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PMG Chapter 2004: Me, Alone, on the Throne!

PMG Chapter 2004: Me, Alone, on the Throne!
Many people’s faces paled, some coughed up blood. The invisible and intangible strength was oppressing everyone. They also heard the Saint sigh in an ancient voice.
They watched Lin Feng. After his third step, everything had been shaking, then the wind suddenly dispersed. He was still steady, and continued walking towards the Holy Way Stage.
“Can Lin Feng get onto the stage?” they wondered. The two top cultivators of the Holy City seemed to be the protagonists on that day. Would they both be remembered as people who had been onto the Holy Way Stage?
Chu Chun Qiu was the only one who had managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage so far, and Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were both from the Holy City.
Nobody had thought that Lin Feng would be the second one to do this. Was Lin Feng going to accomplish something only Chu Chun Qiu had managed to do so far?
Like Chu Chun Qiu, Lin Feng stepped onto the Holy Way Stage.
The atmosphere was eerily silent. Lin Feng had succeeded. Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng had both been onto the Holy Way Stage. They both had the potential to become peerless cultivators. He just had to break through now.
“How incredible, the two cultivators from the Holy City are amazing.”
“Lin Feng is really talented. I underestimated him. He defeated Ji Chang, and Ji Chang wasn’t weak, but Lin Feng is really strong and talented. Otherwise he wouldn’t be on the Holy Way Stage!” were the hushed whispers.
When Lin Feng stepped onto the Holy Way Stage, he understood what Chu Chun Qiu had gone through, as the pressure was terrifying. The oppressive strength surrounded his body and oppressed his veins, flesh, and muscles. It was as if the cosmos was about to collapse onto him!
The Holy Imperial Throne appeared slowly. The throne of peerless cultivators. Endless ancient Qi rolled around him. Lin Feng looked at the throne, and thought it looked alive.
“Where does the Saint’s voice come from?” Lin Feng asked aggressively. He took a step forwards.
The crowd heard another ancient sigh and sensed a terrifying pressure building. Lin Feng looked proud, like an ancient king. However, Lin Feng was the only one who could understand what he was going through. Everyone was staring at him. His blood was boiling violently, his soul was shaking, his will was being crushed.
“Is that a Saint’s voice?” murmured Lin Feng. He stared at the Holy Imperial Throne and heard the sigh again. It came from there. Lin Feng had the sensation that the whole Holy Way Stage was alive. “Why would I fear a Saint’s sigh?”
Lin Feng took another step forward. A hurricane appeared as the Saint sighed again. Each time, the strength oppressed him badly, but Lin Feng kept releasing demon energy. He looked like an ancient demon. The Saint couldn’t crush his will!
Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to the throne, those watching were astonished. He had done better than Chu Chun Qiu! Many of them were bleeding now, they had the sensation they were going to suffocate…
“He’s still walking forwards…” someone murmured.
The earth and sky shook again. People kept coughing up blood, and some fell down on their knees, their faces all pale.
That guy is insane!, thought Chu Chun Qiu, staring at Lin Feng. He had been there, he knew how terrifying the pressure was. Maybe if he had been more determined, he would have managed to get onto the throne but he hadn’t thought it was necessary.
“An old man is sighing, the Holy Way Stage is his body,” said Chu Chun Qiu. People were startled and turned to Chu Chun Qiu. Their eyes were glittering knowingly.
“The Saint’s body!” Chu Chun Qiu repeated indifferently.
Another sigh swept out and made the stage shake. Everybody’s faces were pale now. Many geniuses were badly injured.
He’s crazy!, thought everyone staring at Lin Feng.
People were now being hurled away from the stage, one after another as the Saint kept sighing. People were astonished.
“The Saint’s voice, it’s really a Saint’s voice.”
The crowd was trembling. Lin Feng was making the Saint sigh unceasingly. The earth and sky were resonating with it.
Lin Feng’s face was grey, he looked dead, it wasn’t his own death Dao intent anymore. It was like the earth and sky were about to collapse. His blood was boiling, thunder was echoing, his soul shook, it was as if he were about to die. Only the Saint sounded indestructible.
Lin Feng progressively stopped focusing on the voice and ignored it. He kept calm, as if the voice had disappeared. He focused on calm, the stillness of death.
The immortality of death. Suddenly, Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Life, death?
The Path of Life and Death, how could he fear life and death?
How could the Saint’s voice destroy his Dao?
The Saint kept sighing, but it didn’t matter to Lin Feng anymore.
Lin Feng was fearless, he just slowly walked forwards in a particularly calm and serene way, as if nothing could stop him.
Finally, the crowd heard the sound of the Holy Way, as the earth and sky trembled. The sigh seemed to be indestructible.
When Lin Feng made another step, the Saint sighed one last time, many people were bleeding and in agony. The earth and sky became normal again, the sun reappeared.
The crowd had the impression they had gone through a natural catastrophe!
They raised their heads again and saw Lin Feng. He was now standing before the throne.
“I wouldn’t have thought that the most talented person today would be Lin Feng,” someone sighed. Lin Feng wasn’t the strongest one here, but he had passed all the challenges of the Holy Way Stage, and now he was standing before the Holy Imperial Throne. It proved that Lin Feng was terrifyingly talented.
“He defeated Ji Chang in the Holy City, and now he’s on the Holy Way Stage, it’s a good thing for the Holy City’s Champion University.”
Someone smiled at Chu Chun Qiu and asked, “Chu Chun Qiu, what did you mean about the Saint’s body?”
“The Holy Way Stage is or has been made using the body of a Saint. Each step has been created using a specific part of his body. For example, the second step has probably been made using his blood and bones, the third step his intent and so on…” Chu Chun Qiu explained slowly. People listened to him and looked surprised. It was just a bold guess, but it also made sense.
“What about the throne?” someone asked Chu Chun Qiu. If the Holy Way Stage was made of a Saint’s body, then what about the throne?
“The saint’s soul,” Chu Chun Qiu said emotionlessly. The crowd shivered and looked back at Lin Feng. He was standing there, tall and silent. After a long time, Lin Feng finally turned around. His robe fluttered in the wind as he sat down on the throne.
Boom boom boom…!
At that moment, the earth and sky started shaking violently, like an earthquake was happening.
“What’s going on?” The crowd looked around in astonishment. Was everything going to collapse?
At that moment, the women of the Holy Spirit Dynasty all looked astonished. They were all shaking, too. They fell down on their knees, staring at the Holy Spirit Stage.
At that moment, a terrifying Qi emerged in the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s territory. Their whole territory was shaking as it came forth.

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