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PMG Chapter 2022: Brought To Light

PMG Chapter 2022: Brought To Light
Hou Qing Lin had guessed right, Chu Chun Qiu had started showing his strength, his plot was coming to light. In the historical remains, there were only geniuses, their vitality and willpower were incredible. Hou Qing Lin controlled reincarnation strength and was walking on the Path of Reincarnation. Chu Chun Qiu wanted to absorb that strength and use it for himself!
With such powers, he had the potential to become a peerless cultivator and if he did, he’d become really terrifying.
“Reincarnation intent! I want it!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu explosively. He accelerated and released even more vitality and will strength. Hou Qing Lin’s mind was trembling as ancient kings kept penetrating into his brain. Chu Chun Qiu released more vitality and will which surrounded, Hou Qing Lin. He couldn’t escape anymore!
“Dong!” Hou Qing Lin suddenly stopped. Since he couldn’t escape, he had no choice but to fight. His reincarnation strength turned into a hurricane. He started moving, and releasing sword strength too. His reincarnation strength surrounded Chu Chun Qiu, driving Chu Chun Qiu to reincarnate.
“I want your reincarnation strength!” Chu Chun Qiu shouted excitedly when he sensed the reincarnation strength. He released an endless stream of vitality and will, shaking the air. The reincarnation wind broke apart as a gigantic hand descended from the sky towards Hou Qing Lin.
Hou Qing Lin looked glum and a bit crazy. A vortex appeared around him, his strength dashed to the skies and rolled in waves towards Chu Chun Qiu.
Chu Chun Qiu was manically staring at him, and grunted icily. He didn’t dare absorb the reincarnation strength immediately. He used several sorts of strength to attack the reincarnation wind, hammering Hou Qing Lin. At the same time, Chu Chun Qiu didn’t stop, continuing to fly towards Hou Qing Lin.
Hou Qing Lin’s face turned deathly pale. He took a deep breath and released intent again. He hadn’t thought Chu Chun Qiu would ever attack him like this…
Chu Chun Qiu was getting closer and closer. Hou Qing Lin wasn’t happy, but he didn’t look scared, just angry. However, at that moment, a coffin appeared containing terrifying cyan lights. A hand emerged from the coffin and moved towards Hou Qing Lin. The cyan lights blotted out the sky.
When Chu Chun Qiu saw that, his face stiffened. However, he didn’t chase the coffin, he just stared at the cyan lights icily as they swept Ho Qing Lin away.
“World King Body. I’ll capture you someday too!” swore Chu Chun Qiu icily.

Hou Qing Lin and Lang Ye reappeared somewhere well out Chu Chun Qiu’s range. “Thank you very much, Lang Ye!” said Hou Qing Lin.
“It was just a slight effort. I’ve always known that Chu Chun Qiu was terrifying. I am from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, too. Now, we finally know he’s evil,” Lang Ye said calmly.
Hou Qing Lin nodded, “He’s definitely fearsome, talented and strong. He tried to attack me, which means he probably intends to attack other geniuses.”
“He probably won’t dare attack geniuses in front of everyone. Back in the days, the insane cultivator of the Chu Clan was aggressive and violent too, but he was more discreet. He had absorbed many strong cultivators’ strengths. Many Ancient Holy Clans wanted to kill him, and all because of him, the Chu Clan fell and was destroyed. I wouldn’t have thought an even scarier cultivator would emerge in the Chu Clan. Chu Chun Qiu knew he had to remain discreet,” Lang Ye said solemnly.
“Chu Chun Qiu is very dangerous. If you hadn’t helped, he would have killed me.”
“Before I left to travel alone, the elders of my clan warned me that the geniuses of the Chu Clan were dangerous. They were wise.” They were traveling and chatting at the same time. After some time, they arrived at the mountain range where Lin Feng had fled to, and landed near him.
“Brother, Lang Ye, how come you’re together?” asked Lin Feng, nodding at both of them. It was his clone. He was practicing cultivation with his real body inside his deployment spell.
“Lang Ye found me and saved me after Chu Chun Qiu tried to kill me. Lin Feng, you have to be very careful,” Hou Qing Lin warned Lin Feng. Since Chu Chun Qiu hadn’t hesitated to attack him, it meant that Chu Chun Qiu would also dare attack Lin Feng at some point, he was just waiting for an opportunity. Chu Chun Qiu was probably very interested in absorbing Lin Feng’s strength, since he had proved he was the most talented back at the Holy Spirit Dynasty.
When Lin Feng heard Hou Qing Lin, he was astonished and asked, “Chu Chun Qiu attacked you, brother?”
“Indeed, I bumped into him and he tried to absorb my strength using Sky Absorbing strength. Lang Ye rescued me. Chu Chun Qiu probably wants to absorb all the geniuses’ strength here in this mysterious world,” Hou Qing Lin nodded. Chu Chun Qiu was dangerous, Lin Feng had to understand that.
“Chu Chun Qiu!” Lin Feng was furious. He knew that Chu Chun Qiu absorbed people’s strength to become stronger. He also knew that he was very talented, but he initially didn’t care. But now Chu Chun Qiu had attacked Hou Qing Lin, it was the same as if he had been attacked personally, there was no difference!
“By the way, have you seen Meng Qing?” Hou Qing Lin asked Lin Feng. If Chu Chun Qiu bumped into Meng Qing, it would be a catastrophe!
“Yes, she’s already inside the deployment spell,” said Lin Feng, pointing at the illusion behind them. Hou Qing Lin was relieved.
In the distance, some people had noticed the deployment lights behind Lin Feng. They stared at Lin Feng icily; he had obtained the skeleton, they wouldn’t forget that!
When they saw Lin Feng and his friends, they didn’t dare act recklessly. Lin Feng saw more and more people gathering in the distance, but he kept calm.
“What should we do?” Lang Ye asked Lin Feng.
“There are many geniuses in the historical remains. But we still haven’t had a big battle. If we did, it’d be funny!” whispered Lin Feng. Lang Ye glanced at Lin Feng, thinking he was crazy. Lin Feng wanted to fight against all the geniuses directly?
“People from Goblin Spirit University,” Lang Ye pointed out. Lin Feng nodded. Prince Chen was there, too!
“Lin Feng, I’ve heard that you have the skeleton!. Since you were invited by the Tianci Dynasty, give it to me. The Tianci Dynasty will pay the price for it!” Prince Chen proposed loudly.
“I was invited by the Tianci Dynasty to come and explore historical remains, but nobody told me it was to give you treasures. Princess Piao Xue has never told me that, either. So I won’t give you anything!” replied Lin Feng indifferently.
Prince Chen frowned and smiled, “Lin Feng, I’m being nice, but you will encounter more and more people. Some of them won’t be as nice as me.”
“Don’t worry about me, Prince Chen,” Lin Feng answered mock-gratefully.
“You managed to sit on the Holy Imperial Throne on the Holy Way Stage in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. If you died, it would be a pity!” said Prince Chen, sounding colder and colder.
“Prince Chen, you are a prince! You have a high social status, if you died here, it’d be a pity!” was the instant comeback.
When Prince Chen heard Lin Feng’s taunt, he was furious and asked, “On the other day, Crazy Bull didn’t use his full strength against you, so you won, but what if he had?”
Crazy Bull slowly appeared and looked at Lin Feng grimly. “Lin Feng, I progressed a lot! Now, we’ll see if you can still compete with me!”
Lin Feng’s real body came out of the fog behind him. He looked at those people scornfully and said breezily, “Try and you’ll see!”
“Alright!” shouted Crazy Bull loudly. He released a terrifying bestial Qi, shaking the air about him, and charged ahead. Crazy Bull struck out as he rose into the air, dust billowing around him.

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