relied on his own efforts. Liu Cang Lan wasn’t the type of person who gave privileges to people because he was friendly with them but he knew how to recognize people’s natural talents.

“Have you been in many dangerous situations?” Lin Feng didn’t really care about what his two friends had accomplished, he was more concerned with their safety.

“We haven’t been in many dangerous situations. Po Jun and I have broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer.” said Han Man while smiling proudly making Po Jun smile wryly. “Lin Feng, brother, Han Man has become a monster. There were some enemies waiting in an ambush outside of the country. In the end, he ended up fighting against two strong cultivators of the fifth Ling Qi layer and slaughtered them as well as all the rest of their members. His spirit has awakened and it provides him with endless strength. However, when he killed them, his body was completely wrecked by the time the battle was over.”

“Alone, he killed two cultivators of the fifth Ling Qi layer as well as all the other people?” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. He was pleasantly surprised. Besides, Han Man had just broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer.

Han Man scratched his head with a shy smile on his face. He then said: “I don’t know what happened either. Since my spirit awakened, it seems like I am able to fuse with the earth and absorb its strength to make it my own. With this power, killing these two cultivators of the fifth Ling Qi layer wasn’t too difficult.”

“Could it be a blood spirit…?” thought Lin Feng. When Han Man was at the Prisoner Arena, his spirit had awakened once already when he broke through to the Ling Qi layer. It was obviously different than a normal spirit as it had awakened a second time.

“Lin Feng, Po Jun speaks highly of me but he’s also been hiding things from us. He is also able to defeat cultivators of the fifth Ling Qi layer.” said Han Man which made Lin Feng stupefied. Po Jun was also able to defeat cultivators of the fifth Ling Qi layer?

“Be honest and explain these things to Lin Feng yourself.” said Han Man while glancing at Po Jun.

Po Jun shook his head while smiling and immediately walked towards Lin Feng: “Lin Feng, big brother, take a look.”

While speaking, Po Jun stretched his hand and a vine slowly emerged. It looked like an illusion but was real. When it reached Lin Feng’s body, Lin Feng could feel that it was solid. That was Po Jun’s vine spirit which he could use to attack people by surprise.

But at that moment, a sharp energy suddenly emerged from Po Jun’s body. His pupils suddenly became dark and looked piercingly sharp.

A black illusion suddenly slowly emerged from his back. In the middle of that illusion, a long black spear was floating and was pointing towards the vault of heaven.

“Dual spirit.” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. That was another spirit.

Po Jun had a dual spirit!

The vine spirit and the illusionary spear vanished in the blink of an eye. Po Jun was smiling indifferently. His dual spirit were his most powerful trump card. He even hid it from Han Man for a while.

“Haha, awesome, a dual spirit… Po Jun, you and Han Man are the same, you are both geniuses. No wonder when I first met you, the expression in your eyes looked so sharp.”

Lin Feng was smiling wholeheartedly. His two good friends were amazingly strong which made him very happy. Han Man’s spirit had been awakened a second time which probably meant he possessed a blood spirit and Po Jun surprisingly had a dual spirit which was extremely rare.

“Having a dual spirit is no big deal, especially when you have a big slave mark on your face. It’s as if I already died long ago in the Prisoner Arena.” said Po Jun while sighing.

Lin Feng looked at Po Jun and said: “Po Jun, don’t worry about that mark on your face, sooner or later, I will help you remove it.”

Every drop of blood could go through a rebirth process on the path of cultivation. It was very easy to modify and alter the network of blood vessels, therefore, removing that slave mark would be as easy as turning one’s hand over.

“That’s right, don’t get depressed. We will get rid of these marks, sooner or later.” said Han Man while smiling and continued: “Lin Feng, let’s go for a walk. I will tell you more about the other troops and the current situation.”

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded and immediately after, the three friends left the tent.

They walked towards the troops outside of the tent.

Po Jun said: “Lin Feng, big brother, amongst the troops, there are different categories, the guards, the sergeants, the lieutenants, the non-commissioned officers and the officers. The guards have ten soldiers under their control. The sergeants have ten guards, and therefore indirectly a hundred soldiers, under their control. The lieutenants which Po Jun and I are, have ten sergeants under their control and indirectly control all of their soldiers, which is a thousand in total. Even higher in the ranks, there are the non-commissioned officers who control ten lieutenants and therefore ten thousand soldiers.”

“Our troops are composed of a total of three hundred thousand soldiers. Excluding General Liu Cang Lan, there are three officers divided into a left, right and middle. Besides, each officer has ten non-commissioned officers under their control.”

“Besides, there are also the Chi Xie armored troops with special commanders. Po Jun and I are part of that category. ”

Lin Feng understood how the military ranks worked. The hierarchy was strict. It didn’t differ much from the previous world. The lower ranked had to execute the orders given by the higher ranked.

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