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PMG Chapter 2021: Fangs

PMG Chapter 2021: Fangs
The situation was chaotic inside the black hole. Some people attacked one another without realizing it.
As Lin Feng was throwing talismans, he was gaining altitude and sensed attacks all around him. He had the feeling he was going to suffocate as he released sword energies in every direction around him.
“How dangerous.” Lin Feng sensed some more punches pass next to him. He was sweating coldly, but he kept calm and continued ascending.
Another roar made the whole cave shake, including those inside it. It sounded like a demon king at the bottom of the black hole was howling furiously.
The cave continued shaking. A gigantic hand emerged from the bottom of the cave, shooting skywards. This time, the demon king wasn’t controlling himself anymore. The whole cave was trembling, frightening everyone.
Lin Feng was already high up in the air. Chu Chun Qiu and the others had given up and were running away. They were extremely quick, so they had already passed many other people. At that moment, many people who were not fast enough were still in the cave, and sensed that a gigantic hand was closing in on them from behind.
Chu Chun Qiu roared out like thunder, releasing his vitality and strength of intent. He was surrounded by beautiful lights, and moving incredibly fast. People were astonished as he flew by them in the blink of an eye.
Zhuo Qing and Wang Jian were already using their trump cards. The danger was real, their lives were in peril. Lin Feng also used his full strength, deployment lights appeared around him and he moved invisibly fast.
The gigantic hand passed near Lin Feng. He managed to dodge it, but several other people weren’t as lucky. Ying Mo was also still inside. He was quite strong, so he had dared enter the black hole.
The gigantic hand closed, people outside shuddered with dread and ran away, not daring to stay. There was a furious demon here!
Lin Feng did the same, trying to leave as quickly as possible. Who knew how powerful that chained demon was? If he managed to break free from the chains, he might kill everybody in the blink of an eye!

When Lin Feng left the cave, his silhouette flickered and he landed at the top of a mountain. He glanced around, looking stunned.
Outside, everything had changed. It wasn’t a castle anymore, there were authentic historical remains! Lin Feng glanced around and saw blood everywhere. What a tragedy!
“Lin Feng!” called out someone in the distance icily.
“Give me the skeleton!” someone else demanded harshly. They were getting closer and closer to him!
At that moment, Lin Feng released Holy Spirits, and on his back, a gigantic sword appeared. The sun was shining upon it as it hummed and glowed.
“Come and take it!” Lin Feng replied indifferently. He didn’t sound nervous at all. He just looked at the two cultivators who were coming towards him. To him, they were already dead.
“Die!” said one of them, charging and raising their fist. Five rays of light appeared. The other one released a blood sun, and Lin Feng’s blood started boiling.
Lin Feng raised his gigantic sword and grunted icily. He destroyed the many punches, which exploded and dispersed harmlessly. Even if his enemy used Dao power, he could still crush them!
Lin Feng’s sword continued shooting forwards. It was magnificent and its Qi was rolling about it. The scorching blood sun moved to meet the sword, dazzling and beautiful.
The sword pierced through the sun, thrusting towards the man. It cut him apart and Lin Feng charged the other enemy, the wind whistling at his speed.
When the strong cultivator noticed Lin Feng charging him, he looked petrified. He waved his hand, and Lin Feng’s blood started boiling even more, and it even seemed his soul was burning. At the same time, his opponent continued moving down to oppress him, sending a fire dragon at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng punched out, creating a golden path in front of him. It pierced through the fire dragon, exactly in the middle of it, and continued towards the controller!
Lin Feng then released a Nihility Sword. At the same time, he released his five Wisdom King Holy Spirits, all of them looking alive and furious. His enemy had no way to escape!
When his opponent tried to use his mind to protect himself, the terrifying Sword was already in front of him and his face turned deathly pale.
“Prasama Burns!” said the man, raising his hand. However, Lin Feng ignored him and continued charging while condensing Sword intent.
Dazzling lights were shining. Lin Feng’s sword continued attacking. Lin Feng and the man were now close to one another. The Prasama Burns fireball was cut in half, and a sword mark appeared on the man’s third eye.
Lin Feng put his finger on his enemy’s third eye, and the man’s entire body exploded. Lin Feng continued on without breaking a step. To him, he had just killed a random person in his way.
Some people in the distance saw that and were astonished, and suddenly nobody wanted to fight against him anymore. His sword attacks were too terrifying. He had cut apart two geniuses in the blink of an eye.
Lin Feng gazed into the distance and condensed more Holy Spirits, finally condensing a sword technique with a terrifying strength. However, he didn’t think he could deal with many emperors at the same time. If they joined hands, it could be dangerous for him.
Lin Feng left without turning around.
After a long time, Lin Feng arrived in another mountain range. He glanced around and carved some deployment marks. At the same time, he informed Meng Qing and the others of his circumstances. He also created a clone and started practicing cultivation on his deployment spell.
Lin Feng didn’t take out the skeleton, it was too powerful and he couldn’t control it. He continued studying his Holy Spirits.
He sat down cross-legged and forgot about the outside world, descending into a deep meditative state. He observed cursing strength and used his Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to modify it. He turned it into a Wisdom King Holy Spirit. At the same time, he released Demon intent, trying various things. In the end, he managed to create a Cursing Holy Spirit!
He wasn’t done, however. He tried making a Nine Netherworlds Holy Spirit next!
After seeing the demon king in the black hole, Lin Feng had realized that this place was even more terrifying than he had thought. The benighted demon king of darkness was enchained, but who had bound him? And what was that enchained demon king’s cultivation level?
At that moment, Meng Qing and Hou Qing Lin were not together, they had scattered while escaping from the demon in the black hole. Lin Feng had contacted them telepathically, so they were all flying in his direction.
Someone in blue clothes appeared on Hou Qing Lin’s left. That person turned around and saw Hou Qing Lin, looking at him coldly.
The person in blue clothes charged Hou Qing Lin, terrifying energies reaching out to oppress him.
“Chu Chun Qiu.” Chu Chun Qiu was terrifying, his eyes looked even more frightening.
Hou Qing Lin retreated and took out a sword. He immediately released reincarnation energies and a vortex appeared. Hou Qing Lin didn’t want to fight, he knew he was too weak compared to Chu Chun Qiu.
Explosions sounded as Chu Chun Qiu destroyed the vortex. He released vitality and will strength and accelerated.
“You won’t leave!” stated Chu Chun Qiu icily. He continued chasing Hou Qing Lin. Each time he took a step, he traveled a long distance. It was incredible to watch.
“So this was Chu Chun Qiu’s goal?” Hou Qing Lin kept running away. Chu Chun Qiu had studied the Sky Absorbing Scriptures, he could absorb people’s vitality and will strength and use it for himself. Chu Chun Qiu used to be discreet, but after the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, he had started baring his fangs!

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