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PMG Chapter 2027: Dialogue

PMG Chapter 2027: Dialogue
Prince Qin looked at the gigantic foot, which contained a foreboding Qi. He had read about things like this in books he had found in the Qin Dynasty, and the Qin Dynasty used some techniques which used such a Qi.
Prince Qin stretched out his hand and tried to take the foot into his ring. However, the foot didn’t move. It was too gigantic and heavy. He glanced around, they could still hear the music a little bit…
The others were stupefied when they saw that Prince Qin couldn’t take the foot.
In the distance, they heard the wind whistling of something moving quickly, and then they saw Lin Feng.
Lin Feng was borrowing the strength of the valley to weaken the soul chasing him. He was startled when he saw Ji Chang and the others in front of him.
“Lin Feng!” Ji Chang’s eyes twinkled. He slowly rose up into the air and his Qi rolled out towards Lin Feng.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng icily. Ji Chang grunted icily and punched out. His punch contained Destructive Dao, it was every bit as oppressive as before, smashing into Lin Feng’s sword energies. However, even though the earth and sky seemed about to collapse, Lin Feng’s sword continued slashing forwards!
Cyan Dragon Totems appeared, and Ji Chang condensed more Destructive Dao. Lin Feng countered by taking out a talisman and continued moving towards Ji Chang.
“Die!” Ji Chang shouted furiously, thunder rolling with the force of his attack. Lin Feng had the sensation his brain was going to explode. Lin Feng broke another talisman at that moment and disappeared.
Terrifying energies shrieked. Ji Chang’s soul trembled as he saw the gigantic soul spear. It had weakened a lot, but it was still terrifying, everything turning black around it.

“Bastard!” Saint Tianhun was furious. He realized he couldn’t capture Lin Feng anymore.

The spear altered course towards Ji Chang and suddenly Ji Chang realized he was in  grave danger.
“Lin Feng!”
Ji Chang hated Lin Feng. He had failed to harm him, and the spear which had been chasing Lin Feng was now shooting towards him. He released Cyan Dragon Totems which turned into a gigantic dragon. Destructive Dao filled the air around him as well, rumbling and exploding as it fought against the advance of the spear. The spear continued moving towards his head. It wasn’t as powerful as before, but was still moving!
After breaking the talisman, Lin Feng appeared above the foot. World strength appeared and surrounded the foot. Prince Qin looked at the foot, only to see it disappear in front of him. Only a silhouette remained.
Ji Chang was smashed towards Prince Qin. Prince Qin shouted furiously, slapping Ji Chang away hard. Ji Chang coughed up blood and his face turned deathly pale. Prince Qin raced after Lin Feng.
Yin Gu Tian and He Can were astonished and looked at the blood on the ground. Ji Chang was badly injured!
Poor Ji Chang!, thought Yin Gu Tian. Prince Qin had seen Lin Feng steal the big foot, then they had only heard the moaning of the wind. He was so furious, he had attacked Ji Chang and injured him!
Ji Chang stood up, shaking violently, and furious beyond measure.
“Argh!” Ji Chang shouted violently, like an animal, he immediately attacked one of Prince Qin’s guards. The guard was stunned. However, Ji Chang was lucky he was a Champion, as even if that guard was strong, he couldn’t do anything against Ji Chang.
At that moment, Ji Chang was really furious, he released Destructive Dao which exploded out. The enemy’s veins exploded. Ji Chang then smashed his face, and the guard’s head exploded, blood gushed out and pieces of brains splashing everywhere.
The two other guards pulled a long face. They stared at Ji Chang icily. Ji Chang was humiliating Prince Qin!
Ji Chang promptly attacked them and crushed them. Yin Gu Tian and He Can gulped when they saw that. They were now frightened of Ji Chang. He was a Champion! Even though he had been defeated by Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu, he was still a genius, and a high-level genius at that!
Lin Feng continued flying across the valley. The music was getting louder and louder. Maybe he was going to bump into an enchained creature…
He suddenly felt strength building beneath him, strong enough to kill. He shivered, and the invisible and intangible strength passed under his feet.
Lin Feng felt very cold. More strength rose up in the air in front of him.
Another huge foot appeared in front of Lin Feng. More strength emerged from it, it was extremely formidable.
I got the left foot, now there’s the right foot. Do they belong to a saint?, thought the stunned Lin Feng. He was very vigilant, as he could still hear the music. However, Lin Feng still landed at the base of the foot, he tried to lift it with raw strength, but it was extremely heavy. He could only make it shake a little bit.
If I don’t use the world of my spirit, I can’t take it, thought Lin Feng. He released his spirit world strength, it surrounded the foot, and whisked it away.
The song continued about him. The soundwaves looked like a deadly river, strong enough to kill people.
Lin Feng’s face stiffened. He swiftly took out the foot again and placed it in front of him, but it was too late, the river still passed next to him.

Prince Qin was chasing Lin Feng. He had also arrived, but the soundwaves pierced through his ears painfully. He pulled a long face and moved back.
A terrifying strength emerged in front of him as he grimaced. Energies swirled about him. He jumped aside, but more strength was converging on him. Prince Qin suddenly looked desperate and shouted furiously, “No!…”
The soundwaves pierced through his body. His face turned grey and then he exploded, his blood flying everywhere. Scarlet blood twinkled in the sun.

Lin Feng was hiding behind the foot. The scene had taken place behind him, and he had seen it all. The Chant Valley was dangerous, it was a forbidden area after all, and he was still nervous. The soundwaves were not that intense thanks to the foot, otherwise, they would flowed far away.
Lin Feng realized how terrifying the place actually was.
At that moment, Lin Feng pulled a long face. He understood that if he strayed a bit too far, he’d end up like Prince Qi, and the soundwaves would kill him.
In the depths of the valley, an enchained silhouette appeared. At that moment, he suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were silver and he looked ferocious.
“Little boy!” said a voice at that moment, resonating in Lin Feng’s brain.
Lin Feng twitched. He remained silent and didn’t hear the voice again. Lin Feng asked, “Are you talking to me?”
“Indeed, little boy,” said the voice. Lin Feng realized that the soundwaves around him had suddenly weakened.
There’s really someone there!, thought Lin Feng, trying to hide his astonishment. Was it another enchained creature?
“Master, how may I help you?” asked Lin Feng.
The voice said, “Come and help me. You won’t die here. I will also offer you a Saint’s body.”
“A Saint’s body?” Lin Feng shivered. The two feet really belonged to a Saint, it seemed. Who was the enchained person then? How come there were so many terrifying creatures here?
“I already stopped the soundwaves. Come. I will do what I told you. I won’t deceive a little boy like you” said the voice. Lin Feng laughed at himself. He was already quite strong and someone had called him a little boy, but he really felt very small in front of such people.
Lin Feng took away the foot and his silhouette flickered. He flew into the depths of the valley, wondering if he was going to see a powerful ancient creature?

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