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PMG Chapter 2014: Ancient Historical Remains

PMG Chapter 2014: Ancient Historical Remains
Prince Yan looked at the spirit and said indifferently, “He’s right. If we kill you, it’ll be easier.”
The spirit smiled evilly as if he had heard a joke. “A bunch of retards. I’ve seen many naive people like you, and in the end, they died in tragic circumstances.”
Then, he suddenly became distorted and turned to smoke. Lin Feng and the others frowned.
That spirit is extremely dangerous, thought Lin Feng frowning. Then, he said, “Let’s go and search ourselves.”
“Yes,” the others nodded. They could only rely on themselves. Some people released their godly awareness and inspected the area. They had the sensation the castle was empty.
“Get down.” At that moment, they lowered their heads and saw a spirit who had no Qi.
They asked him, “Are there historical remains in the nine castles?”
The spirit raised his head and looked at Lin Feng and the others respectfully, nodding.
“Where are they?”
“I don’t know, only the guardians know,” replied the spirit.
“Why are there no human beings in the castles?” asked Princess Piao Xue icily.
“Human beings?” The spirit looked terrified, his mouth twitched, he didn’t dare talk about that.
“Speak!” said Princess Piao Xue. She looked scary.
The spirit looked scared, suddenly rose up into the air and said, “I don’t know.”
“You want to die!” said an old man who was in their group to the spirit. However, at that moment, they heard a zither, a death spear appeared, and the Dynasty’s old man moved back. The spear plunged into the spirit and it disappeared.
Lin Feng suddenly turned around and gazed into the distance. The spirit smiled at them coldly, “I’m a king in this castle. If you don’t respect me, you won’t have access to the historical remains.”
“Let’s go outside the city and look around,” said Lin Feng icily. Their group started leaving. The spirit pulled a long face.
Lin Feng and the others appeared outside and saw many humans. Lin Feng landed in front of a middle-aged man and asked, “Your Excellency, why are there no human beings in the castles? Are they afraid of spirits?”
“Foreigners?” asked the man indifferently.
Lin Feng nodded. They knew that spirits could steal people’s bodies. Was that the reason why human beings were scared to go there?
“Great Imperial spirits can absorb people’s blood Qi. They can use people to create spirits, which they control and use to attack. However, if they don’t have a body, they rely on their castles. It might be linked to the historical remains, but I’m not sure. The stronger they are, the stronger their spiritual slaves are. They can’t leave their castles, however. When they become strong enough, they can use body capture. You’re from abroad, be careful and take care,” said the person politely, but indifferently.
He left. He didn’t feel like talking to Lin Feng too much.
The man looked sinister. If Lin Feng and his friends hadn’t been extremely strong, he wouldn’t have paid any attention to them.
Lin Feng and the others gazed into the distance. Some people looked back at them with dark intentions. Great Imperial Spirits were terrifying and sly. They could absorb people’s blood to become stronger, and they wanted the outsiders to fight against one another. However, the outsiders had to find a solution if they wanted to access the historical remains. Great Imperial Spirits didn’t care about anything or anyone, they were ready to kill other spirits and human beings.
They just wanted to become stronger and stronger, that was their only purpose.
“You have no other choice,” said someone loudly. Lin Feng turned around and saw a gigantic face in the sky. It was the evil spirit. He smiled coldly, “Come back. If you don’t help me kill the intruders, they will kill you. You have no choice.”
The evil spirit disappeared. Lin Feng and the others pulled long faces.
“Sorry, my knowledge is limited. We can come to the mysterious world every hundred years only,” said Princess Piao Xue apologetically.
“No problem. Let nature take its course. Let’s go back.” said Lin Feng icily.
“Go to the city? And kill the other invaders?” asked Princess Piao Xue to Lin Feng.
“We can crush that stupid thing and then look for the historical remains, we’ll find them sooner or later,” said Lin Feng, releasing terrifying energies. The Princess shuddered with dread.
They headed for the castle, the spirit was waiting for them. He said indifferently, “Have you made a decision?”
Lin Feng jumped forwards, his eyes turned pitch-black, death intent rose up into the air. The evil spirit grunted icily, startled at the sudden attack. He started playing the zither again.
However, at the same time, Lin Feng’s blood started boiling. Flames appeared as he started shining with power. A fire Holy Spirit appeared in the air and turned into a sun sword. A death demon Holy Spirit also appeared and glanced around. Lin Feng threw himself at the evil spirit.
“You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad!” snarled the evil spirit. Silhouettes appeared and charged Lin Feng.
“Wisdom King Holy Spirit!” Lin Feng opened his third eye and five Wisdom Kings appeared. They looked wrathful as they attacked the spirits. Imprints crashed down onto the evil spirit.
“Die!” Lin Feng raised his fist and the five Holy Spirits continued crushing the evil spirits. A dazzling sharp sword appeared and streaked across the sky, splitting heaven and earth.
The sword cut the evil spirit, and many spirits flew towards Lin Feng
“You’ll die!” shouted a voice. Princess Piao Xue and the others tried to chase him but suddenly, a mist appeared and turned into millions of threads. The evil spirit disappeared within.
“Without him leading the way, it won’t be easy to find the correct path,” said one of Princess Piao Xue’s guards.
“Since there are nine palaces, I’m sure the other guardians know where historical remains are. If they don’t lead the way, we’ll just kill them all and then we’ll bring natives to help us find them,” said Lin Feng icily.
The old men shivered. The Imperial Concubine had a good sense of judgement. Lin Feng was really strong and smart. Even though the evil spirit wasn’t too strong, he was still a great emperor, really strong with a powerful soul. However, the five Wisdom Kings had oppressed him and he hadn’t withstood a single attack.

Lin Feng and the others continued flying. Prince Yan and the others suddenly returned. Prince Yan asked Princess Piao Xue, “Did you kill the spirit?”
“He wouldn’t have led the way anyway,” replied Princess Piao Xue.
“Stupid! Don’t you know that without him, we probably won’t find the entrance? We should have only oppressed him a little bit!” Prince Yan said icily.
“Prince Yan, Princess Piao Xue is from the Tianci Dynasty, watch your words!” said an old man next to Princess Piao Xue.
“Bastard, who do you think you are to talk to me?” spat Prince Yan impolitely.
“I decided to kill the evil spirit,” said Lin Feng calmly.
Prince Yan slowly turned to Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, even though you have been invited by the Tianci Dynasty, you better not ruin my plans.”
“I do whatever I want, I am not your servant. Don’t try to play smart with me,” retorted Lin Feng icily.
Prince Yan stared at Lin Feng, remaining silent for a few seconds and said icily, “You better find the historical remains.”
“You better talk to me in a different way,” replied Lin Feng. Prince Yan and the others faces stiffened. An invisible and intangible oppressive strength began to build.
“Brother, we’ve just arrived, and we need to find the historical remains,” said Princess Piao Xue broke in icily.
Prince Yan glanced at her and said icily, “Let’s go.”
They continued flying towards the center of the nine castles here. Everybody was looking for the historical remains!

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