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PMG Chapter 2001: Highest Level

PMG Chapter 2001: Highest Level
“The Holy Way Stage is very strange. You can’t see the attacks. I wonder how it’s been designed. It almost looks alive. And it can test different things,” murmured Hou Qing Lin to Lin Feng and the others.
“Brother, you also want to know where the attacks come from?” Lin Feng smiled. Historic vestiges were marvelous. The Holy Way Stage was being used to test people’s talent, weaknesses, and strengths, but it seemed to have other uses.
Did peerless cultivators have to be flawless in all aspects? Was it impossible to become a peerless cultivator without the proper blood strength, bones, physical strength, intent and so on? Was it why some Holy Great Emperors were stuck at that cultivation level and couldn’t transcend worldliness and attain holiness?
“I’m going to try too!” Hou Qing Lin nodded.
“Alright, we all have to try anyway,” Lin Feng smiled knowingly. After Crazy Bull tried, so did many other people. However, nobody had managed to set foot on the Holy Way Stage, it was too difficult. It meant that the cultivator already met all the requirements to become a peerless cultivator someday.
Even without talking about getting onto the stage itself, getting to the third step was already extremely difficult. Nobody had managed to do better than Crazy Bull. The requirements to become a peerless cultivator someday were extremely strict. Having the proper blood, bones, and body was already really difficult, but having the proper intent was even harder. Crazy Bull had managed to get onto the third step because he was incredibly determined.
When Hou Qing Lin walked out, many people pulled long faces. After all, he was still a medium-level emperor. In the Holy City, he wasn’t as famous as Chu Chun Qiu or Lin Feng. Only people from Champion University knew that Hou Qing Lin was quite strong.
When Hou Qing Lin stepped onto the first step, he shook visibly. A mysterious kind of strength surrounded him invisibly. Hou Qing Lin understood that no matter what kind of defense technique you used, it was useless, powers and spells weren’t part of your body.
Hou Qing Lin coughed up blood. Many people shook their heads. They all thought, As expected, he can’t handle it, not even the first step.
However, after a short time, Hou Qing Lin was still on the first step, people looked at him strangely. He was injured, but he hadn’t been pushed away.
Hou Qing Lin moved his foot, a ferocious expression on his blood-covered face. He lifted his foot and put it on the second step, then his second foot. The second step was to test a cultivator’s blood and bones, and Hou Qing Lin’s blood started boiling, his bones crackling. It looked extremely painful, the kind of pain that could kill weak people.
But Hou Qing Lin endured the pain. He was standing steadily on the second step, his robe fluttering in the wind. Those watching were stunned. Hou Qing Lin had passed the challenge of the second step!
The beautiful woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty was surprised, she murmured, “His body, blood, and bones might not be powerful enough, but he’s extremely determined. It means that if you’re determined, even if you lack some things, you can succeed. He will probably have no problem getting onto the third step, either.”
Hou Qing Lin remained silent, unlike Crazy Bull, who had been shouting like a madman, and wasn’t any weaker than Crazy Bull. Then, Hou Qing Lin stepped onto the third step without any problem, astonishing everyone further. People’s hearts started pounding.
There are always talented individuals in hiding, and there is no link between reputation and cultivation level. The people who are here are all geniuses. Everybody here must be determined!, thought the crowd. After all, they were all geniuses. When Hou Qing Lin climbed onto the first step, the crowd wasn’t jealous, they were amazed and admired him, and those who had failed felt even more determined to become stronger.
Those who had failed felt ashamed because they had the impression they weren’t determined enough.
At that moment, Hou Qing Lin raised his head and focused on the next step.. Finally, he moved his foot and lifted it. His soul shook violently. An invisible and intangible strength struck his soul, it looked extremely painful, and it felt as if his soul was going to explode.
He released reincarnation intent and stepped fully up onto the next step. His reincarnation strength and Qi dashed to the skies. Hou Qing Lin’s Qi was suddenly even more powerful. A strong wind made of reincarnation strength whistled about him.
“He broke through!” The crowd was astonished, including Lin Feng. Then he smiled, happy for his friend.
Hou Qing Lin smiled, too. His silhouette flickered. He moved aside and sat down cross-legged to finish breaking through.
“Lin Feng, your friend is really strong,” spoke up Princess Piao Xue. She had thought that Lin Feng would be the only one who could help her when she invited the group along, and had underestimated the others, finding out that Hou Qing Lin was extraordinary too. Surprisingly, he had become a high-level emperor on the flight of stairs!
“Of course!” Lin Feng smiled knowingly. “Back then, in the small world, he used to protect me all the time. I admired him, and I still do.”
Princess Piao Xue shivered when she saw Lin Feng’s wide smile. She hadn’t realized Hou Qing Lin and Lin Feng were so close.
Someone else ran up to the flight of stairs: Zhuo Qing, Diamond Indestructible King-Type Body!
As everybody had anticipated, Zhuo Qing jumped onto the first step without any problem. He had a king-type body, which meant he had the potential to become a king, so of course he couldn’t have a body problem. Then, he stepped onto the second step, no problem either. Then, he continued to the third step.
At that moment, Zhuo Qing stopped for a few seconds. A sharp look appeared in his eyes, golden lights appeared around him, sharp golden lights dashed to the skies. People who were very determined weren’t affected by that invisible and intangible strength. He was still standing steadily there.
“Will Zhuo Qing do better than everyone else?” some people wondered aloud. Zhuo Qing continued walking towards the fourth step and then up onto it. This one tested a cultivator’s soul. A mysterious strength came down on Zhuo Qing’s soul, shaking it with the pressure, yet he remained silent and calm. He was still surrounded by dazzling golden lights, and he looked like a motionless mountain.
“As expected, he’s stable!” Zhuo Qing moved his foot, getting ready to try the fifth and last step. If he managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage, it would mean that he already met all the requirements to become a peerless cultivator someday.
Zhuo Qing heard someone sigh mentally, as if a Saint were sighing. An endless amount of Dao power crashed onto his body, and suddenly he shouted furiously. Golden lights rose powerfully as he started releasing Dao intent, a dazzling golden circle appeared above his head.
“He’s on it, how strong!” Those watching were stunned. Zhuo Qing was on the fifth step, two steps more and he’d be on the Holy Way Stage!
Zhuo Qing continued his slow walk forwards towards the Holy Way Stage. The crowd shivered, all nervous and staring at him. Finally, Zhuo Qing arrived next to the edge of the stage, and suddenly turned into a light beam, startling everyone!

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