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PMG Chapter 2019: Fighting Over the Skeleton

PMG Chapter 2019: Fighting Over the Skeleton
Wang Jian jumped ahead, shaking the ground. He was getting closer and closer to the skeleton. People were going crazy watching him.
“Go!” shouted Wang Jian furiously. A gigantic gold alms bowl moved towards the skeleton, Sword intent rising up. The gold alms bowl shook violently, but didn’t break as it enveloped the skeleton.
The gold alms bowl came back to Wang Jian, but Qi invaded the atmosphere, how could the others let him leave with the skeleton?
Zhuo Qing jumped forwards, a strong oppressive wind filling the air. Golden kings appeared holding religious tools, rumbling and shaking the air. The gold alms bowl broke apart in front of Wang Jian. Wang Jian sensed the danger, raising his hand and moving backwards. At the same time, a long spear moved towards Zhuo Qing like thunder.
Zhuo Qing grunted icily, the atmosphere made everyone catch their breath, more explosions sounding between them.
“I remember someone once said Zhuo Qing and Wang Jian were similarly strong. If they fought for real, I wonder how terrifying their battle would be.”
The two cultivators continued fighting. At the same time, around the Holy Jade Princess, the air was starting to bend. She shook her hands and empty space energies moved towards the skeleton and surrounded it.
Chu Chun Qiu immediately reacted when he saw that, the skeleton was possibly a Saint from the ancient days, it was a great treasure for him. He couldn’t give up, the reason why he had come to the Holy Place was because of the other geniuses and because of the treasures. He could swallow their wills and make them his own.
Chu Chun Qiu shook his hand and a terrifying strength enveloped the distorted area, the Holy Jade Princess grunting icily. She made some hand seals, the atmosphere became even more distorted. Sky Absorbing strength collided with it and the skeleton was stuck between their energies.
Zhuo Qing ran forwards and stretched out his hands. His whole body was surrounded by a thick armor, his helmet was the thickest and hardest part of his armor, he preferred being careful.
A terrifying strength whistled, Wang Jian’s spear streaked across the sky and thrust at Zhuo Qing. His whole strength surrounded the Saint.
The skeleton seemed furious at that moment. An invisible and intangible sword appeared and cut apart the Sky Absorbing strength. Sword intent rolled in waves all around those four people.
“The Saint has a soul. We must join hands, otherwise he’ll get furious,” shouted Chu Chun Qiu loudly. Determination emerged from his third eye and absorbed the sword intent. The crowd shivered at seeing that. That guy was insane, Sky Absorbing strength was just too terrifying!…
Zhuo Qing was wearing armor, Wang Jian had a shield, the Holy Jade Princess was surrounded by distorted empty space energies, the Sword intent couldn’t affect them. At that moment, cyan lights streaked across the sky.
The crowd was stunned when the skeleton suddenly disappeared.
“Who?” shouted someone explosively. The crowd gazed into the distance and found Lang Ye running away.
“Lang Ye, World King Body!” the crowd snarled. It was him! He had used world strength and had managed to take the skeleton!
“Chase him!” the crowd followed him at full speed, Wang Jian and the others looked particularly angry and pulled long faces.
“Don’t run chaotically, this place is very dangerous,” said Lin Feng to Princess Piao Xue.
When Princess Piao Xue looked at Lin Feng’s eyes, she shivered. He looked firm and aggressive, she knew that place was dangerous, but how could she give up the skeleton, but she also knew that obtaining the skeleton would be dangerous.
“Alright, let’s go together,” said Princess Piao Xue.
“Wait for me.” said Lin Feng to Meng Qing and Hou Qing Lin. Then, he moved away in a blur of movement. Holy Spirits appeared, Lin Feng jumped onto its back and accelerated.
After Lang Ye took the skeleton, he flew away. He could feel the pressure from behind him.
“Stop!” shouted someone explosively, making his soul shake violently. Wang Jian chopped down and a trail of sharp sword energies appeared.
Lang Ye was surrounded by lights. When the sharp sword appeared near him, the atmosphere became distorted, cyan lights appeared and the sword energies disappeared inside.
“World strength.” Wang Jian’s eyes glittered darkly as he snarled furiously. Many sharp swords appeared as he continued running after Lang Ye.
Chu Chun Qiu also chased him, continually releasing ancient king intent. Even though he was some distance away, Lang Ye felt under pressure. Ancient kings appeared in his mind, wanting to kill him.
Lang Ye suddenly had a headache as all sorts of strength bore down on him. He was terribly annoyed. Would he be able to keep the skeleton?
Lang Ye stretched out his hands and released cyan world lights. However, they quickly disappeared. He felt dispirited, he had no choice but to give the skeleton up.
“Lang Ye!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. Lang Ye turned around and saw Lin Feng on his sword, moving extremely fast.
“Grab it!” Lang Ye threw the skeleton at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s sword whistled as a mysterious Qi rose up into the air.
“Lin Feng.” Chu Chun Qiu and the others suddenly turned around. They looked at Lin Feng and stopped chasing Lang Ye, turning towards Lin Feng. They were interested in the skeleton, not Lang Ye!
“Can that guy absorb the skeleton?” thought Lang Ye in the distance. He was annoyed by his weakness. If he had been really strong, with his world strength, nobody would have been able to chase him. He needed to become much stronger. Back then, Chu Chun Qiu and Lang Ye were similarly strong in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, but now things had changed…
Lin Feng was on his Holy Spiritual Sword and moving blindingly fast. However, the others were still chasing him. Chu Chun Qi shouted explosively. His vitality and determination strength became even more powerful, his Qi even scarier. A sharp sword appeared under his feet and he accelerated.
The Holy Jade Princess was the fastest one. She looked like a celestial being. Surprisingly, Zhuo Qing was the slowest one, not quite as fast as the others.
Some people started using Great Imperial Weapons to chase him. They were all geniuses who had Great Imperial Weapons. In normal circumstances they didn’t use them, but now chasing Lin Feng was more important.
These guys are so fast, thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t want to do the same as Lang Ye and give up the skeleton. After a short time, Lin Feng arrived in front of the valley with the gigantic black hole. Suddenly, he turned around and his Holy Spirits appeared in front of him. He also released Sword intent, and in front of him a dozen swords suddenly appeared.
Chu Chun Qiu and Wang Jian suddenly stopped, as did the Holy Jade Princess. They were all surprised and staring at Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, the Tianci Dynasty invited you, we should join hands. You can’t absorb that skeleton on your own. Give it to me,” Wang Jian said to Lin Feng sharply. Lin Feng merely smiled coldly.

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