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PMG Chapter 2015: Incredible Sword

PMG Chapter 2015: Incredible Sword
The evil spirit was in the central part of his territory, he had been injured by Lin Feng’s sword Qi. He needed to absorb human beings to recover his pure Qi. If those people continued collaborating, he’d die forever.
When he thought about that, he started to leave the area. However, a group of people arrived at that moment. The leader of the group was an old man in black clothes. When he saw the evil spirit’s Qi, he smiled sinisterly.
“Where are you going?” the old man in black clothes asked icily.
“Why do you care?” replied the evil spirit, equally icily.
The old man in black clothes smiled even more nastily and said, “Everybody, I’ll injure him, and we’ll take his castle. He can’t protect the historical remains anymore.”
“You…” the evil spirit’s turned deathly pale. He hated Lin Feng. If he had known they’d cooperate no matter what, he wouldn’t have taken the actions he had…
The wind roared with a thundering rage, carrying a rolling Qi. Blood strength filled the air. One of those strong cultivators raised his fist and struck out in the evil spirit’s direction.
The evil spirit turned to smoke again. However, he was already weakened.
“Where are you going?” asked the evil old man. The group chased the smoke. The old man released a black imprint and stamped the smoke. The smoke disappeared, but not the black imprint.
The old man laughed frantically. Without him, they were sure they were going to die in the historical remains…

Lin Feng and the others ran and saw a group of people chasing smoke. They were startled at the sight.
“Capture it! That black smoke is the evil spirit!” shouted the old man in black clothes to Lin Feng and the others. Lin Feng ran after the black smoke, releasing his dozen Holy Spirits. A terrifying sword Qi also streaked across the sky.
“Appear!” said Lin Feng icily.
The evil spirit appeared again, looking exhausted. Half of his transparent body had disappeared, and he was looking more and more like an illusion. Lin Feng released sword intent, the evil spirit was terrified.
“Where are the historical remains?” demanded Lin Feng icily.
“Block them and I’ll take you there!” said the evil spirit icily.
In response, whistling sounds grew, caused by Lin Feng’s sword energies.
“I’ll tell you, the historical remains are under the lake, there’s a seal there, I can open it. Help me block them and I’ll take you there,” said the evil spirit hastily. Lin Feng and the others gazed into the distance. There were many buildings. The lake the evil spirit was talking about was the lake where he was playing the zither a moment before. No wonder they hadn’t found it. Lin Feng had actually inspected the water with his godly awareness, but hadn’t found anything.
“Who can open the seal?” asked the man in black clothes. The evil spirit looked terrified. He wanted to escape, but the man in black clothes released a terrifying curtain of black energies to envelope him.
Lin Feng’s sword energies disappeared. He didn’t save the evil spirit. He had unceasingly been trying to fool them.
The man in black clothes laughed frantically and said, “How awesome! If I can absorb a few more evil spirits, that’d be awesome! Everybody, help me attack the castles, I’ll tell you where all the historical remains are! Now, let’s injure these people badly, but don’t kill them, I need them!”
He slowly rose up into the air. The old man in black clothes was also an evil spirit, and not only did he want to absorb the other evil spirits, but he also wanted geniuses.
“Tianci Dynasty, Princess Piao Xue,” said a young man icily.
“Prince Damo, we should join hands to oppress the evil spirits and force them to tell us where the historical remains are, then we can kill them.” said Princess Piao Xue indifferently.
“I want to help him, he’ll tell me where the historical remains of the nine castles are. Why would I kill him?” said Prince Damo icily.
“You think he’ll help you?” said Prince Piao Xue. Prince Damo was one of two princes from the Great Desert Dynasty. They had invited extremely strong cultivators from Tian Yuan Ancient City’s Yunxiao University and some strong cultivators from Ancient Holy Clans. Lin Feng noticed some people he knew: Shi Yun Feng and Wang Zhong. Another one of them looked at Lin Feng icily, but Lin Feng didn’t know him.
“Who are you?” Lin Feng asked that person.
“Heaven Clan, Cang Ye!” said that person icily. Lin Feng remembered the Heaven Clan, and wasn’t surprised. He had killed so many people from the Heaven Clan back in the day. He had even exchanged the indestructible Deva-Mara skill with them back then. Lin Feng didn’t know how well they could use such a skill. If someone wasn’t strong enough, giving them such a powerful skill was useless, and even dangerous for them.
The prince of the Great Desert Dynasty smiled coldly when he heard Princess Piao Xue. “Even if we can’t get the nine castles, this one should be fine.”
“No wonder the evil spirit said we had no choice, there are so many morons. You think those evil spirits are stupid? If you don’t kill them when you have the chance, do you think they’ll let you off?” Princess Piao Xue spat icily.
“Princess Piao Xue, you talk too much. Since you’re from the Tianci Dynasty, I’ll give you an opportunity, fight on our side and we’ll let your people off. Then, we will head to the other castles.” said the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince indifferently.
“We can’t be your allies,” replied Princess Piao Xue icily.
“Since it’s that way, I don’t need to be polite!” said the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince grimly.
“You think you’re smart, but you’re ridiculous.” said Lin Feng mockingly, releasing a Holy Spirit. The others frowned. A Holy Spirit? That was a technique used by the Holy Spirit Dynasty. But Lin Feng had several Holy Spirits, and they were all really strong!…
When all the Holy Spirits transformed, the air began to hum. Lin Feng also released sword energies, his whole aura like an indestructible sword.
He absorbed threads of sword intent. The crowd sensed several sorts of cosmic energies. The cosmic energies condensed in those Holy Spirits and his sword became even more terrifying.
“If anyone makes a step forwards, I’ll kill them!” said Lin Feng aggressively. His sword emitted whistling sounds and moved towards the black evil spirit.
The evil spirit grunted icily. He raised his hands and broke the sword strength. However, the crowd was stupefied because Lin Feng’s sword intent was incredible and explosive.
“Lin Feng managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage, it proves that he’s talented, but it doesn’t prove he’s strong!” shouted the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince.
“Since it’s that way, I’ll show you!” sneered Lin Feng mockingly.
“Anyone want to see how strong Lin Feng is? Why don’t you try?” said the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince icily. Cang Ye released terrifying Heaven Dao power, bearing down with it as he ran forwards. Sword intent appeared in front of him, crackling with power.
“Brother Cang Ye is the strongest emperor of the Heaven Clan. He’s not weaker than Ji Chang. Let’s see how strong Lin Feng is,” said the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince indifferently. Cang Ye was definitely powerful, truly not weaker than Ji Chang. However, Prince Damo said that because he wanted Cang Ye to use his full strength. Since Prince Damo had complimented him, Cang Ye had to be strong. Lin Feng couldn’t kill Cang Ye, there were too many people who supported him there.
Cang Ye jumped forwards, his Heaven Dao power filling the air, breaking Lin Feng’s sword Qi apart. Cang Ye smiled coldly, “I already have the advantage, you can’t kill me!”
Just as Cang Ye finished talking, a terrifying sword energy rose up. It was extremely fast, striking like lightning. It contained wind, empty space, earth, fire and cursing strength. Just the sound it made as it cut the air felt like it was slicing through their souls!
Cang Ye’s face turned deathly pale. He shouted furiously. Heaven strength swelled around him. However, it was all useless. The sword cut apart everything, sword lights appearing from his right foot to the left part of his head.
Suddenly, the air became very calm.

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