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PMG Chapter 2000: Potential Peerless Cultivators

PMG Chapter 2000: Potential Peerless Cultivators
The crowd drew closer to the Holy Way Stage. Princess Piao Xue murmured, “It could be great. I’ve heard of the sages’ voices. When people talk about the Holy Way Stage, they all talk about the vestiges. The soul of a saint is sealed inside.”
Lin Feng nodded, his eyes glittering. He was going to try.
At that moment, a strong wind started blowing, and a young man landed in front of the Holy Way Stage. He said, “Master, I’d like to try. I want to hear the sage’s voice.”
That person jumped right onto the Holy Way Stage. He didn’t use the stairs.
As he landed, his feet hadn’t even touched the Holy Way Stage before his face changed drastically. He was suddenly hurled away and blood splashed everywhere. His face turned deathly pale as his Qi roiled uncontrollably, his soul shaken violently. He landed back on the ground and closed his eyes.
“One strike!” Those watching were astonished. The Holy Way Stage was really powerful, that person hadn’t used the flight of stairs and he was badly injured. Had he heard the saint’s voice, though?
Some people looked nervous. Only very talented people could go onto the Holy Way Stage.
Someone else walked forwards, he vigilantly walked up to the battle stage and put his foot on the flight of stairs.
A terrifying strength smashed into him, he grunted with pain and his foot was pushed backwards. His face turned deathly pale, but his eyes glinted with fury as he tried to resist. He was injured again. A hole had appeared on his chest and suddenly, blood started flowing from the wound.
“He can’t even put his foot on the first step?” Those watching were startled. These people were all geniuses, they were the strongest people of their region, but here, they couldn’t put a foot on the first step of a flight of stairs?
“What’s going on?” The crowd didn’t know what was happening.
“The attack doesn’t aim at a specific part of your body, your whole body is suddenly affected,” said the second man. “If you’re careless, you can die. I’m going to have a rest for now.”
After he walked away, someone else arrived, that person was wearing a cosmic energy armor. He looked determined as he walked up to the flight of stairs.
Same as a moment before, a terrifying strength crushed down on him, ignoring his defense. His armor exploded and the attack even reached his muscles. He also coughed up lots of blood onto the Holy Way Stage, but the Stage immediately swallowed it as if the blood had never appeared on it.
Third one!, thought the geniuses. They realized it wasn’t that easy to get on the Holy Way Stage.
“According to legends, the Holy Way Stage tests your abilities, to see if you’re really talented. But if you can’t put a foot on the first step, doesn’t it prove something?” said someone, looking at the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.
“You want me to tell you the truth?” the beautiful woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty smiled. The first three cultivators shivered. What did it mean? They were not talented?
“We can handle the truth. There is no harm in saying what one thinks,” said the one who was recovering while seated cross-legged.
“If you can’t put your foot on the first step, it means that you don’t have the potential to become a saint,” said the woman calmly. The crowd shivered. The ones who had tried were disappointed.
All those people were determined and talented, but not everybody had the potential to become a peerless cultivator. People had two different ways of thinking, If you can’t put your foot on the first step, you’ll never become a peerless cultivator, so I need to put my foot on the second step at least, otherwise I’ll lose face, and that wouldn’t be good for my cultivation. The second type of people thought, If I don’t have the potential to become a peerless cultivator, then I’ll need to defy the heavens!
“It means you are far, very far from being able to become a peerless cultivator someday,” said the girl coldly. She was warning those people. They shivered, some of them looked relieved. It didn’t mean they would never have the opportunity then, it just meant they maybe wouldn’t if they didn’t find a solution.
Even though they didn’t have the potential at that moment, they could change things!
A strong wind started blowing again. Someone landed before the Holy Way Stage and put his foot on the first step. Rumbling sounds rose, and he shook violently, but didn’t flinch back. It was like a mountain had landed on the first step. He shouted extremely loudly and put his foot on the second step. His blood started boiling, and his bones emitted crackling sounds.
“No…” the man’s face changed drastically. He looked petrified, and quickly drew back. Explosive force dispersed past him as he did so. He asked the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, “What kind of indicator is the second step?”
“In terms of blood and bones, you don’t have the potential to become a peerless cultivator. You need to improve in that aspect,” the woman informed him carefully.
That person nodded and said, “Thank you very much for your teachings. No wonder I was oppressed like that, I had the sensation my blood and bones were going to explode.”
“The Holy Way Stage is incredible, if someone managed to walk up the flight of stairs, they might hear the saint,” murmured those staring at the stage. They felt so motivated. If they succeeded, wouldn’t it mean that they had the potential to become peerless cultivators?
Saints, kings, such people could transcend worldliness!
“Let’s see if the stage can stop me!” It was Crazy Bull! He jumped forwards, rumbles and eruptions sounding about him. He roared and put his foot on the first step, he didn’t stop, he continued walking up. A mighty bull had appeared behind him, his hair was fluttering in the wind, and he was already on the second step!
“He hasn’t been forced away, which means he has the proper blood and bones to become a peerless cultivator. Can he climb up to the third one?” wondered the crowd, eyes fixed on Crazy Bull. He stopped for a few seconds and then continued, making a big step to the third step.
Boom boom! He shook violently and roared thunderously. Many people shuddered.
“He’s stable.” Crazy Bull was on the third step, how strong! No wonder he was a Champion. He had incredible potential!
“It means you’re determined enough to become a peerless cultivator someday,” said the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The Holy Way Stage was a test of various attributes, actually.
However, there were two big steps before Crazy Bull, and then the actual Holy Way Stage.
Finally, Crazy Bull moved again, he put a foot on the fourth step, and his face turned deathly pale. He tried to remain determined, his face turned red, blood appeared in his eyes, ears, and nose. The air shook with thunder, and Crazy Bull was hurled back as his blood gushed out. He crashed at the foot of the stage.
He had failed. Crazy Bull, a Champion, had also failed. It meant he didn’t have all the characteristics to potentially become a peerless cultivator.
“Not bad!” said the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Even in the Holy Spirit Dynasty, few people could get to the fourth step!

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