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PMG Chapter 2013: Powerful Spirits

PMG Chapter 2013: Powerful Spirits
“Let’s go into the city. The historical remains are at the heart of this world. There are many castles and buildings with many things in them, but they are protected by powerful spirits,” Princess Piao Xue said to Lin Feng. Everybody’s silhouettes flickered as they moved ahead.
“Many historical remains must still exist inside. This world probably has many castles.” said Lin Feng.
“Indeed, many. Each castle is guarded by powerful spirits, though.”
“Why don’t the spirits leave?” asked Lin Feng.
“They can’t get out. And if human beings left this world, they would be killed easily, so they prefer staying here.” said Princess Piao Xue. Human beings were too weak compared to people in the outside world, they were well aware of that.
“Why don’t spirits capture people’s bodies and leave?” wondered Lin Feng indifferently. Some people looked at them icily. Lin Feng realized that people in here were really strong. They were all emperors. They looked bloodthirsty and ferocious, like animals.
“Let’s go to a castle guarded by spirits. I hope we can find some historical remains there,” said Princess Piao Xue. Lin Feng and the others looked at her strangely.
Hou Qing Lin said, “Since spirits are of the Di Qi layer and want to capture our bodies, why go and provoke them? It’s too dangerous.”
“They don’t have bodies. They have the strength of great emperors, but they are not aware. We have vitality, vigor, and a consciousness. If we join hands, we can crush them easily. They can’t act recklessly against us,” said Princess Piao Xue.
Lin Feng and the others suddenly heard music. Following it, they progressively descended from the sky.
“What a sad music,” said Lin Feng when he heard it. It was very melancholic. He almost had tears in his eyes.
After a short time, Lin Feng landed on a tower and glanced around. He saw many buildings. In the middle of them, there was a person seated cross-legged by a lake, playing music.
The person’s body was transparent. Only their music was eternal, not their corporeal body. He was alone.
“Great Imperial spirit.” Princess Piao Xue was stupefied. A spirit, not a person.
“His music is his life. He feels lonely, he has forgotten what it means to have friends.”
“That spirit is stuck in this world, it’s so sad.”
“Don’t let him fool you. Entities which live in this world are cruel and bloodthirsty, they have no empathy,” said Princess Piao Xue. Lin Feng and Hou Qing Lin nodded as they came back to their senses. They had almost gotten hypnotized by the music.
“Dear friends, you have come from so far away. Why don’t you come over here?” said the young man in a low voice. Lin Feng and the others were stupefied. They wanted to leave, but instead saw another group of people.
“Prince Yan’s people…” Lin Feng recognized Wang Jian. They were there, too.
At that moment, Prince Yan looked at Lin Feng and the others. His eyes glittered. Then, he looked at the central plaza and he rose up into the air.
However, at that moment, the music changed and a terrifying music pierced through their eardrums. The music turned into arrows which moved towards everyone to kill them.
Lin Feng’s heart twitched as they all released Qi. The arrows couldn’t pierce through but suddenly, many human silhouettes appeared and turned to look at them. They all looked bloodthirsty and violently intense.
A black death energy rolled out, shaking the air. The spirit’s energies corroded the atmosphere and charged towards Lin Feng. His soul shook violently.
Lin Feng’s robe fluttered in the wind. His blood felt as if it was going to explode.
“Argh…” Lin Feng roared in a thundering rage. It felt like the ground was about to collapse.
Hou Qing Lin also sensed the danger. “So many spirits! The one who plays the zither controls them and turns them into deadly weapons!”
Those spirits were incredibly strong.
Hou Qing Lin released reincarnation energy, which was very efficient against spirits. Many of them disappeared instantly. Jian Mang’s sword lights killed anything, human beings or spirits.
Their group killed the spirits one after another. Lin Feng’s blood Qi shot up into the sky. A demon king appeared behind him, while he looked like a demon himself. He also released terrifying cosmic energies.
Prince Yan and the others also reacted and started attacking the spirits. They drew closer and closer to the great imperial spirit.
The zither continued playing sadly. The strange young man lowered his head and said calmly, “Everybody, you’ve all come from so far away, you don’t know what it feels like to be lonely.”
“You know why we’re here,” spoke up a strong cultivator next to Prince Yan.
“No rush. The historical remains won’t run away. There aren’t enough people,” said the man indifferently.
“There are historical remains in this castle?” asked Prince Yan.
“Of course. Otherwise, why I would I guard it?” replied the great imperial spirit.
“I see. So, Your Excellency, can you lead the way?” asked Prince Yan.
“It’s not that easy. You have to pay for that.”
“You want us to do something for you?” asked Wang Jian icily.
“Indeed,” said the spirit nodding.
“What?” Prince Yan asked calmly. The great imperial spirit could easily find the historical remains but they couldn’t trust him. According to legends, they were extremely violent and bloodthirsty. How could a spirit possibly cooperate with them?
“Help me obtain a city, and then I’ll take you to the historical remains. That way, you’d be able to obtain the historical remains of two places!” said the spirit calmly.
“You want us to kill one another, right?” someone divined icily. When people came to this world, they first wanted to find cities and buildings to find historical remains. This spirit wanted them to kill other people to conquer other places.
“You are too naive. In this place, there are nine castles, and each castle is guarded by a spirit, like me. Since you’re here, if we don’t conquer their territories, they will come and conquer this one. They’ll fight against us. Don’t forget your goal,” the spirit replied coldly.
Lin Feng and the others shivered. The Dynasties had invited so many strong cultivators because they didn’t want battles to happen between their people. They had been sending people to that mysterious world for such a long time, they probably already knew those things.
“Why do you need castles?”
“He wants to expand his power. He can absorb the strength of other spirits. All the spirits who guard castles must be of the Di Qi layer. They want to use us to achieve their goals,” explained Princess Piao Xue.
“Well, if spirits come invade this place, we can help them absorb that guy and then we can ask them to lead the way, right?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. The man looked at Lin Feng icily. A terrifying strength suddenly surrounded him.
Lin Feng had the sensation his blood was going to explode. He raised his fist and punched out, many Holy Spirits appearing and attacking with him. They charged towards the spirit. He grunted icily and played the zither even louder. Suddenly, many spirits converged towards Lin Feng!
Lin Feng rose up into the air and kept attacking with Holy Spirits. The spirits all exploded. The spirit said to Prince Yan and the others, “Kill him, or you won’t have access to my historical remains.”

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