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PMG Chapter 2026: The Gigantic Foot in the Valley

PMG Chapter 2026: The Gigantic Foot in the Valley
“Master, why did all the Saints fight a great war in the old days?” Lin Feng asked calmly.
Saint Tianhun looked at Lin Feng and replied, “We disagreed on many things, but we hadn’t thought that the evil spirits would attack us at some point. The Qi Tian Dynasty was so powerful that we could have easily killed them, we wouldn’t have just sealed this world. Now, they are starting to recover. If they break free, you will notice it quite quickly.”
Lin Feng immediately understood that Saint Tianhun was lying. He wasn’t sure that person was really Saint Tianhun.
“Master, why do you want our younger generation to come here?” asked Lin Feng.
“We need your help. I need to recover, those five pillars can activate the altar, you can stand on the one in the middle, the others can stand on the four other pillars. Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous for you,” said Saint Tianhun slowly.
Lin Feng nodded and said, “Alright.” Then, he said to Lang Ye and the others telepathically, “If anything is wrong, we must escape immediately.”
Lang Ye and the others understood. They all listened to the orders, Lin Feng walked to the pillar in the middle, next to the old man, while Lang Ye and the others jumped onto pillars.
“Is this okay, Master?” asked Lin Feng asked Saint Tianhun.
“Yes, thank you very much,” Saint Tianhun smiled. He released soul strength, which moved straight to the altar. However, at that moment, Lin Feng suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of Saint Tianhun.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng while releasing death sword strength. At the same time, his sword Holy Spirit pierced through Saint Tianhun’s head, the Death intent corroding his body.
Saint Tianhun was stupefied, he suddenly raised a hand which had turned black, trying to catch Lin Feng.
“Let’s go!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. Lang Ye’s expression changed drastically. At the same time, the old man reappeared in front of him. Lang Ye could only retreat.
At the same time, Saint Tianhun activated the altar. Two light beams illuminated him and Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he was being teleported.
“Why did you do that?” asked Saint Tianhun, staring icily at Lin Feng.
“You keep lying,” replied Lin Feng grimly. He immediately released sword strength and cut into the old man’s hand.
Saint Tianhun? Even if it was really a Saint, so what? Lin Feng didn’t want to lose his body.
Saint Tianhun’s Qi kept shaking as if he were about to die. “I’ll take your body!”
A powerful strength penetrated into Lin Feng’s brain. Lin Feng’s face stiffened. He released Holy Spirits strength which bombarded the altar, tearing it apart, and then ran away.
“Die!” shouted Saint Tianhun furiously. Lin Feng had the sensation his soul was going to explode. He released his five Wisdom Kings to protect his soul, as his Godly Awareness Palace also appeared. At the same time, death strength surged back to counter the attack. Saint Tianhun’s soul strength weakened a lot. However, it didn’t disperse and continued vibrating in Lin Feng’s brain.

Saint Tianhun was furious. It was difficult for him to recover, and now Lin Feng had almost crushed him! Saint Tianhun looked ferocious. His Qi was still surrounding Lin Feng.
“Go!” shouted Saint Tianhun. In a flash, his soul strength raged out and sheered through the air, heading for Lin Feng.
At that moment, the old man’s face stiffened, he went back to the altar and knelt down before it respectfully. “Master, I failed.”
“It has nothing to do with you. Use some spirits to capture him. He can’t die. We must capture him alive,” said Saint Tianhun icily. Many spirits emerged from his mouth, and at the same time, many evil spirits in the historical remains received the same orders.
“Yes, Master,” said the old man. He ignored Lang Ye and the others, they were escaping. He just chased after Lin Feng.

Lin Feng jumped into his boat and fled. Soul strength kept following him.
It might be Saint Tianhun, but now he needs a body, thought Lin Feng angrily. He had injured Saint Tianhun, the consequences were too dreadful to contemplate. Saint Tianhun hadn’t expected Lin Feng would use a talisman to escape, however.
How fast. Surprisingly, he’s a little bit faster than my boat, thought Lin Feng, pulling a long face. Saint Tianhun couldn’t travel far for some reason, obviously he had to stay near the altar. Lin Feng took out a Great Imperial Weapon and flames appeared everywhere around him… and he saw the soul strength move right through it. After a few seconds, Lin Feng decided not to use his Great Imperial Weapon to stop the attack.
“Lin Feng!” At that moment, someone was startled to see Lin Feng. Then he saw the soul strength chasing Lin Feng and smiled coldly.
Lin Feng released death strength, and a dozen Holy Spirit gigantic swords appeared.
The person’s expression changed drastically. An ancient bell appeared and swung at Lin Feng, ringing loudly. Lin Feng smiled coldly. He took out a talisman and threw it. As it exploded, Lin Feng teleported himself, reappearing behind that man, whose face changed drastically again. The ancient bell came sweeping towards Lin Feng, who turned around and released sword energies, cutting apart the man.
Lin Feng didn’t stop though, jumping onto his boat again and continued his escape. The crowd on the ground sensed that he was extremely strong, and that they couldn’t stop him.
That soul strength is really powerful. Lin Feng can’t escape, thought some of them, their eyes glittering. Lin Feng just continued his escape. He flew towards a mountain range, and saw many buildings there. The soul spear continued chasing him though. It would not disappear until it reached him.
Saint Tianhun was still seated cross-legged by the altar, his eyes closed. He was forming some hand seals and chanting, and the soul spear was changing. Lin Feng sensed that some strength was fusing together with the soul strength.
He controls it perfectly, thought Lin Feng, annoyed. He couldn’t use Great Imperial Weapons to stop it, and his enemy could also control it even from thousands of kilometers away. Lin Feng couldn’t use his own soul to fight against it, it was too dangerous.
At that moment, a sound pierced through Lin Feng’s eardrums, and his mind shook. He gazed into the distance and saw a mountain range. An invisible and intangible strength surrounded it. The sounds came from there.
“There’s someone!” Lin Feng saw someone in a valley. He had to be vigilant…
That must be… Chant Valley!, thought Lin Feng with a frown. He accelerated, and the soul spear accelerated too. Lin Feng dove into the valley.
“There’s music!” Lin Feng shivered. He had to protect his soul above anything else. He continued diving towards the mountain. Some people outside were stupefied after noticing it was Lin Feng.
The terrifying spear suddenly stopped in front of the mountain.
“Since you want to die, I’ll help you. It’s such a pity though, you have a perfect body,” said the Saint back by the altar icily. He condensed his soul strength even more, it turned into a gigantic spear and shot towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was startled, but continued racing forwards. He had to rely on the strength of the mountain to help him. Otherwise, that soul spear would continue chasing him forever.
The music grew louder, and Lin Feng’s soul started to shake. The soul spear also kept dispersing as it collided with the soundwaves.
The music is getting louder and louder, thought Lin Feng. His soul shook more and more violently, but the soul spear was being destroyed too!
At that moment, inside Chant Valley, Ji Chang, He Can, Yin Gu Tian, and some people from the Qin Dynasty were gathered about a gigantic foot. The foot was oppressive, and the music wasn’t that loud there.
“We found something! He Can, you’re amazing. You found this place!” Prince Qin complimented him. This was his Ancestor’s vestige! Unfortunately, he had probably died. There was still a gigantic foot left behind, however.
“It’s all thanks to your talent and our luck. After all, my destiny technique isn’t almighty,” said He Can quietly.
Prince Qin nodded and replied, “No matter what, we found my Ancestor’s historical remains. I’ve heard how dangerous it is here, I hope we won’t have any problem here.”

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