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PMG Chapter 2023: Carving Deployment Marks

PMG Chapter 2023: Carving Deployment Marks
Lin Feng ran forwards, his Holy Spirits turning into gigantic swords. He waved his hands, and the gigantic swords flared with light, the sun shining down upon them as they hummed with power.
Lin Feng stretched his finger out, and the swords merged into one. The Prince’s people started suffocating. Lin Feng moved his finger and his swords started destroying everything in their way.
The Sword intent surged to meet Crazy bull, whose face stiffened when he sensed the Sword intent. His heart started pounding. What a sharp sword intent, it could cut him apart! He didn’t have time to think of what to do, the sword was too fast!
“Argh!” he shouted desperately, a gigantic bull appearing and blotting out the sky. The gigantic sword began to distort, the air sealed with all those energies. However, it still seemed that nothing could stop that sword!
The gigantic bull roared and disappeared. Nothing could stop the sword! More and more bulls appeared and tried to block it. The gigantic bulls fused together into a single gigantic bull which lashed out at it.
Explosions rocked the sky. The gigantic sword and the gigantic bull dispersed. Crazy Bull dropped from the sky and landed on the ground. He looked at Lin Feng, who was still in the sky. There were several more swords suspended in front of Lin Feng. His heart began to pound. He remained silent for a few seconds and then said, “I wouldn’t have thought you were so strong. What is that spell you’re using? It’s from the Holy Spirit Dynasty!”
His Dao strength couldn’t stop the gigantic sword!
Prince Chen was surprised too. He knew perfectly well how strong Crazy Bull was, he was a fearsome Champion! Surprisingly, Lin Feng could compete with him!
In the distance, many other people had arrived. Prince Chen turned around to look at them, then he said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, you’re very strong, but you can’t fight alone against so many geniuses. You can’t protect the skeleton. We should join hands! Give it to me for now, and when we go back to the Dynasty, I will let you study it, you will be able to absorb some of its strength.”
“You want to take my item and then lend it to me, you think I’m stupid?” Lin Feng replied icily to Prince Chen.
“You want to bring about your own destruction,” said Prince Chen calmly. More and more strong cultivators were gathering and looking at the three of them.
“Lin Feng, give me the skeleton!” demanded Wang Jian icily. He was holding his spear and Qi spinning around him. Some people had died in the black hole because of Lin Feng, and they still didn’t know what that demon king was.
Princess Piao Xue had also arrived. When she saw the three cultivators at the top of the mountain, she was nervous. How brave! There were so many geniuses, yet Lin Feng didn’t mind, he looked calm and fearless.
“Lin Feng, you’re lucky, you have the potential to become a peerless cultivator, you have to understand that if you don’t hand the skeleton over though, you will definitely die.”
“He wants to die. We don’t need to be polite to him.”
People spoke up one after another. The wind howled past them, fluttering Lin Feng’s clothes. He looked quite calm and unimpressed, not nervous at all.
“Kill them!”
“Kill him and take the skeleton!”
People started releasing energies. They all looked at him icily.
Behind Wang Jian, many spears appeared, he looked even more ferocious and fierce.
Wang Jian started charging, his spears pointed at Lin Feng. It seemed like they could pierce through anything.
“Go!” Wang Jian’s spears streaked across the sky, diffusing ice-cold Qi, aimed at Lin Feng. Lang Ye also started moving. He raised both hands and dazzling cyan lights appeared, turning into a hole that bent the air and light around it. The spears looked extremely sharp. Lang Ye kept waving his hands, and when the spears penetrated into the cyan lights, it was as if they had broken in two and simply disappeared.
“World Empty Space!” Wang Jian grunted icily. More people rose up into the air. Lin Feng watched them grimly. He waved his hands, and a blade-sharp golden wind started blowing. Empty space deployment lights appeared everywhere.
Lin Feng stretched out his hands and used his celestial stage deployment spell, several mountains appearing.
“Since Lin Feng is not willing to cooperate, we don’t need to be polite to him! Kill him!” Prince Yan ordered at that moment calmly.
Several cultivators started flying towards Lin Feng. The earth and sky started resonating and shaking violently. Energies rose explosively to meet them. Fissures appeared in the mountains underneath Lin Feng.
Lin Feng looked at the crowd icily. A Holy Spirit appeared and moved into the celestial stage deployment spell, followed by several others. Lin Feng was surrounded by lights of wisdom.
Wang Jian grunted icily. His golden spears continued shooting out. However, even though they pierced through the Wisdom Kings, they didn’t destroy them!
Lin Feng released five more Holy Spirits. At the same time, his five Wisdom Kings surrounded the incoming crowd. Wisdom Kings appeared in their brains and their souls started trembling.
One more silhouette appeared, a Nine Netherworlds Demon King! He started singing, and the soundwave caused by the melodies pierced through their bodies, trying to control them!
“Move!” shouted Wang Jian. He frowned as more Qi rose, the swords also humming along. The sounds kept piercing through people’s ears.
The attackers realized it didn’t look good for them. Lin Feng’s deployment spells were incredible, and his strength kept gaining in intensity.
There were multiple explosions as Lin Feng attacked all those cultivators at the same time. Lang Ye and Hou Qing Lin landed on Lin Feng’s left and right. Lang Ye released world lights which, a few seconds later, spat out three corpses. Hou Qing Lin also released reincarnation strength, and even though he didn’t manage to kill enemies, he could at least prevent them from moving forwards.
Stars appeared and descended from the sky, shooting towards Lin Feng. The air became ice-cold around them, but Lin Feng ignored that, his hair fluttering in the wind, free and unrestrained. He released death Kalpa swords, which kept fusing together with the celestial stage deployment spell. Holy Spirits kept condensing in front of Lin Feng.
A gigantic sword slashed across the sky. The strong cultivators were stunned. They all used their most powerful attacks to stop it, but Lin Feng’s attack still killed someone, his head flying away.
A strong wind kept pushing against them. Lin Feng released World of the Living Imprints, fusing them with the celestial stage deployment spell. The combined energies surrounded the crowd. Lin Feng didn’t stop after having released World of the Living Imprints, he continued releasing Holy Spirit lights, and his sword continued humming ominously.
“Let’s move back,” said Lin Feng calmly. They slowly moved back into the fog of the deployment spell. He couldn’t kill those geniuses easily, but at least he could teach them a good lesson, and they wouldn’t forget how strong he was for a while.
“Boom boom!” The attackers converged on the celestial stage deployment spell. Even though Lin Feng had killed several people already, they were so furious that they didn’t want to let him off.
“Die, die, die!” Whistling sounds spread out as the crowd attacked. The strong cultivators wanted to attack Lin Feng and the two others, but realized that they were merely smiling icily back at them.
“Illusion, it’s a deployment spell again!”
“Go in, break the deployment spell, and kill them!” exclaimed Wang Jian, surging ahead. A dazzling armor appeared around him, and he condensed a spear and a shield, all in the blink of an eye.
They charged into the deployment spell. They were all really strong, all of them geniuses, and they didn’t fear the deployment spell.
Chu Chun Qiu was standing in the distance and calmly watching the battle. He didn’t go into Lin Feng’s deployment spell, as he knew perfectly well how powerful Lin Feng’s deployment spells were.

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