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PMG Chapter 201: The Officers

Here is Tuesday’s regular chapter.
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“Han Man, how strong are these officers?” asked Lin Feng. He wanted to understand the potential of the army. The best way to find out was to understand how strong the officers were.

“Ordinary soldiers are all at the Qi layer. Guards are at the peak of the Qi layer. Sergeants are required to have broken through to the Ling Qi layer. It’s even stricter for the Lieutenants who are required to have broken through, at least, the third Ling Qi layer. Non-commissioned officers must have broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer and as far as the three officers are concerned, one is at the eighth Ling Qi layer and the two others are at the ninth Ling Qi layer. One more step and they’ll reach the Xuan Qi layer. They are extremely strong.”

Han Man explained these things in details to Lin Feng. Strength was the most important thing in the cultivation world, especially within the army. Strength was required when speaking to soldiers, it was impossible to rely only on one’s military exploits, strength was necessary to make subordinates obey orders. Even on the battlefield, without strength, it was too easy to get killed. Being inspiring and intimidating was the biggest challenge.

“Lin Feng, big brother, we stand alone as the Chi Xie troops. Even though the number is not as numerous as for the other parts of the army, their average strength is much higher than the other soldiers. Besides, the officer of the Chi Xie troops is at the peak of the ninth Ling Qi layer. It is said that he is about to break through to the Xuan Qi layer. How majestic!” added Han Man. Lin Feng understood why the situation was that way. The Chi Xie troops were elite troops created by Liu Cang Lan himself. It was impossible for them not to be the strongest unit within the army.

The armor they were wearing was different from that of the other soldiers. They all had black and gold armor which greatly increased their defense. Besides, the armor had a red luster to it which made the soldiers look incredibly majestic. That is why Han Man and Po Jun wore the armor. It made them strike fear into people. One glance was enough to scare people away as if the armor contained the swift and fierce Qi of the Chi Xie.

“Lin Feng big brother, you can ask the General to give you a lieutenant position so that we can fight the enemy together.” Han Man’s voice was filled with enthusiasm. Lin Feng had come to fight the enemy. If they could fight together side by side as brothers, they would certainly be even more inspired and motivated.

“Lin Feng.” At that moment, five people were moving towards them. The one taking the lead was Liu Cang Lan. When Han Man and Po Jun saw these people, they stood perfectly straight, slightly bowed and performed a military salute: “General, Officer!”

“Hm.” Liu Cang Lan slightly nodded and said: “Han Man, Po Jun, you two can leave.”

“Roger, General!” said Han Man and Po Jun while looking at Lin Feng with a mysterious smile on their faces. Immediately after, they left.

“Lin Feng, come in, they’re with me.” said Liu Cang Lan. Immediately after, he and the four people entered the tent. Lin Feng closely followed behind them.

In the tent, Liu Cang Lan and the four others sat down in different places and stared at Lin Feng who was standing. Lin Feng was also staring back at them.

Lin Feng looked at the two people on Liu Cang Lan’s sides. One was wearing a black and gold armor and the other one was wearing golden armor. The two others were wearing silver armor.

Besides, these people’s expressions all looked sharp and majestic. They were calmly sitting there but Lin Feng had the impression that the Chi Xie troops Qi was filling the atmosphere.

“Lin Feng, this is the officer of the Chi Xie troops, Jiu Chi Xie. This is the middle officer, Ren Qing Kuang. This is the left officer, Feng Yu Han, and this is the right officer, Lei Qing Tian.” Liu Cang Lan introduced these people to Lin Feng. Jiu Chi Xie, the officer of the Chi Xie troops, was wearing the Chi Xie armor. Ren Qing Kuang was wearing the golden armor. The left and the right officers, Feng Yu Han and Lei Qing Tian were wearing silver armor.

Liu Cang Lan had appointed these people to lead huge portions of the army: three hundred thousand troops in total. Their power and influence reached the heavens.

Lin Feng slightly bowed in front of these people, but he was full of questions. He didn’t know why Uncle Liu had introduced him to all these people.

Liu Cang Lan had left for a walk and had come back with these four people. It was clearly intentional and was no coincidence at all.

“This is Lin Feng whom I was telling you about. The one who has conquered Fei Fei’s heart, my future son-in-law.” said Liu Cang Lan to the four officers while smiling. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. Liu Cang Lan was surprisingly officially declaring that Liu Fei and Lin Feng had an intimate relation and that he was going to become his son-in-law.

Even though Lin Feng knew that Liu Cang Lan was trying to match Liu Fei and Lin Feng, however they were just friends. There was nothing intimate between them. Liu Cang Lan’s words made Lin Feng feel very surprised, but since he spoke that way, Lin Feng couldn’t contradict him. He had no choice but to nod and confirm.

“I am curious to see what kind of man Liu Fei likes.” The right officer Lei Qing Tian stood up and took a few steps towards Lin Feng and suddenly, an incredible amount of Qi moved straight towards Lin Feng.

That Qi smelt like blood and death. Lin Feng, at that moment, had the impression that the person in front of him wasn’t a human being but a demonic killing machine. His hands were covered with an endless amount of blood belonging to his victims.

“How terrifying.” Lin Feng was remained motionless. That insane Qi was able to affect people’s determination. The terrifying Qi was extremely oppressing.

Lin Feng didn’t dare imagine how many lives he had taken to become an officer. Such a Qi was monstrous.

“Huh?” Lei Qing Tian looked interested when he saw that Lin Feng was remaining calm. Immediately after, he took another step towards Lin Feng. He was now about one meter away from Lin Feng and his bloodthirsty eyes were staring at Lin Feng. He looked like a demon.

Lin Feng’s facial expression was still the same. He was calmly looking into these two eyes. With his determination, it was difficult for external things to affect or scare Lin Feng.

Out of Lin Feng’s body suddenly emerged a dense and thick battle energy. It wasn’t as terrifying as the officer’s Qi but it was piercingly cold and smelt like death. Even if it wasn’t as strong as the powerful Qi he was facing, it was still a brave move from Lin Feng.

“BOOOM!” Lin Feng took a step forward. He surprisingly didn’t move backward, but forward. After that step, only two steps were separating Lin Feng and Lei Qing Tian. They both looked fierce and determined. The Qi and the burning battle energy collided in the air. Lin Feng’s long hair was fluttering from the wind created by the shockwaves.

That entire scene was only about ten seconds in length. Lei Qing Tian’s Qi then slowly vanished. He had a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Not bad. Not only didn’t you move away from me but you came closer. I like that.” said Lei Qing Tian while smiling wholeheartedly. He tapped Lin Feng’s shoulders which made his body shake. He was extremely strong.

“No wonder Fei Fei likes him. For someone of his age, having a strength which exceeds the fifth Ling Qi layer is really good.” said the left officer Feng Yu Han while nodding and smiling.

The atmosphere in the tent wasn’t serious and solemn at all anymore.

“If I’m not mistaken, he has already broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer, right?” said the middle officer Ren Qing Kuang while smiling. Lin Feng slightly nodded and said: “Officer Ren, you are right.”

“You are not even eighteen yet. Having reached such a cultivation level is quite impressive. Those who help us here are much weaker. You have unlimited possibilities with your talent. Too bad that you are not going to stay for very long amongst the army.”

Ren Qing Kuang’s voice was filled with regret. Talented young cultivators didn’t stay within the army. All they were seeking was enlightenment on the path of cultivation. Even when they fought on the side of the army, it was just to gain practical experience and become stronger. Situations where life and death were at stake helped them to become stronger. That kind of cultivator would leave the army after having completed their training.

People like Liu Cang Lan were rare. Because of his function as General, he had many burdens and obligations. He had amazing talent and was constantly getting stronger even with these burdens.

Being a general wasn’t ordinary cultivation training, he had to motivate the hearts of the officers and the troops.

Lin Feng’s natural talent was much more frightening than Liu Cang Lan’s talent. He was obviously not going to stay within the army.

From the four officers, only Jiu Chi Xie hadn’t said a word. He looked solemn and respectful. His facial expression looked like it had been frozen for a thousand years.

“Alright, you can go back to your positions. Chi Xie, you can stay here.” said Liu Cang indifferently. The three officers nodded and left the tent.

“Lin Feng.” shouted, Jiu Chi Xie, who had been silent all this time.

“Huh?” Lin Feng raised his head and looked Jiu Chi Xie guessing that the man had something to tell him.

“Lin Feng, in the Chi Xie troops, apart from me as an officer, there are three non-commissioned officers, thirty lieutenants, three hundred sergeants and three thousand guards. In total, there are 28,521 Chi Xie armored horses. All our troops are elite fighters. Our strategy is to fight one against ten. Even though we have less troops than the other factions, if we attack, we win.” said Jiu Chi Xie in a calm and solemn tone. His words were poignant. Besides, he surprisingly perfectly remembered the exact number of Chi Xie horses they had. It was incredible that he knew the exact number, during battles, they could die at any moment, so it was difficult to establish accurate statistics. People would normally just have a general idea.

“Lin Feng, will you remember this?” Said Jiu Chi Xie which surprised Lin Feng. Why did Jiu Chi Xie want Lin Feng to remember it?

But Lin Feng still nodded and said: “I will.”

“Then it’s good. Lin Feng, every single member of the Chi Xie troops is an elite soldier. After each battle, remember how many we have lost. I will then know how many of our brothers have passed away. It will sadden me more with each death. So that next time, I will do my best and spare no efforts to greatly reduce the number of my brothers that have to die.”

Jiu Chi Xie was speaking from his heart. Lin Feng deeply respected him Jiu Chi Xie was indubitably an outstanding officer who was like a brother to his troops which is why he remembered all of them.

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