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PMG Chapter 2011: World Sealed By the Saints

PMG Chapter 2011: World Sealed By the Saints
Finally, it was time to go to the mysterious world. The atmosphere in Qi Tian Holy Town was lively. Many strong cultivators left the Dynasties and gathered in one place, and Lin Feng was no exception. The Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty led the way.
They arrived in front of a lofty mountain. It looked indestructible and eternal.
There were many other people everywhere about. Aside from the princes and princesses who had invited people to come, there were also some strong cultivators from the Dynasties themselves. There were also people from Piao Xue’s Dynasty with them, the Imperial Concubine had selected them personally. They were older, not as talented as Lin Feng and the others, but they were at the top of the Huang Qi layer, and had been stuck at that level for many years. They had more experience, and thus more skills and techniques. Those people had been getting ready for this event for some time.
Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and noticed many people he knew: Chu Chun Qiu, Ji Chang… the ten strongest emperors of the Holy City were all there. After the Pathfinder Day in the Holy City, people had stopped hearing about them because they had all come to Qi Tian Holy Town.
Apart from them, Lin Feng also noticed some friends: Lang Ye, Dugu the Winner, Jun Mo Xi, the Prince of Sadness, the Ancient Sorcerer… Those last two were from the Vast Celestial Ancient City. The Prince of Sadness looked even more extraordinary than in the past, and even more elegant too. The Ancient Sorcerer was mysterious. After Lin Feng had gone to the Holy City, those two people had kind of disappeared, remaining discreet. They had gone to Tian Yuan Ancient City and practiced cultivation really hard there. Everyone had progressed.
Three people who have king-type bodies, they are all high-level emperors now, thought Lin Feng, looking at Lang Ye and the others. Lang Ye nodded back at him. They hadn’t seen each other for a while. Lang Ye and Dugu the Winner were now high-level emperors, breaking through faster than him. The Prince of Sadness and the Ancient Sorcerer looked even more sly. The Ancient Sorcerer was enigmatic and unfathomable. In the Vast Celestial Ancient City, people said he had a Sorcerer king-type body.
King-types were considered the best cultivators when it came to battling, but they all liked practicing cultivation anyway. This time, it would be a good opportunity to compare themselves to all the geniuses of the Dark Night Region. Of course, people who had king-type bodies had an advantage, as it counterbalanced their flaws.
At that moment, someone from the Holy Spirit Dynasty appeared next to Lin Feng.
“Holy Dynasty Prince, the Holy Spirit Dynasty has already chosen the most outstanding woman for you, she’s extremely beautiful and talented. Please be careful this time, and when you come out, come to the Dynasty,” said that person. Lin Feng was surprised and nodded. He couldn’t avoid this anymore. He was just a bit sad for the woman.
“Good, I’m going again then,” said the old man and headed back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty was surprised and smiled at Lin Feng. “Lin Feng, you’re the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Holy Spirit Dynasty?”
“Yes,” Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t talk too much. The Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty looked surprised but didn’t ask too much, just smiling thoughtfully.
“Everybody, let’s open the seals,” someone announced at that moment. All the Holy Emperors’ silhouettes flickered and landed in front of a mountain. An awesome welling of strength rose about everyone. The Holy Emperors started making hand seals and attacked the mountain with an ancient technique.
After a short time, something rumbled. The mountain cracked open, and patterns appeared. Dazzling Dao intent lights twinkled. The crowd stared at those patterns in surprise. What a strange thing, it contained Dao intent!
“Everybody, release your Dao strength and enter the pattern. That’s how you access the historical remains,” said the Holy Emperors. Lin Feng and the others immediately ran forwards and released their Dao strength, filling the air with power. In the cultivation world, there were many ways, and many kinds of Dao. If a cultivator was strong enough, they could choose their own Path. They could even create their own Path, everybody’s Path was different.
When they penetrated the patterns, a vortex appeared, and the atmosphere began to distort around them. The vortex absorbed their Dao intent, a black hole appearing and absorbing everything.
“The Holy Place is going to be open. You need a monstrous amount of Dao strength to open it. Nobody can go there alone. Therefore, it is a necessity that many people go there at the same time. Release as much Dao strength as you can!” a voice spoke up loudly.
Everybody released even more Dao strength!
No wonder the descendants of the Dynasties can’t go there alone, the Holy Place is a terrifying place, thought the crowd. The vortex continued absorbing everything even as it slowly disappeared. The patterns turned into a single gate. The gate of the mysterious world was open!
“Everybody, please enter the mysterious world!” said the emperors calmly. In a flash, all the geniuses jumped through the gate.
“What would happen if great emperors went there?” Lin Feng asked Piao Xue.
“Great emperors can’t get close. Some great emperors have tried in the past, but they died in tragic conditions,” replied the Princess. Lin Feng nodded and said nothing. As the crowd crossed the gate, Princess Piao Xue said, “Let’s go in, too.”
They appeared in a desolate place, filled with an ancient aura. It felt like they had traveled back in time.
At the same time, a light beam streaked across the sky. In the distance, an ancient white palace appeared. A young man was standing there, looking at the crowd icily.
“A hundred years have passed already?” A bell rang that had not tolled for the past hundred years…
At the same time, on an ancient mountain in the distance, a strong cultivator raised his hand and gazed into the distance. His face was ice-cold as he said evilly, “Finally, some people came.”
At that moment, many people raised their heads and looked around. A hundred years, finally, those people were here.
That ancient world had been sealed and abandoned. People who lived in there were very bitter and had become dark of mood and thought.
People’s silhouettes flickered. They still lived peacefully together. They hadn’t found any treasures yet so killing one another was still pointless. They had to keep some strength for later.
Suddenly, a strong wind started blowing. They raised their heads and saw a gigantic group charging towards them. A cloud of dust appeared behind them.
“Beasts, what kind of beasts?”
“Half people half beasts, humans with snake heads, great rocs with human heads, eww, what are those things?”
The beasts’ eyes were bloodshot, they looked fearless, cruel, and brutal. The cultivators who had just arrived were momentarily taken aback.
This world has been sealed for such a long time that living beings have evolved differently, thought Lin Feng. That was a small world, without a doubt. The Saints had sealed it long ago, so living beings had evolved differently.
“Let’s go and kill!” A group of people rose up into the air and threw themselves at those beasts.
One of them turned into a golden light beam as a tornado appeared around him.
“Die!” said Zhuo Qing, running into the group of beasts. Terrifying golden lights moved like lightning. He started killing beasts one after another, blood spraying everywhere.
Some extremely strong beasts could cut the golden lights with their claws. Zhuo Qing grunted icily, and a dazzling golden disc appeared. A metallic wind howled out of it,  which made the beasts explode!

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    Thx 4 the update

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    Hello editor. Is the holy emperor is the saint emperor right? What is the saint? Is it saint king? Above the saint emperor ?

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      Holy Emperor is just a title for the emperor of the Tianci Dynasty (and probably for the others emperors) you can also see it with the titles such as ” holy prince/princess “.

      As for the realms that is indeed Emperor (Low/Medium/High) -> Great Emperor -> Celestial Emperor -> Saint Emperor -> Saint (so far)

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