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PMG Chapter 2003: Holy Throne

PMG Chapter 2003: Holy Throne
Chu Chun Qiu was still standing on the Holy Way Stage, looking like a king, but not arrogant at all. People were watching him. Suddenly, on the Holy Way Stage, a throne appeared, nine dragons carved on it. Their faces were facing Chu Chun Qiu, and they contained Sky Absorbing Qi.
“What’s that?” was the next question from multiple throats. Surprisingly, a dragon throne had appeared on the Holy Way Stage! It looked like an ancient throne, the seat of a Saint!
“That throne appeared because Chu Chun Qiu got onto the Holy Way Stage. Will Chu Chun Qiu obtain an ancient kind of strength?”
“It’s a Holy Emperor’s Throne, it’s an ancient throne! In old days, the Saints sat on it!” said someone. Everybody glanced at that person, a young man with imperial Qi. He was staring at the throne.
Holy Way Stage, Holy Way Stage, it was as if he had suddenly understood something.
“How do you know?”
“I’ve seen such thrones in my Dynasty. It’s an ancient throne, the kind that are transmitted by Ancestors. I’ve seen it in ancient paintings, it even looks like my own throne,” replied the man. He was a prince from a Dynasty.
When the crowd heard him, they looked at the woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty solemnly. She was also staring at the Holy Way Stage.
“Holy Way Stage, Holy Imperial Throne.”
Chu Chun Qiu was staring at the throne. King Qi pulsed around him. The Holy Way Stage wasn’t the last step at all. The strength which emerged from the Holy Imperial Throne was even more terrifying.
Chu Chun Qiu’s robe was fluttering violently as he made a step and suddenly groaned with pain. His face started bleeding. Everybody who was watching could sense the terrifying pressure. Qi started to shriek as Chu Chun Qiu made another step, but he couldn’t handle it anymore. He was driven backwards, so hard it looked like his bones had been crushed, a strong wind carrying him back.
Those watchers were quiet. He had failed. Even though Chu Chun Qiu had managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage, he hadn’t passed the challenge of the throne.
He crashed to the ground. He looked expressionlessly up at the Holy Way Stage. The king Qi around him also dispersed.
“It disappeared.” Everyone sighed as the throne disappeared.
“The throne only appears when someone is on the Holy Way Stage,” mused someone else. A new person ran towards the Holy Way Stage. Seeing Chu Chun Qiu advance that far made everyone feel even more determined. Many people wanted to try!
Several more people tried, all of them determined, and even when they failed, they were determined to study harder and to become stronger. At least, the stage helped them know where they had to improve.
However, nobody did as well as Chu Chun Qiu. Even if he had failed to sit on the throne, he had proven to himself that he had the potential to become a peerless cultivator someday. Even Zhuo Qing hadn’t gone so far!
So many geniuses, thought Lin Feng, watching people try one after another in silent approval. The first step was already a great challenge. Having the necessary body characteristics to become a peerless cultivator wasn’t easy. Some people even managed to advance as far as Zhuo Qing and step on the fifth step.
“Princess, are you not trying?” Lin Feng asked Princess Piao Xue.
“No, I have no hope. But I can’t wait to see you try! I’m guessing you can get to the fourth step at least!” the Princess replied with a confident smile.
“Maybe,” Lin Feng answered non-committedly.
A silhouette flickered as Jian Mang gave it a try. When he took the first step, people thought he was going to fall, as he even coughed up blood, but he endured it. The second step wasn’t easy for him, either. However, on the third step, he was as motionless as a mountain. On the fourth step, the invisible and intangible strength bombarded his soul, and he was driven away.
He wasn’t dispirited, however. He was happy and even more determined. The people who had come with Lin Feng were all incredibly strong. A short time before, Hou Qing Lin had reached the fourth step and he had broken through, he had even become a high-level emperor!
“Meng Qing, you want to try?” Lin Feng whispered to Meng Qing.
“No. I can get onto the fifth step,” Meng Qing replied easily.
Lin Feng was surprised and laughed. “Perhaps you can get onto the Holy Way Stage?”
“I’m not going,” Meng Qing shook her head. Lin Feng shrugged. He wasn’t going to force her. Sometimes, she wasn’t interested in doing some things.
“Lin Feng, go and sit on the throne,” said Meng Qing, smiling at Lin Feng. After the next challenger came back, Lin Feng went up to the stage.
“Lin Feng…” Many people recognized him now. He was a medium-level emperor, he had defeated Ji Chang, he was the second emperor of the Holy City, and after having been amazed by Chu Chun Qiu, they couldn’t wait to see Lin Feng’s performance. How great was the difference between Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu, the first and second emperors of the Holy City?
“The Holy Way Stage has nothing to do with one’s cultivation level. It’s about one’s body. How far do you think Lin Feng can go?”
“His physical strength is incredible. In terms of blood and bones, he should have no problem. The first and second step should be easy for him. He defeated Ji Chang, so the third step shouldn’t stop him either. The fourth step is about soul strength, maybe he’s like his two friends and will stop there.” People chattered one after another. Most people thought highly of Lin Feng and were convinced he’d get onto the fourth step, which was already amazing. Most people thought he couldn’t make it to the last step, however.
“Maybe, since he defeated Ji Chang as a medium-level emperor, the fourth step should be doable, but the fifth step, I don’t think so.”
While they were talking, Lin Feng walked up onto the first step, and a fearsome strength bore down on him like a hammer. But he didn’t stop, and immediately jumped onto the second step.
His blood started boiling, and his bones emitted crackling sounds. The invisible and intangible strength was explosive. His entire body was being attacked.
Lin Feng looked relaxed though, and continued walking to the third step.
A terrifying and oppressive strength bombarded his will. His brain hurt. He suddenly had the impression he was powerless and useless, like a nobody. His will was being crushed!
However, that nobody raised his head and welcomed the terrifying strength without flinching. Demon intent surged around him!
“Third step, he looks relaxed. He has no problems in terms of bones, blood, and intent, the fourth step should be fine too…”
Lin Feng still looked relaxed. He walked up to the fourth step, and his soul was hammered. If a cultivator had a weak soul strength, the stairs could kill them instantly. Lin Feng felt tiny, as if he were facing a giant. Determination was a constant challenge though, many people had managed to get onto the first and second step thanks to their willpower.
“He’s stable!” the watchers observed quickly. Lin Feng had most of the characteristics to become a peerless cultivator someday. The top two emperors of the Holy City were extremely strong, as expected!
Lin Feng continued walking towards the fifth step, stepping up on it, and he heard someone sigh. An invisible, intangible, oppressive, and explosive strength crashed down onto him. He couldn’t protect himself, he could just welcome the energies.
Lin Feng raised his head, he wasn’t going to give up. He looked up at the sky proudly. Life and death Dao intent surged around him and turned into a cloud. It was like Lin Feng was fighting against the gods, against the saints.
“He’s surprisingly stable!” those watching noticed in astonishment. Lin Feng was really strong, making it to the fifth step. The two cultivators of the Holy City were both incredible!
However, while everybody was being amazed, Lin Feng continued walking forward, the air rumbling at his approach. A terrifying, invisible and intangible strength filled the air and assaulted Lin Feng’s soul.
Lin Feng took a second step.
“No…” He looked like an ancient demon to those watching, he was going to make a third step!
The bell tolled, destructive energies roiled and many people pulled long faces, not daring to look. Lin Feng was going to go onto the stage, something that Zhuo Qing hadn’t managed to accomplish!

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