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PMG Chapter 2006: Holy Dynasty Prince

PMG Chapter 2006: Holy Dynasty Prince
When Lin Feng opened his eyes, they were glittering. He was still on the throne, the Stage trembling around him. The throne and the battle stage slowly became transparent, and faded away into non-existence.
The members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty were astonished, especially the elders who were pulling long faces. Even though nobody had ever managed to sit on the throne, they could use the Holy Way Stage to test their descendants, using the battle stage to see how talented they were. It was a good tool, and now it was dispersing and disappearing.
“The stage was made of the Saint’s body, and now he will never return, so it also disappeared.” Lin Feng understood that. Now that the Saint had transmitted his memories to Lin Feng, he had disappeared and would never return.
“What did you obtain?” an old man asked Lin Feng. He didn’t sound furious, they just knew that the Holy Way Stage was a treasure which used to belong to their Ancestors. But what had Lin Feng obtained or seen when sitting on the throne?
“I saw the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s Saint from the old days,” Lin Feng replied calmly.
The strong cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty looked at him sharply. Lin Feng felt pressured.
“What did you obtain?” asked the man again.
“He transmitted some memories of an ancient battle to me. They knew back then that the Qi Tian Dynasty was going to collapse,” said Lin Feng.
Everyone remained silent. The old man looked at Lin Feng and noticed that he was still strangely calm.
After a long time, he said, “The Holy Spirit Dynasty has existed for a very long time. Nobody has never managed to sit down on the throne. The most outstanding disciples of the Holy Spirit Dynasty have gotten close to the throne, only one step away, but failed even though they were so close to success. That’s why we wanted to see if there was any genius in the Dark Night Region who could succeed. We didn’t have much hope, it was just an idea. And now you succeeded, and we don’t know what to do.”
“I understand,” said Lin Feng, nodding calmly.
“We used to laugh about it and say that if someone succeeded, they’d become the king of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. However, you did it, what you obtained should belong to us,” the strong cultivator went on calmly.
Meng Qing’s heart was pounding violently. She understood their opinion, but Lin Feng and she couldn’t protect themselves.
“Master, that’s your final decision?” asked Lin Feng.
The strong cultivator remained silent for a few seconds, Meng Qing clenched her fists as ice appeared around her.
“You did what the geniuses of our Dynasty have not managed to do from generation to generation. You’ve seen our Ancestor. If we killed you and stole what you have, it would be disrespectful to our Ancestor. And you did something great, which means you’re very talented. You’ll definitely become a peerless cultivator. Even if I steal what you’ve obtained, it won’t help us gain a king,” the man mused. The other cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty listened calmly. Nobody expressed their opinion. They had already talked about this before.
Meng Qing took a deep breath in relief.
“Therefore, I think we should grant you the title of Holy Dynasty Prince. Not only won’t we hurt you, but we’ll also support you and help you become a peerless cultivator. However, you must promise me one thing!” said the man slowly.
“What thing?” Lin Feng asked calmly.
“I will choose the most beautiful and most outstanding woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty and you will need to have children with her. You’ll also leave your children live in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. You will also transmit the knowledge you obtained today to your sons. Whether you want to stay in a relationship with the woman or not doesn’t matter. If you do it’s great, if you don’t it doesn’t matter,” said the old man calmly.
Lin Feng was irked. It was great for the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he was talented so they didn’t want to kill him, and if he had children with their women, outstanding young people would emerge in their Dynasty, too. He would also have to transmit his knowledge to them. Even if he was a foreigner, he would be closely bound to the Dynasty.
Lin Feng admired the strong cultivator for his persuasive abilities. He even wanted to sacrifice an outstanding and beautiful woman’s virginity so the clan would have outstanding young people.
Lin Feng frowned. For him, it wasn’t bad either. It was a win-win proposition: a beautiful and outstanding woman, being backed up by the Holy Spirit Dynasty, his sons would become the future kings of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Everything sounded perfect.
“I agree,” Meng Qing spoke up at that moment. Lin Feng was astonished.
“Meng Qing?” Lin Feng looked into Meng Qing’s beautiful eyes.
“Lin Feng, I think it’s a good deal,” said Meng Qing. For Lin Feng, everything was perfect. He couldn’t refuse.
The strong cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty looked at her and nodded, “Lin Feng, you’re extremely talented, and you have such an incredible wife already, you’re very lucky. We won’t cause you trouble, we just want you to have children with the women of our Dynasty. You don’t even need to get married to them.”
“I agree,” Meng Qing said again.
“Alright, I will choose the most beautiful and outstanding woman of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Don’t worry, you can choose one yourself, Lin Feng,” the Holy Spirit leader said.
“Do I have a second choice?” asked Lin Feng.
“You must understand that we care about our Ancestor’s legacy. For you, there is no other option, or it wouldn’t be as perfect.”
Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded. Indeed, nothing could be better.
“Haven’t you seen the Holy Dynasty Prince!?” the old man turned and shouted at the crowd.
Suddenly, many people bowed before Lin Feng and shouted, “Holy Dynasty Prince!”
Lin Feng looked at them and then said calmly, “Can I leave?”
“You’re the Holy Dynasty Prince now, that’s a much higher social status than an ordinary prince. Your sons will also become Holy Dynasty Princes. You’re free to do what you want.”
“I’m off then,” Lin Feng said calmly. His silhouette flickered away, and Meng Qing followed him. They held hands and left.

Lin Feng firmly held onto Meng Qing’s hand.
“Lin Feng, it doesn’t matter. They will even back you up in the future, it’s a good thing,” smiled Meng Qing.
“You know, I don’t mind having them back me up,” said Lin Feng, looking at Meng Qing.
“I don’t mind, either,” agreed Meng Qing, smiling gently.
Lin Feng caressed her face and said, “I want my first child with you.”
When Meng Qing heard him, she blushed. She looked so beautiful at that moment!
Lin Feng went back to the Tianci Dynasty and stopped there for a few minutes. He asked Princess Piao Xue to help him get some pieces of information concerning the Moon Palace. He initially wanted to ask Yi Ren some things, but he didn’t have the opportunity. So Piao Xue told him that the Moon Palace had been invited by the Ancient Jade Dynasty.
After that, Lin Feng went to the Ancient Jade Dynasty. Piao Xue also followed Lin Feng.
The Ancient Jade Dynasty wasn’t the oldest Dynasty, they had emerged a long time afterwards. The founder of the Ancient Jade Dynasty was called the Jade Nymph, and her social status was very mysterious. The Ancient Jade Dynasty had mostly women, but they were very strong.
But Piao Xue didn’t fear them, so when Lin Feng told her what he wanted to do, she decided to follow him. After all, this guy was crazy!

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