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PMG Chapter 2025: Ancient Saint?

PMG Chapter 2025: Ancient Saint?
“I have the impression that everyone is wrong,” murmured Lang Ye. Lin Feng and the others looked at him.
“Back then, the elders of my clan said that when you’re a saint, you become indestructible. Zun cultivators can use their blood to regenerate body parts. In the case of Saints, if they only have a drop of blood or a thread of soul left, they can survive. The only way to kill them is to destroy their soul so that it explodes into a million pieces, and that’s impossible. The Saints couldn’t possibly have sealed this world to die, there must be some behind-the-scenes story,” said Lang Ye gravely. Lin Feng and the others could only mutter to themselves at his words.
Lin Feng had seen the ancient battle with his own eyes. Even though all the Saints were injured in the end, the battle hadn’t ended. Had they really fallen? The ancestors had sealed this world for their descendants to come there every hundred years, it couldn’t possibly be because they wanted to kill themselves. It was simply impossible!
What was that chained entity? A terrifying demon?
“The Kasyapa Will which the skeleton contains might be the Kasyapa Saint’s Will. If I’m not mistaken, all the Saints had remorse and sealed that world, maybe they didn’t fight against one another, right? If the Saints didn’t fight against one another, who fought against the Kasyapa Saint?” Lin Feng mused. He looked at Lang Ye and said, “Lang Ye, if you had taken out the world coffin first, you would have been able to protect the skeleton.”
“Indeed, I think the same as you, that skeleton probably is the Kasyapa Saint. Who could have killed him to the point that he would have died and turned into a skeleton? I sensed his energies when I took it. However, it’s useless to me. I don’t need it. I want to see the other treasures. That skeleton will be more useful to others.”
“Maybe in this place, there aren’t real historical remains per se. Or maybe there are other places with real historical remains which belonged to the Saints.”
At that moment, Princess Piao Xue slowly walked up to Lin Feng. He looked at her and said, “Princess Piao Xue, don’t get too close to me.”
“They aren’t insane, they won’t dare attack me,” said Princess Piao Xue smiled.
Lin Feng nodded and asked, “Princess, have you ever heard of anything concerning this place in the Tianci Dynasty?”
Princess Piao Xue muttered to herself for a moment, looking thoughtful, before nodding and saying, “I have, actually. Many people have been to the historical remains, and each time, they see different things. We even have books in which people write some things.”
“Have you ever seen those books?” asked Lin Feng.
“I have,” Princess Piao Xue nodded. “It’s supposed to be a secret of our Dynasty, we’re not supposed to tell other people. The dark abysses, the chant valley, the emerald green forest, the golden mountain range, all those places are forbidden areas. The enchained spirits are envoys from Hell. This place might be the place I’ve been looking for.”
Lin Feng was startled. The Ancestors had already realized that there were demon kings in this place, not only in the black hole, but also in the other locations. But there weren’t really strong cultivators here, so if Wang Jian hadn’t used his Monarchic Spear, the sky wouldn’t have broken.
“Forbidden areas, so those forbidden areas might be places where the Saints have left historical vestiges, like the black hole.”
“Maybe,” Princess Piao Xue nodded.
Lin Feng glanced upwards, just as the gigantic enchained silhouette opened its eyes. His soul shook. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to be paralyzed if he looked at those eyes!
If that creature was as strong as the creature in the black hole, one breath and he could kill all of them!
There was an ear-splitting crack of thunder, the very space shook, more fissures in the sky appeared, and the chains vibrated madly as the wind howled.
“Oh no, let’s go!” said Lin Feng. His expression changed. Their group dove down and flew off into the distance.
The others also realized that something wrong was going on. If they stayed, they might die!
The violent windstorm was more and more intense and oppressive, the thunder rolling every louder. The earth and sky truly shaking violently.
Lin Feng turned around. The growing whirlwind was terrifying, nobody could escape from it.
“Get into the world coffin again!” said Lang Ye. The group of friends jumped into the world coffin and Lang Ye closed it, before streaking across the sky and disappeared from there. The other strong cultivators also used their Great Imperial Weapons to escape as quickly as they could!
An extremely loud voice roared out and made the sky shake. More fissures appeared in the sky, light shining through them as shattering sounds filled the air. The chains kept shaking and vibrating.
Inside the black hole, something roared violently in response. More shattering sounds spread out, the rattle of the second pair of chains joining the first. People raised their heads, watching the chains keep vibrating. Those chains could bind even space and light, but now…?
Lin Feng and the others arrived somewhere else. That world seemed to be isolated from the rest of the cosmos, a world which couldn’t handle chaotic situations.
“Princess, when geniuses come every hundred years, apart from the few authentic forbidden areas, have they talked about other historical remains?” Lin Feng asked Piao Xue.
Piao Xue was surprised. She had not thought of that. People had been coming to the world for a long time, and they had probably inspected the most ordinary places already, but maybe some uninhabited places had been completely forgotten.
“Relying on our strength, we can’t obtain historical remains anyway,” said Piao Xue smiled wryly.
“However, back in the days when the Saints sealed the area, maybe that they were scared of something. I have the feeling that it could have something to do with the chained creatures. If those people break free, we might very well be doomed. I don’t think those people could be the Saints, the Saints wouldn’t have bound themselves,” Lin Feng conjectured. The Ancestor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty had transmitted memories to Lin Feng and he had told him about “it”… What was “it”? Maybe it had something to do with the enchained people?
The wind moaned. Lin Feng turned around and saw a silhouette had somehow appeared behind him.
It was an old man. Lin Feng had seen him before, it was the old man who had appeared around the black hole. What was he doing here?
“You want to know the truth?” the old man finally asked. Lin Feng was startled, but nodded, “Master, if you can tell us, please do!”
“Come with me and you’ll understand,” said the old man pointing off in a direction. “The Saints couldn’t have died that easily.”
Lin Feng was intrigued. His friends and he glanced at one another and nodded, and followed the old man.
The mysterious old man took them to an altar, with pillars on both sides. There was a flight of stairs in front of it. A silhouette was seated cross-legged in front of the altar. That person had no life Qi, it was impossible to detect their presence.
Lin Feng stared at the mysterious silhouette, remaining vigilant.
The silhouette suddenly opened its eyes and looked at Lin Feng and the others, “A hundred years have passed again.”
“Who are you, Master?” Lin Feng asked suspiciously.
“Saint Tianhun, have you ever heard that name?” replied the old man evenly. Princess Piao Xue was astonished and frowned. The old man looked at her and smiled, “You’ve heard about me?”
“The ancestor of the Celestial Soul Dynasty! Are you really Saint Tianhun?”
“Celestial Soul Dynasty?” repeated the old man, and asked, “The Celestial Soul Dynasty must have been created by my descendants, are they all right?”
“They disappeared a long time ago…” replied Princess Piao Xue.
“Oh…” the Saint sighed. He looked extremely sad.
“Master, what are those enchained creatures? What happened at the end of the Saints’ war in the ancient days?” asked Princess Piao Xue.
Saint Tianhun smiled and said, “Little girl, the enchained creatures are evil spirits. We sealed this world because of them. For that, we had to pay the price. Many of us died because of them. As for me, I had practiced broken soul strength, so I managed to stay alive.”
When Lin Feng heard Saint Tianhun, he was astonished. Evil spirits? Lin Feng found it hard to believe. He had heard the Ancestor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he had told him that “it” had caused trouble. Saint Tianhun didn’t mention “it” at all, he was talking about evil spirits?!

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