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PMG Chapter 2010: Empress Xi’s Fury

PMG Chapter 2010: Empress Xi’s Fury
Lin Feng glanced at the two other princes, who had imposing appearances, dignified and majestic. They were young, but one could see that they had imperial blood. Emperors had many sons, trying to have more chances to have a more outstanding heir.
Everybody was like that. Princes also did all they could for the Dynasty. The fact that Piao Xue could go to the Holy Place was a sign that she was incredibly strong.
“Everybody, that’s Prince Yan, that’s Prince Chen, and that Princess Luo Xue,” said the Holy Emperor. Princess Luo Xue was Princess Piao Xue’s other name. Prince Chen had invited the cultivators of Goblin Spirit University, Prince Yan had invited the strong cultivators of the Ancient Holy Clan. Lin Feng realized something; Prince Yan was closest to the Holy Emperor, Prince Chen and the others, as well as Princess Luo Xue and his group, were farther away together, as if Prince Yan’s status was higher.
When the Holy Emperor introduced them, he mentioned Prince Yan first. It wasn’t a significant sign, but still…
“A bright future awaits you all. Thank you for having accepted this chance to go to the mysterious world with my descendants. I hope you’ll all enjoy and benefit from the adventure,” said the Holy Emperor extremely politely. He didn’t say he needed them. He was proud, he said he wanted some help and he hoped everybody would benefit. It was also a good way to establish relations with other incredibly strong people. In the future, these young people might still be friends.
“You’re too polite,” Prince Yan replied calmly.
The Holy Emperor smiled and nodded, “Everybody, come, have drinks, let’s toast!”
Everybody raised their glasses and downed their drinks. The man next to Prince Yan looked ordinary and clean, he was tall and his eyes were golden, his energies felt swift.
“Wang Jian, your Weapon Dao is incredible, you can probably kill people easily without them realizing it now,” smiled the Holy Emperor.
“If that was true, I would have already transcended worldliness and attained holiness,” Wang Jian said politely back.
“You’re too humble. Even though Zhuo Qing has a king-type body, he wouldn’t be able to defeat you.” the Holy Emperor smiled cheerfully. Wang Jian said nothing, but he really wanted to try fighting against Zhuo Qing, actually!
“Crazy Bull, you must be extremely strong too,” the Holy Emperor looked over at Crazy Bull and smiled. The best cultivator Prince Yan had invited was probably Wang Jian, and the strongest Prince Chen had invited was probably Crazy Bull.
In the end, the Holy Emperor looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Lin Feng, you’re very famous. Everybody knows about you in Qi Tian Holy Town now. You defeated Ji Chang as a medium-level emperor, and only Chu Chun Qiu and you managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage. On top of that, you even sat down on the Holy Imperial Throne, the only one to do so. You’re incredible. The geniuses of Qi Tian Holy Town all want to exchange views on cultivation with you.”
“I was lucky,” Lin Feng said simply. The Holy Emperor had flattered the three geniuses.
“Talent is talent, you weren’t lucky. The Holy Way Stage is an ancient vestige. You managed to get on it. It proves that you are very talented. You will definitely surpass me and many elders, you will become a peerless king someday!” the Holy Emperor smiled.
“I hope so,” replied Lin Feng calmly. He looked neither happy nor sad.
“You will. I asked your people to come because I want you to get to know some outstanding cultivators. I also want to talk about the Holy Place.
“The Holy Place is a mysterious world which has been sealed by the saints. There are historical remains there. The ancestors of Qi Tian Holy Town have left treasures there in the ancient times. Many people have been there, so there are many less ancient treasures there than before. I don’t know what you can find there precisely, but you’re not going on a holiday, it’s a very dangerous place. Many people die there each time it opens. The strongest people can benefit a lot, but the others die.”
“Yan, Chen, Luo Xue, remember that,” said the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng was thoughtful as he listened to this. The Holy Emperor was talking to his three children and trying to make them understand that they had to collaborate. Maybe their relations weren’t cordial at all…
“Princess, how are the relations between the princesses and princes?” Lin Feng asked telepathically. He had to understand this point. Otherwise, in the mysterious world, it could get very dangerous.
“Princes and princesses compete all the time, and the competition can be fierce and cruel. A Dynasty is like a world, it’s the law of the jungle, especially in Dynasties where there are no Holy Princes and Holy Princesses,” replied Piao Xue. She didn’t hide the truth from Lin Feng. She sounded quite serene about it.
“I see. If we find treasures, Prince Chen and Prince Yan might try to steal them from us?” Lin Feng continued.
“Indeed. The Holy Emperor is reminding us that we have to join hands when fighting against enemies. And if we find treasures, we shouldn’t act recklessly and attack one another,” replied the princess. Lin Feng understood the situation a bit better. The royals had to control themselves during this trip!
“I don’t need to tell you what to do in the mysterious world, I can only wish you all good luck. I hope you’ll all benefit,” spoke the Holy Emperor, raising his glass. He said nothing really important, they were just formalities.

After the banquet, Lin Feng and the others left to get ready to go to the mysterious world. Lin Feng continued practicing cultivation. He felt pressured.
Crazy Bull had been a Champion for a long time, and was stronger than Ji Chang.
Wang Jian, who had been invited by Prince Yan, was an extremely strong and practiced weapon cultivator. He could even defeat Zhuo Qing, who had already reached the top of the Huang Qi layer. Wang Jian might even be stronger than Crazy Bull.
In the mysterious world, his enemies would be the strongest cultivators of the Dark Night Region. He had no choice, but to try and become stronger.
Qiu Yue Xin was still seated alone in a field. Lin Feng’s clone walked up to her. She was seated, wearing white clothes. She had been there for so many days, battling against her own self.
When Lin Feng appeared in front of her, she raised her head, looking wan and sallow.
“Yue Xin,” said Lin Feng crouching down. He put his hands on her cheeks and smiled. “You’re good. You’re Qiu Yue Xin, my woman.”
“I can’t get rid of it,” said Qiu Yue Xin shaking her head. She looked like she was in pain.
“I’ll help you,” said Lin Feng, he pushed her gently to the ground and moved on top of her.
Her face turned deathly pale. She shook her head unceasingly, “No, we can’t…”
Her eyes rolled back, she didn’t look like the same person, she looked possessed.
“You’re my woman, you’ll always be, forever. I can do anything to you,” said Lin Feng, putting his hands on her arms, before he started kissing her neck and lips and breasts.
“Insolent bastard!” said Yue Xin icily. In reply, Lin Feng tore her clothes apart.
“Ah…” Qiu Yue Xin trembled. It was a mixture of suffering and pleasure. But slowly, her emotionlessness strength dispersed. She started enjoying the process.
The grass was their bed. Qiu Yue Xin and Lin Feng became one. Lin Feng kept kissing her skin gently and softly. He looked at her beautiful eyes and said, “Yue Xin, you’re mine. Empress Xi and her emotionlessness can piss off!”

At that moment, in the Moon Palace, an ice-cold Qi emerged and turned into a cloud. A beautiful celestial woman rose up into the air in cold fury. “Lin Feng, I’ll crush you into a million pieces!”
At that moment, Empress Xi was shaking violently, her heart was pounding. Qiu Yue Xin wasn’t her clone, she was just influenced. If Yue Xin came back to her senses, she would be Yue Xin. However, it felt as if she was Yue Xin and Yue Xin was her…!

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