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PMG Chapter 2024: Collapsing Sky

PMG Chapter 2024: Collapsing Sky
In the fog of the deployment spell, the strong cultivators had the impression they were in a dream. Deployment lights kept twinkling and undulating around them, and they felt strength condense.
“Break!” Wang Jian shouted icily. He waved his hand, and his spears thrust into the ground. He leapt away as golden marks appeared on the ground. It was like the deployment marks were about to break.
“Sky Destroying Weapon!” Wang Jian shouted furiously. He summoned weapons, and at the same time he attacked all parts of the deployment spell. There were rumbles of defiance, the deployment spell sounded like it was going to explode.
The others also used powerful attacks against the deployment spell.
At that moment, a powerful Death intent rose up and started eating away at their life force!
“Hmph!” someone grunted icily. Someone rose higher and released explosive and dazzling lightning bolts all around. Purple lights assaulted the deployment spell as a strong wind started blowing.

Lin Feng was watching them coldly. All those people were all geniuses, relying solely on deployment strength to defeat them would be difficult.
Sword intent filled the air. The crowd saw millions of threads of light, raised their heads and shouted furiously.
However, the Death intent was also becoming ever more intense, their lives were being corroded. Faces started turning grey. Someone said icily, “We need to destroy the deployment spell as soon as possible, or we’ll die!”
“We can also kill him, I’ll use Star Dao to find Lin Feng inside the deployment spell!” someone spoke up. Dazzling Dao power filled the sky. A constellation appeared, and inside the deployment spell, people were suddenly marked by star imprints, including Lin Feng.
A destructive spear shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised by the move, but he released World of the Living Imprints to counter the attack.
“Freeze!” shouted someone icily. The death strength inside the deployment spell froze.
Lin Feng merely smiled coldly. The strong wind turned into a hurricane, and started moving out of the deployment spell.
“Get out of the deployment spell!” said Lin Feng. In a flash, Lang Ye, Hou Qing Lin, Meng Qing and he left the deployment spell. The enemies inside it lost track of him.
“Can the stars find him outside of the deployment spell?”
“The deployment spell contains illusion strength, the stars can find people inside. We can’t find him outside, all we have to do is break the deployment spell!” said the Star Dao controller. A terrifying great imperial strength emerged. The crowd was startled. Someone was using a Great Imperial Weapon! People didn’t care about anything else if they could get the skeleton!
Lin Feng looked at the deployment spell icily. He was furious. Surprisingly, someone dared use a Great Imperial Weapon!
Lin Feng took out his Celestial Evolution Chessboard, and his deployment spell started changing. Gigantic waves of energies gushed forth. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard became gigantic, and Lin Feng jumped atop it. His Death intent blotted out the sky and absorbed ever more power. At the same time, Lin Feng released two demon punches.
The strong wind roared violently. Lin Feng descended from the sky and penetrated into the demon spell, his demon punches striking out. The two gigantic punches were monstrously strong, and faces stiffened. They could sense that the death energies were becoming much stronger. At the same time, a death pattern was pressing down on them. Death lights twinkled around the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, and those trapped within looked increasingly desperate.
“Kill Lin Feng!” said someone icily. A gigantic black bell appeared, the Qi which emerged from it kept turning into threads of energies which looked like mahoragas. At the same time, Lin Feng released lightning, which fell onto them like a storm.
[Editor’s Note: A mahorga is a type of Buddhist earth deity.]
Lin Feng moved around, his silhouette kept twinkling here and there on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. Thunder rumbled darkly as death strength kept bearing down on the trapped men. They saw Lin Feng for a few seconds, he looked crazy as he used his Celestial Evolution Chessboard to even dodge their attacks!
Many of them were now surrounded by death Qi, and had the sensation they were losing control. Some of them started regretting having engaged in a battle with him, including the one with the Great Imperial Weapon.
Lin Feng released more Holy Spirit swords, and at the same time continued striking out with demon punches. He really wanted to kill these people, otherwise the same thing would happen over and over again. It would be too troublesome!
At that moment, Wang Jian took out a real spear. It was 33 chi long, and strength condensed around it.
{33 chi =~11 meters}
“Everybody, lend me your Imperial Weapons. We’ll see if we can break his Celestial Evolution Chessboard!” Wang Jian said icily. He stretched his hand, suddenly, the atmosphere became even more oppressive and lights dazzled.
“Monarchic Long Spear!” People started handing Wang Jian their weapons. An ominous strength started gathering. Lin Feng suddenly turned around on his Celestial Evolution Chessboard, rising up as the board began to hum beneath him.
In the deployment spell, all the Great Imperial Weapons condensed into a single gigantic sword, the atmosphere around it extremely domineering!
Even Lang Ye and the others sensed the terrifying strength. Lang Ye’s face changed and he said, “It’s a Monarchic Long Spear! Go into my Monarchic World Coffin!”
Lang Ye took out his world coffin, which descended from the sky. Lin Feng promptly took his Celestial Evolution Chessboard away, and jumped into the world coffin. Behind him, the air blew apart in a monstrous explosion. The deployment spell was torn apart as the world coffin disappeared. A light beam appeared and shot away into the sky.
The crowd was shaken. The geniuses had Great Imperial Weapons, but those were their trump cards, they usually didn’t use them. Even to steal the skeleton they hadn’t brought them out, because otherwise a great battle would have broken out, and the consequences could have been tragic. But now they had all taken out their Great Imperial Weapons to fight against Lin Feng!
However, the crowd didn’t even have time to be surprised, as the cyan lights dashed to the skies. Their hearts were pounding, the sky seemed about to collapse.
The world coffin appeared somewhere else. Lin Feng was sitting atop it. He saw the fissure in the sky. No wonder Ancestor Shi Tian had told him not to fight against Ji Chang. People from Ancient Holy Clans had powerful trump cards to protect their lives, but they could also use them to kill other people.
“The Monarchic Spear is also called the King of Weapons. It is extremely powerful, created by condensing many other weapons together. It has an overwhelming power,” murmured Lang Ye. At that moment, they were all looking at the hole in the sky. Crumbs kept falling from it, looking quite strange…
“The sky is collapsing. Maybe the Saints created this world back then?” wondered Lang Ye. He was astonished. Back then the Saints had fought a great war, had they created this place? What was going on?
And were the details only known to insiders? Who knew?
The sky kept falling apart. People stopped fighting and looked at the sky. An endless number of golden lights appeared up there, each such light curtain extremely sharp.
“There… it seems like there’s someone up there!” The crowd was astonished as they stared at the golden lights. Someone had appeared up there! A black stone had also appeared, chains attached to it.
“Chains!” Lin Feng started trembling. What was going on?
“Was a Saint, or several, bound here?” murmured someone. The crowd was stunned. That wasn’t really possible, was it? After the Saints’ battle, they had sealed this world, how come some people were bound here? And who was that person in chains? What was their cultivation level?

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