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PMG Chapter 2028: Dangerous Game

PMG Chapter 2028: Dangerous Game
Ji Chang, He Can, and the others arrived outside the valley after escaping. When the music stopped, they turned around in dread.
“Lin Feng and Prince Qin must be both dead,” said Yin Gu Tian, staring at the valley.
Ji Chang said icily, “If Prince Qin is dead, good for him. However, it’d be a pity if Lin Feng was dead.”
“Ji Chang, I thought you wanted Lin Feng to die,” He Can said to Ji Chang.
“I want to kill him myself. He’s a genius, it would be a pity if he died in the valley,” said Ji Chang. He almost felt sad for Lin Feng. He hated him, but Lin Feng was famous and extremely strong. Even though Ji Chang hated and had been humiliated by Lin Feng, he admired him for his talent. He hoped to fight against him again someday. If Lin Feng had just died in the valley, then it would never come to pass!

At that moment, Lin Feng was traveling across the valley. Finally, he arrived in front of an enchained silhouette. His hair was messy, and his face was silver. Even though he was bound, his Qi was still unbelievable. Lin Feng had the impression he was facing a king.
Lin Feng looked around, and saw two gigantic hands and a gigantic cauldron. The only thing which protected the area was the music.
“Saint’s hands?” Lin Feng shivered and stared at the trapped man. “Master, how may I help you?”
“I’ve been waiting for so long… Little boy, you’re lucky, you’ve obtained two feet, and now you can take these two hands and the cauldron. That way, you’ll have obtained the whole body of the Saint. For you, these items must be precious. The Saint wasn’t a mere emperor. With the body of an emperor, you just deserve to be called a cultivator. A Saint’s body, however, is incredible, it’s the body of someone who has transcended worldliness and attained holiness,” the man said to Lin Feng.
Lin Feng remained silent. To this man, a emperor barely deserved the right to be called a cultivator.
A Saint’s body was complete!
Lin Feng glanced at the hands and the cauldron and looked at the strong cultivator. “Does the Saint’s body prevent you from doing anything?”
“Of course, it oppresses my strength. You can take it away,” replied the silver-eyed cultivator.
Lin Feng understood that he was too weak to negotiate. That strong cultivator just had to exhale and he could kill Lin Feng. Besides, taking the Saint’s body was a great thing for him!
Lin Feng whisked away the hands and the cauldron. The silver-eyed cultivator raised his head and took a deep breath. He looked extremely happy.
“Thank you very much, little boy. Now, things should change here,” said the strong cultivator. He sounded like an ancient person. He took a deep breath and suddenly, more soundwaves condensed, and dashed to the skies.
“Come out, dear friends!” said the bound man. The soundwaves thrummed and echoed far away. The music could be heard everywhere in the area.
Many people raised their heads after hearing the soundwaves above their heads, and had the sensation they were going to collapse. How oppressive! They felt so tiny…
The terrifying soundwaves spread across hundreds of kilometers, and moved towards the hole in the sky. Golden pieces kept falling from the sky. A strong cultivator in the golden lights opened his eyes, the orbs shining with light.
Finally, after so many years, they were recovering!
The soundwaves continued spreading. They moved into the black hole, it seemed about to collapse. The cultivator in the black hole raised his head, his eyes ice-cold.
In the emerald-green forest, the golden mountains, the ice world… the soundwaves kept spreading, and all the historical remains started shaking violently. Those who were in the historical remains were shocked. The evil spirits in the historical remains also started trembling.
Outside of the historical remains, many waiting emperors who were waiting gazed into the distance. Many geniuses had already died, how many more would die? How many people would obtain ancient treasures?
Geniuses of every generation went to the historical remains. Many of them had the impression it wasn’t worth it, but at the same time, many geniuses really wanted to try because if they obtained anything, it was something incredible. If they did, it was also great for their Dynasties!
The people who were waiting outside looked calm. They knew that the geniuses wouldn’t come out of the historical remains that quickly.
Explosions began to shake the air and interrupted the soundwaves. They all opened their eyes and stared at the entrances of the historical remains.
“What’s going on?”
Those just watching shivered as the thunder seemed to spread. Had a great battle started?
A gigantic hole appeared in the side of the mountain, and a new world appeared. The people were astonished. Had the entities the Saints sealed had just been released?
What happened?, thought the shaken watchers.
“Quick, inform the Holy Emperors and the elders!”
“Tell them to come!”
People were panicking. The creatures of the historical remains had surprisingly broken free. It meant that this world could also be connected to the outside world.
“This world has broken apart?” The Holy Spirit Dynasty received the news, people were trembling. It was the second astonishing thing that had had happened in such a short time. The previous time was because of Lin Feng!
“Has it broken apart?” The Tianci Dynasty also received the news.
“My son died, the world of the historical remains has broken apart, I really want to see what’s going on inside!” said a voice in the Qin Dynasty.
Qi Tian Holy Town started bursting into motion. All the Dynasties dispatched people to the historical remains.
At that moment, in the world of the historical remains, the people there were stunned. The most surprised person in the world of the historical remains was probably Lin Feng, however. His eyes were glittering. He was staring at the strength rolling through the sky. He had never thought that taking the Saint’s body would have such consequences. He had taken a big risk!
At the broken altar, Saint Tianhun shivered. He had chased Lin Feng, Lin Feng had gone to the valley, and now something big was happening, was that the will of Heaven?
He was grim. For him, all this wasn’t a good thing. He finally had the opportunity to gain a body, and in the end he failed.
Chu Chun Qiu killed another strong cultivator at that moment, and then the ground started shaking. He sighed, knowing it wouldn’t be easy to kill more people now. Otherwise, everybody would attack him. He recalled his Qi, and the sense of evil about him faded away. He knew that if he wasn’t discreet, people wouldn’t be nice to him. He also knew that after breaking through to the Di Qi layer, things would get easier. He had not managed to absorb a king-type body yet!
Some new people started coming into the world of the historical remains, and very quickly they bumped into geniuses who told them the news.
A strong cultivator landed on the ground and asked, “What happened? Have the Saints appeared?”
“We don’t know. We haven’t seen the historical remains. We only saw a skeleton, which was taken by Lin Feng. Then, we ended up in a dark hole and there was a terrifying demon within, it might have been a saint.”
“Bring me to the demon in the dark hole,” ordered the leader of the new group. By the time they arrived, the black hole had already exploded, turning into a gigantic crater. The terrifying demon raised his head and looked up at them icily.

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  1. N0n2 August 31, 2018 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    Does anyone remember what level the ghost was in the cave with the purple pool and dragon skeleton? Was that he zun or an emperor?

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      He was at zun qi layer.

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    Facepalm, he didn’t realise that taking the body would have such huge consequences? Seriously?! He blatantly told him it was suppressing him! Duh! Thus removing it means freeing him? How dumb is the mc? This reminds of the time he moved the freaking statue and caused the deaths of thousands when Yan Di invaded with his fire wolves!

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