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PMG Chapter 2018: Saint’s Skeleton

PMG Chapter 2018: Saint’s Skeleton
“There are bones and sword Qi, is it a Saint’s skeleton?” wondered someone. Everybody shivered. Even if it wasn’t a Saint’s skeleton, it looked terrifying, especially that the sword Qi around it that had never dispersed.
“We can’t destroy that sword Qi. We need to take out the skeleton,” someone proposed.
People quickly started moving, they started digging all around the cave, they were deeper and deeper under the ground. Very quickly, they were standing under the sword Qi curtain.
“Come out!” shouted someone furiously. The skeleton hummed. The immortal sword determination suddenly exploded, sharp energies filling the air. The crowd had the impression they were being attacked by ancient swords.
“Be careful!…” Lin Feng shouted loudly. He rose up into the air, grabbing Meng Qing and jumping aside. However, they were too slow, sword lights pierced through Lin Feng’s body and blood splashed out.
Everybody remained silent. What a terrifying pressure!
“Pfew…” Lin Feng took a deep breath, it took him a while to relax. He wasn’t badly injured. None of them had managed to escape completely unscathed, everybody had been injured at least a little bit by the sword Qi.
“That immortal sword Qi is natural. It’s not as explosive as if someone used it to attack, or we would have all died,” said Princess Piao Xue. She had not thought it would be so terrifying.
Everybody was looking at the skeleton. The skeleton was changing, floating in the air and sword intent kept undulating around it. The crowd was now a fair bit away, but they could sense how terrifying the energies were. That sword determination was indeed strange…
That skeleton is even more precious than Marks of the Path, thought the crowd. Their eyes glittered, staring at the skeleton emitting sword intent.
“Maybe it’s really a Saint’s skeleton and it contains a strong cultivator’s thread of consciousness.”
“Even if it’s only a thread of consciousness, it’s still a precious treasure!”
They gradually started stirring with excitement. However, as they glanced at one another, they also remembered they had to be careful. Stealing the skeleton wouldn’t be that easy!
“That skeleton might be a Saint’s skeleton. It contains intent. Taking it won’t be easy,” murmured Hou Qing Lin. Lin Feng nodded. That skeleton’s sword Qi intent was incredible. Even though it was only a skeleton, the Qi was still powerful.
People remained silent for a long time. Finally, someone moved. People just watched him. He ran at full speed towards the skeleton as a strong wind started blowing.
His speed is incredible. But even if he obtains it, there are so many strong cultivators, someone is going to kill him, thought Lin Feng. The strong wind blew around the skeleton, sword intent started erupting. The crowd sensed the terrifying Sword intent. The skeleton was threatening the cultivator…
Time seemed to stop, an ancient cultivator’s sword streaked across the sky like they were traveling back in time, leaving the crowd astonished.
The wind stopped, the genius reappeared. He was surrounded by Sword intent. There was no sword light, no sharp sword, only Sword intent. It was corroding his body.
“Kasyapa sword,” murmured Lin Feng. Many people looked at him.
“Kasyapa sword?” The princess shivered. She had heard of a Saint who was a sword cultivator. His Kasyapa sword was famous.
Kasyapa was the name of some ancient Buddhist scriptures, the Kasyapa Bodhisatva was a Buddha. The Kasyapa sword could destroy time. According to ancient stories, even the Saints back then didn’t want to fight against him.
“You surprisingly know about the Kasyapa sword?” asked Princess Piao Xue to Lin Feng.
“I’m a sword cultivator too, I’ve naturally heard about it,” Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t tell her the truth, it was too important to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The Holy Spirit Dynasty already wanted his bloodline, so he had to be discreet.
The one who had gone to grab the skeleton died to the Sword intent. The group then continued slowly walking forwards. However, they were extremely careful, as they weren’t only facing the other geniuses, they were also facing a dangerous skeleton.
Next to Prince Yan was Wang Jian, his body shining. Armor had appeared around his body, he looked like a warlord. He started walking ahead of everyone else slowly.
It’s Wang Jian, he practices weapon cultivation. He’s extremely strong. The weapon he condenses are terrifying, thought the others. Wang Jian raised his left hand, and a shield appeared. He raised his right hand and a gleaming long golden spear appeared.
However, someone else jumped forwards… Zhuo Qing! He released formidable golden lights, a shining golden wind appearing behind him, pressing down on everyone. He had a king-type body: a Diamond Indestructible King-type Body. Like Wang Jian, he was wearing an indestructible armor.
In the distance, someone else arrived like a celestial being. The atmosphere was distorting around them. It was a celestial woman, the Holy Jade Princess!
Chu Chun Qiu also arrived. He was surrounded by ancient kings and Sky Absorbing strength. He looked like an Emperor. Nobody dared underestimate Chu Chun Qiu, he had proven how strong he was. First on the Imperial Ranking List of the Holy City, then on the Holy Way Stage. Apart from Lin Feng and him, nobody else there had managed to do that. Lin Feng was more talented, but Chu Chun Qiu was a high-level emperor and controlled Sky Absorbing strength. People feared Chu Chun Qiu more than they feared Lin Feng.
Some other people were moving: Crazy Bull, Ying Mo, the strong cultivator of the He Clan, Prince Yan, they all moved to different places and released Qi towards the skeleton. This was the first thing they had noticed in this world which could be a precious treasure. It might well be the skeleton of the Kasyapa Saint, filled with his Will!
Lin Feng released Qi around him. He had also gotten ready. Nobody paid particular attention to him. Of course, if he obtained the skeleton, they’d try to get it from him, but that wasn’t the case yet.
Lin Feng really wanted the skeleton, he could use the Sword intent, and the skeleton also seemed to be able to control time. That was very useful too, including for Ruo Xie, Lin Feng would be happy to share with him. If Ruo Xie did obtain it, his life would completely change, as he controlled time strength!

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    What do sword lights even look like? Are they swords made of light? Are they balls of light with sword energy in them?

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      Have you seen in anime how people who have sword make this arc of light that represents the cutting of the sword. Yeah that is a sword light i believe.

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