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PMG Chapter 2029: Saint’s Body

PMG Chapter 2029: Saint’s Body
When the group saw the demon king’s eyes, they were terrified. Who was that? They couldn’t even see this cultivator’s cultivation level.
“Argh…” the terrifying monster roared in a thundering rage. A gigantic black hand appeared above him.
“Let’s go!” The strong cultivators shot up into the sky, lights glittered. However, grinding explosions threw back their power. The stronger cultivators made some hand seals.
“Pfew…” a loud sound emerged from the gigantic crater, and a black light surrounded the group of people.
An elder’s face turned deathly pale and he waved, “Let’s go!”
The group of people quickly fled.

In a distant place, the group of people gathered with some others, all of them pulling a long face. “What’s going on? Why are those enchained cultivators so strong? They just have to exhale, and even their breath contains a terrifying strength!”
“And are there more there? Like in the books, the demon king of the dark abysses, Chant Mountain, the Death forbidden area… if those people break free, they might destroy Qi Tian Holy Town, but who are they?”
“They are not Saints. I just want to know what really happened back then, the behind-the-scenes story. And where are the Saints?”
“Where are the Saints?”
They all looked around. Were the Saints still alive?
The voices spread far away. The evil spirits didn’t dare come out, all rushing towards the altar. Saint Tianhun was there, his eyes gleaming.
“The Celestial Soul Dynasty doesn’t exist anymore, nobody listens to my orders,” muttered Saint Tianhun. He wasn’t as strong as in the past anymore, and his descendants had been killed. If other Dynasties knew he existed, they wouldn’t listen to his orders, they had to cooperate with one another.
Now, he needed a body, like the little boy who had tried to kill him.
He took a deep breath, the evil spirits looked scared. However, they couldn’t stop Saint Tianhun. They existed thanks to him. They absorbed people to become stronger. If Saint Tianhun absorbed them, they wouldn’t be able to resist.
Many evil spirits were drawn towards Saint Tianhun, and he started absorbing them quickly. His Qi became more and more powerful. The old man was still next to him, on his knees. He looked solemn and respectful. He was the strongest evil spirit, he had absorbed many spirits and people. His body even looked real, and his mental abilities were advanced. Even Lin Feng had thought he was a real human being. However, if Saint Tianhun wanted to absorb him, he couldn’t do anything about it, either.
More people arrived in the distance. Some people landed in front of the altar, watching Saint Tianhun as he absorbed all the spirits.
After a short time, Saint Tianhun had absorbed all the spirits except the old man. Saint Tianhun opened his eyes and looked at the people who had arrived.
“If we were in the old days, you wouldn’t dare do that, I’d slap you and you’d die,” said Saint Tianhun icily.
The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was astonished. “How arrogant, who are you?”
“Saint Tianhun.”
The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was astonished. He looked at the old man and at Saint Tianhun. Impossible!
“The Saints fell during the battle of the old days and sealed this world. How could you be a Saint? Your Qi is so weak!” said the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty icily.
“You’re a Holy Great Emperor, you know how difficult it is to kill people like you, almost impossible! But us Saints, even if we only have a drop of blood left, or a small thread of soul, a small thread of vitality and will, we can come back to life. To kill a Saint, you need to attack their soul and make it explode into a million pieces. It is almost impossible, and not all the Saints died during the war. In the end, there must always be someone left. Did you think all the Saints had died?” asked Saint Tianhun.
The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was stupefied. He had also had doubts about that in the past. Saint Tianhun’s explanation made sense.
“Can you prove you’re a Saint?” the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty pressed.
“Look carefully,” said Saint Tianhun. A light penetrated into the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty’s third eye. He saw the memories, and was astonished.
Some Saints were still alive! The Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty was confused. There were Saints, but they weren’t as strong as in the past.
“Get down!” shouted the Holy Emperor explosively. He had landed on a pillar, but now he jumped off it, landing on the ground and bowing before Saint Tianhun. “I’m Qin Gan from the Qin Dynasty. A pleasure to meet you, Saint Tianhun.”
“Alright,” Saint Tianhun nodded.
Qin Gan continued, “Saint Tianhun, you must feel lonely here. You are one of our ancestors, since you were a Saint of the ancient Dynasty, please come to the Qin Dynasty if you wish.”
“Haha, you’re right, Brother Qi Gan! Qi Tian Holy Town is made of Dynasties which used to be one in the old days. Since Saint Tianhun is from the old days, he’s also an ancestor for the Great Desert Dynasty! You can come and rest in the Great Desert Dynasty if you wish. We will do all we can to help you!” said the Holy Emperor of the Great Desert Dynasty who had just arrived.
“Mo Xiao.” Qin Gan’s eyes glittered. A Saint was still alive. He wasn’t strong yet so everybody wanted to recruit him.
Saint Tianhun’s eyes twinkled and he said, “I’m badly injured. I need a body. Help me find a perfect body, a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer. I liked one, but unfortunately he went to Chant Valley. I don’t know whether he’s alive or not,” said Saint Tianhun, he waved his hand and Lin Feng’s image appeared. Qin Gan and Mo Xiao’s eyes glittered. Lin Feng!
“I’ll dispatch people to look for him.” Qin Gan waved and people’s silhouettes flickered. They immediately left to go and search for people. The Holy Emperor of the Great Desert Dynasty didn’t want to seem weaker, he also dispatched people. They didn’t leave to search themselves, opting to stay here.
Saint Tianhun closed his eyes. He looked detached from worldly affairs. He knew why those people were staying here.
“Master, are there other Saints left alive?” asked Qin Gan.
“I’m not sure. Even if they’re not dead, even if some of them are still alive, they must be as strong as me or almost dead. Have you seen the evil spirits? They’re really strong. They sealed this world,” said Saint Tianhun calmly. The two Holy Emperors’ hearts quickened. Ancient evil spirits?
Lin Feng had already left Chant Valley, and was some distance away. Now and then, he saw some strong cultivators. He had taken big risks. The passages between this world and the world outside were surprisingly open now. The soundwave strength was truly terrifying. People were astonished.
Lin Feng arrived at a mountain range. He found a cave, entered, and sat down cross-legged. He released spirit strength, which surrounded him as he entered his small world.
Lin Feng was stunned when he arrived. According to the enchained cultivator, the cauldron was the Saint’s body. It had just transformed. The two feet and hands were with the cauldron there and were connected. He had obtained the whole body!
The strong cultivator hadn’t fooled him. Lin Feng was standing in front of a gigantic Saint’s body! The Qi around it was awe-inspiring.
“His physical body reacted on its own!” Lin Feng shivered. He had put that body in his small world, and in there, it had turned into a full and intact body. The pressure around it was dreadful. The Saints who had fallen were all incredibly strong!
Saint Tianhun is also a Saint, but his body is weaker. Maybe that Saint Tianhun died and then came back to life?, wondered Lin Feng. After all, Saint Tianhun controlled soul strength…
Lin Feng walked up to the body, so gigantic and spectacular. He uttered in a low voice, “Master, are you still conscious?”
If he had no consciousness anymore, how could he have turned into a full body? How could he oppress the peerless demon music?
The Saint sighed. Lin Feng trembled, staring at the gigantic Saint. Did the Saint still have a consciousness?

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    What a cliffhanger man. I hope this dude is bound to help Lin Feng or the other lying saint is gonna kill him.

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    The saint will be Lin Feng master and protector for a while that’s my guess

  5. AaronH August 31, 2018 at 3:49 pm - Reply

    Can we all accept that this WHOLE issue is Lin Feng’s fault? He went into the well, awoke baddie #1, the people fighting him broke the sky, waking baddie #2, and he removed the dampener on the spirits music awakening baddies #3 through #??.
    Usually he’s the smart guy but he was pretty stupid this time

    • payback August 31, 2018 at 5:30 pm - Reply

      Well in chapter 2025 the Princess said: “The dark abysses, the chant valley, the emerald green forest, the golden mountain range, all those places are forbidden areas. The enchained spirits are envoys from Hell” so basically they knew of the enchained spirits beforehand => Lin Feng didnt awoken them. You can only blame him for taking the saints body, but considering it was a life and death situation for him he had to take it (btw the Prince tried to take the foot too, so if he had succeeded he apparently would take the rest too like Lin Feng). And ofc i guess the Holy emperors are at fault too, they knew about the existence of “it” but they did not tell him/them anything about it, letting them ran into the open knife
      But just wait maybe they are no bad guys hurr durr

    • Jojo August 31, 2018 at 9:08 pm - Reply

      Lmao. How can he be “stupid” if he didn’t know what was going to happen? I don’t know what you’re going on about it being his fault, but he’s usually always the root cause of something happening. He even unsealed the three lives demon back then.
      He can’t be smart about anything if he knows nothing, right? How do you know they are baddies, maybe they’ll come to like Lin Feng and they’ll help him against the real baddie saint who wants his body?
      If no one chased Lin Feng for the skeleton saint, he wouldn’t have jumped into the hole, meaning it’s everyone’s fault besides Lin Feng :3
      If no one wanted to attack Lin Feng, they wouldn’t have used a great weapon and destroyed the sky. 🙂
      If that “saint” didn’t chase Lin Feng with his spear, he wouldn’t have flew all the way to chant mountain.
      If you THINK about it, it wasn’t even Lin Feng’s fault. It was everyone else’s fault BUT Lin Feng. So no, we cannot all accept that this whole “issue” is Lin Feng’s fault.

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    When they say Hell, do they mean like the Hell Lin Feng went to a few chapters ago with the 10 Yama court dudes?

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