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PMG Chapter 2020: Darkness

PMG Chapter 2020: Darkness
“Whether I can use it or not has nothing to do with you. I already have the skeleton. I won’t give it to you,” said Lin Feng icily. A strong wind started condensing. Chu Chun Qiu also arrived. Nobody dared act recklessly. If they all got angry, the battle would become extremely dangerous.
“Lin Feng, if we join hands to fight against you, you will die,” Zhuo Qing said icily. “You were the most talented at the Holy Spirit Dynasty, dying would be a pity. Since you have the potential to become a peerless cultivator, why would you want to have a peerless cultivator’s skeleton?”
“I do want it,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Then, he stepped backwards and slowly fell down into the abyssal dark hole.
Chu Chun Qiu and the others were astonished and dashed after him. They focused their godly awareness into the dark hole, but saw nothing at all.
Cultivators could see perfectly at night, especially at that cultivation level, but this wasn’t night, and it wasn’t darkness.
They looked uncertain now. If Lin Feng attacked them by surprise in the black hole, they’d die. After all, even though none of them thought Lin Feng was stronger than they were, they didn’t underestimate him either, especially since he had a terrifying Sword intent.
“Lin Feng stole the skeleton, and you let him off?” asked some other people who arrived at that moment. Some of them immediately jumped into the black hole and released their godly awareness to inspect the area, remaining vigilant.
Lin Feng fell and fell. It seemed like an endless black hole. After a long time, Lin Feng still hadn’t landed. He could only see a few centimeters around him, it was too dark. He couldn’t see things clearly even when they were a few centimeters away, it was too gloomy.
Princess Piao Xue and Meng Qing also arrived at the top of the black hole, their hearts pounding.
Someone released fireballs to illuminate the black hole, but they exploded without showing anything.
After a long time, Lin Feng finally landed on the ground. He could also see a gigantic black entity with softly humming chains.
“What the hell is that? What are those chains?” murmured Lin Feng, feeling the ancient Qi. This place was so old.
Lin Feng raised his head, his Qi rising. Lin Feng sensed Qi around him and understood that people were still chasing him. His sword Holy Spirits appeared around him once more.
Dazzling lights appeared in Lin Feng’s field of vision. Wang Jian was the first one to arrive. They were both blind in here. Lin Feng could only see small lights.
A terrifying Sword intent rose up into the air. Wang Jian was shocked, crazily attacking blindly around him. Crackling sounds announced the incoming sword Qi shattering, but his shield shook and shattered at the impact.
Wang Jian was suddenly surrounded by deadly energies. His armor became even more dazzling. He threw his spear, which streaked across the sky.
Death swords appeared as he continued descending from the sky. A gigantic disc appeared under his feet, and another silver blade appeared in his hands. Even though Lin Feng couldn’t see it, he could sense it.
Energies slammed together and exploded. Wang Jian knew he hadn’t reached Lin Feng.
Higher up into the air, more people were descending. Lin Feng smiled icily. Suddenly, he struck out skywards, and someone grunted painfully.
“Be careful, he’s underneath us!” shouted Wang Jian. He stopped his attack and continued descending the hole. A strong wind started blowing, bearing down from Zhuo Qing!
Whistling sounds spread in the air. More and more strong cultivators were coming down the black hole. At that moment, Lin Feng could sense that the chains were shaking. He looked at the chains, but didn’t see anyone.
Clang, clang…
The chains shook again and broke the eerie silence. Apart from the soughing of the wind, they could only hear the chains shake. The sound was getting louder and louder. In the end, the ground also started shaking as they heard stone cracking…
“What’s going on?” Lin Feng was wary. He could sense the ground was shaking under his feet. He rose up into the air, but at that moment, a gigantic boulder exploded and stones started falling down from the sky.
The crowd in the black hole heard the rumbling, their Qi rose. When the stones finished exploding, Lin Feng saw a gigantic human silhouette. The chains prevented him from moving.
The crowd above him saw a pair of eyes. Even the darkness of the black hole couldn’t stop the lights emitted by those dazzling eyes. They were suddenly terrified.
“A monster, that’s a monster of darkness…” People’s hearts started pounding. Chu Chun Qiu, Wang Jian, and the others ascended rapidly, they were too scared. They wanted to escape.
A golden wind turned into deployment lights. Lin Feng cast a deployment spell and rose up into the air.
“Pfew…” Lin Feng heard a sigh. A gigantic black stick appeared, a dazzling light moved, then there was rumbling and an explosive impact. A strong cultivator was crushed instantly by the black stick.
Everyone tried to escape. They couldn’t breathe anymore, they were terrified to death!
“Dodge!” shouted Jian Mang. He sensed that something wrong was happening. There were more explosions, and Piao Xue and the others were smashed away. Someone was killed behind them, dead without knowing what slew him.

In the depths of the black hole, golden lights glittered. Lin Feng took out a talisman, his silhouette flickering several times as deployment lights kept flashing. He had the sensation he could barely breathe…
“Walla walla!” The monster looked at Lin Feng, seeing that Lin Feng wanted to escape and wanting to chase him, but he was chained. He opened his mouth and spat out Qi. Everybody heard him, the noise shaking everyone’s soul and threatening to collapse the cave. Some people kept coughing up blood. Some even exploded and died.
How terrifying!, thought Lin Feng. He kept coughing up blood. He had the sensation his soul was going to explode. Even Saint Emperors didn’t have such a terrifying strength. Shi Jue Lao Xian’s strength was that oppressive, but Lin Feng had never really tried to fight against him so he didn’t know how strong he really was.
Is the Saint still alive?, wondered the shaken Lin Feng. Chu Chun Qiu and the others were also terrified.
Was that really a monster? Or was that a human being? Who had chained such a terrifying creature? How powerful were the chains? Who could chain a peerless monster?
People started panicking in the black hole. Many of them fled blindly. They didn’t care about anyone else anymore, they just wanted to survive.
At the exit of the cave, a gloomy black shadow appeared. It looked ancient and was staring at all of them. They felt hopeless.
The dark silhouette suddenly released a gigantic hand, descending from the sky and trailing thunder. Many people were crushed by that hand and collapsed.
Escape, everybody was just thinking of one thing, how to escape! Some people even forgot about the creature in the black hole!

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