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PMG Chapter 2017: Sword Determination Which Never Disperses

PMG Chapter 2017: Sword Determination Which Never Disperses
Lin Feng and the others also heard the shout, which startled them. The historical remains were gloomy, and everyone felt cold.
“Someone has run into danger. The historical remains are even scarier than we thought, it seems. We didn’t even hear a battle,” said Princess Piao Xue. The ancient Qi in that place made everyone feel uncomfortable.
Even though they were scared, they continued moving forwards. The place was extremely vast. It wasn’t merely as big as the castle.
“There’s someone in front of us,” said Jian Mang. He was blind, therefore his other perceptions were more acute than the others.
“Are you sure?” asked Lin Feng. He had seen some smoke pass quickly, but it was so fast that he wasn’t sure.
“I sensed blood Qi. I shouldn’t be wrong,” said Jian Mang evenly. Lin Feng and the others released their godly awareness and inspected the area.
“It will be extremely difficult to find anything here, especially since these historical remains were left by the Saints in the ancient past,” said Princess Piao Xue with a sigh. Every hundred years, people of their Dynasties came to that world, they had never stopped. They all hoped they would find their own ancestors’ vestiges. After the dismantling of the Qi Tian Dynasty, the Dynasties had never had Saints again. The Saints had all disappeared together. They had never received the original legacy of their ancestors. They had never been able to practice their incredible skills or spells, and they had never seen their ancestors. Maybe their ancestors had left small threads of soul in this world?
They had never found a way to become Saints because their ancestors, the Saints, had never come out. They were usually stuck when they became Saint Emperors, they couldn’t transcend worldliness.
There were half-Saints. They were extremely rare but they existed, they had already broken through, but not entirely.
Suddenly, a strong wind started blowing behind them. Lin Feng turned around and saw a gigantic black eagle, its claws pointed in their direction. The eagle spat out Qi with a horrible putrid stench like death.
Princess Piao Xue punched out in that direction. Water appeared, even as Jian Mang also released an incredible light sword.
The gigantic eagle caught Jian Mang’s sword with its claws. The sword sliced into the claws and the eagle gave out a horrible shriek, spinning away.
Lin Feng and the others continued moving forwards.
Suddenly, an old man appeared, stretched out his hand and the eagle fell onto his grasp.
“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned. The old man’s blood Qi was extremely powerful. He looked like a human being, but he also looked enigmatic and unfathomable. He was probably a great emperor already, but human beings couldn’t be great emperors in this world. Besides, what was he doing in the historical remains?
He didn’t look like someone who had come from outside, he looked like someone from the historical remains.
“Master, are you a human being or a spirit?” Lin Feng asked the old man.
However, the old man merely smiled darkly. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared as if he had never appeared.
“Was it a human being or a spirit?” People’s eyes glittered. Not far from Lin Feng, another group of people arrived: Prince Yan and his followers. When they saw that person disappear, they were astonished. Were there great emperors hiding in here? If that was the case, it wasn’t a good thing.
“Did you find anything?” Prince Yan asked Lin Feng and the others.
“And you, brother?” retorted Piao Xue for everyone.
Prince Yan looked at Piao Xue for a few seconds and then continued walking on, ignoring her.
Lin Feng also continued advancing. Danger came from all sides in this place. All those who were alone were attacked. Only those who stayed together were out of danger. The geniuses who had gone there were terrifying, so in groups, they were not easy to defeat, and the evil spirits didn’t dare attack them.
“There’s someone.” Lin Feng and the others gazed into the distance and saw a new group of people. Lin Feng knew one of them: Ji Chang!
“The Tianci Dynasty invited him and he’s staying with people from other Dynasties,” said Princess Piao Xue when she saw Ji Chang. She told Lin Feng, “There are some people from the He Clan, Tian Yuan Ancient City. The He Clan has several people who are disciples of the Fortune Shrine, some of them have the Fortune Shrine’s techniques. Even though the disciples aren’t as strong as the elders, they probably can find something.”
“He Clan.” Lin Feng remained silent. Back in the Holy City, he had heard of the He Clan. He knew that the Ying Clan had invited a member of the He Clan to come to use their Destiny Vision to find Mister Xiao. That’s how they had found out about Lin Feng and Ji Qing Song!
“Apart from Ji Chang, there are some other people. They’ve been invited by the Qin Dynasty, have you ever seen them?” asked Princess Piao Xue.
“I know Yin Gu Tian,” said Lin Feng. Yin Gu Tian’s arm had been regrown by some method. They had probably made great efforts to heal him.
“And there’s Ying Mo, Ying Cheng’s younger brother. You probably don’t know him because he doesn’t practice in the Holy City, he lives in Qi Tian Holy Town. He’s very famous here, he’s very strong,” said Princess Piao Xue. When those people finally noticed them, they looked at Lin Feng icily, especially Ji Chang.
Lin Feng looked indifferent. He said to Princess Piao Xue, “Let’s follow them, we might find something.”
Prince Yan had the same idea. They all followed the Qin Dynasty. There were some people from the He Clan, so they would have more chances to find things.
Nobody knew where they were, so they wandered aimlessly. They arrived at the top of a mountain. The member of the He Clan looked at the mountain and said, “Raze that mountain to the ground.”
When he said that, everybody started attacking the mountain at the same time. Gigantic hands descended from the sky and crushed the mountain, explosions going off everywhere. The mountain started breaking apart.
Under the mountain, there was a hole.
“A cave!” the crowd exclaimed. Something shrieked through the air and one of their men jumped away, but a gigantic eagle appeared and grabbed him with its claws before flying away. Blood kept dripping from the sky and the cultivator kept giving off horrible shrieks.
“Is he inside?” Lin Feng and the others were astonished when they saw a hand come out of the cave. The old man slowly came out. He was still smiling evilly. The eagle came back and landed on the old man’s shoulder. Blood was dripping from the eagle’s beak.
That eagle is so fast!, thought the wary crowd.
“His clothes.” Someone had looked at the old man’s clothes carefully, They looked ragged, but actually, when looking closer, there were mysterious words and patterns on them.
“Is he from the old days?”
“Master, who are you?” someone asked the old man. The old man was just smiling. He stepped backwards and disappeared again.
“Who is he?”
“He looks like a human being. His Qi is incredible. However, his Qi doesn’t seem human, it seems ghostly.”
“There must be something in that cave,” said the member of the He Clan.
“I sensed something too. A powerful sword Qi.” said someone else. They were all staring at the cave. Some sword lights glittered inside, the sword Qi looked ancient, as if it had never dispersed. There was a skeleton lying underneath it…
“Gigantic cave, mysterious old man, immortal sword Qi, skeleton.” The crowd shuddered with dread. Someone punched out, his attack moved straight into the cave. The walls of the cave exploded with a roar, and it became wider. However, the sword Qi didn’t disperse.
“What kind of sword intent is that? Does it belong to a Saint? It seems like it has not dispersed since the old days.”
How terrifying would it be if people could use it to kill?

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