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PMG Chapter 2030: Saint’s Awareness

PMG Chapter 2030: Saint’s Awareness
Lin Feng looked at the gigantic body, his heart pounding. The body might still had a thread of consciousness? After all, even broken into pieces, he had still been able to nullify the soundwave strength.
“He must know a terrifying oppressive strength!” muttered Lin Feng. Even when his body was divided into several pieces, it still had an incredible power. Ancient Saints were indeed astonishingly strong. Lin Feng wondered how strong the enchained demon was. What had happened back then, during the great war?
“Master, I will put my godly awareness in your brain. If you are conscious, please don’t blame me,” whispered Lin Feng. Could the Saint hear him? Lin Feng’s godly awareness moved towards the Saint’s third eye and penetrated into his brain.
Suddenly, a terrifying strength appeared and surrounded his godly awareness. Lin Feng could only freeze. He had the impression his soul was being sucked in, and his consciousness was being oppressed. He couldn’t resist!
He really is conscious!, thought Lin Feng. His heart was pounding. A terrifying godly awareness strength rotated and turned into an illusionary body.
“Master.” Lin Feng looked at the hologram. He felt tiny.
“Pfew…” the Saint sighed again.
“I thought I’d stay in Chant Valley forever, I wouldn’t have thought someone would come and take it. Little boy, you’ve brought a disaster.”
Lin Feng shivered and said, “Master, you’re a Saint from the Qi Tian Dynasty?”
“Indeed, my name is Qin Shan. I was one of the Saints back in the days.”
Qin Dynasty, an Ancestor of the Qin Dynasty?, thought Lin Feng. He wasn’t sure. He asked, “Master, what are the enchained people? You used your life to protect Chant Valley?”
“Eh… That was a disaster back then. We wouldn’t have all fallen otherwise. I don’t know how many of the Saints are still alive. The enchained people are extremely dangerous, that’s all you need to know. Back in the days, if we hadn’t been too greedy, things could have happened differently. So many things have happened. The chains have become weaker and weaker with time, and they became stronger again. They will soon all break free. The Qi Tian Dynasty will be destroyed.”
“The Qi Tian Dynasty doesn’t exist anymore. It has divided into many different Dynasties. Now, all the Dynasties are gathered in a city called Qi Tian Holy Town,” said Lin Feng.
The Saint remained silent for a few seconds and said, “I am not surprised. We were so greedy that our descendants divided. Little boy, are there Saints in Qi Tian Holy Town nowadays?”
“In Qi Tian Holy Town, the Holy Emperors of the Dynasties are rulers. They are not Saints. I don’t know whether they still have Saints, actually. But even if they do, they probably only have one or two. Otherwise, they would not have sent young people to the sealed world to look for your historical remains.”
“It’s a disaster. When the chains break, Qi Tian Holy Town will be destroyed,” Saint Qin Shan sighed. “Where are we now?”
“We’re in my spirit world,” said Lin Feng honestly. He didn’t need to lie. The Saint couldn’t even control his own body anymore.
“Spirit world.” The Saint was surprised and said, “I wouldn’t have thought I wouldn’t be able to control my body anymore. I only have a thread of consciousness left, and I am so weak. My consciousness will never disperse. Since you’re so talented, I will give you some things. I created some Ancient Holy Techniques, they can destroy the strength of the ten thousand things of creation. They are an ancient strength. Without a body, they can be used to create the shape of the ten thousand things of creation. I will transmit them to you, just learn what you can.”
After that, some memories penetrated into Lin Feng’s godly awareness, and he suddenly had the knowledge of the Ancient Holy Techniques in his brain. Lin Feng visualized an ancient world, it looked awesome. Nobody could resist the power of the Ancient Holy Techniques!
He also visualized an invisible and intangible strength, it was a sort of intent and a sort of force at the same time. It could be use to give a shape to things: dragons, elephants, lions, phoenixes, great rocs, cauldrons, ancient bells… as long as it was a solid shape, it worked. It could also be used to oppress people’s consciousness.
Ancient cultivators didn’t receive skills and techniques directly. They would only transmit the rudiments, Lin Feng realized. It was incredible to receive them directly from a Saint, because the inheritances were the original core versions. If they were transmitted from generation to generation, they changed over time. No wonder the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s ancestor had transmitted the images of the great war to Lin Feng. For Saints, such things were incredible treasures!
After a long time, Lin Feng opened his eyes and asked, “Master, Saints’ skill, techniques and spells formed one entity?”
“Saints have transcended worldliness and attained holiness. Saints forget everything about their past. They create their own strength, their own reality. Skills and techniques are all spells for peerless cultivators. Someday, when you become a Saint, remember to forget everything about your past.”
“Thank you very much, Master, for everything you’re teaching me. What can I do to help you come back to life?” asked Lin Feng. He was touched.
“Saints can’t be destroyed. Their bodies can’t decompose. I don’t have a mind anymore, I only have a thread of consciousness. Unless you find a peerless medicine cultivator, I don’t think I can come back to life. You’re kind to think about me, though. Someday, when you reach the clouds, if Qi Tian Holy Town faces a fatal disaster, I would be happy if you could take assistive measures. Back then, the Dynasty was prosperous, but because of us, things changed. I don’t want it to disappear, though.”
“I will remember that,” replied Lin Feng. A peerless doctor, were there such cultivators?
“Besides, if you are in danger, you can use my body, I will help you. However, there won’t be many cases where you’ll need my help, I would guess. Otherwise, I will disappear,” the Saint sighed. Even though he only had a thread of consciousness left, he didn’t want to die. He knew it would be difficult to come back to life, but he still hoped.
“If I were in danger, I wouldn’t dare use your body,” said Lin Feng respectfully. The Saint sighed, and his godly awareness left Lin Feng’s mind.
Lin Feng opened his eyes. He looked at the body, having the impression he had just had a powerful dream.
I wouldn’t have thought that this body would be so incredible, thought Lin Feng. He left his spirit and continued traveling.
With my current strength, I can’t find a peerless doctor. I wonder whether the Qin Dynasty could find one or not, thought Lin Feng. He was annoyed because the Saint hoped he could have good relations with the Qin Dynasty, but the prince of the Qin Dynasty had died in Chant Valley. Ji Chang and the members of the He Clan had seen that. If they informed the Qin Dynasty of that, they would probably say that Lin Feng had killed him!
Lin Feng continued moving onwards. Finally, he saw other people gathered.
Ji Chang was among them and saw Lin Feng. He was stupefied. Lin Feng hadn’t died? How had he resisted the soundwaves in the valley?
The Tianci Dynasty’s Holy Emperor was stupefied, landing before Lin Feng and saying, “Lin Feng, you’re still alive!”
Lin Feng felt bad. But when he saw Ji Chang, he understood what was going on, he nodded and said, “I was lucky.”
“Lin Feng!” said a voice icily at that moment. A few strong cultivators released a terrifying Qi and landed in front of Lin Feng.
“Holy Emperor, Lin Feng stole our Ancestor’s body, our prince followed him and died tragically. I hope you can make Lin Feng give us the body back,” said a strong cultivator of the Qin Dynasty, staring icily at Lin Feng.
“In the mysterious world, people hunt treasures, it’s normal. Your prince died in the valley, so what? It has nothing to do with Lin Feng. Don’t talk to me about that again,” rebutted the Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty.
Lin Feng looked at him and said, “Prince Qin couldn’t take the body, I only took it afterwards. He chased me and some kind of soundwave killed him. I’m quite sorry. I can’t give you the big feet, but I am willing to come to the Qin Dynasty at some point to tell you more.”
Lin Feng had taken their ancestor, after all. He wanted to have good relations with them. He wanted to help the Saint come back to life too. If the Qin Dynasty could help him, he would be happy.
However, the cultivator didn’t want to accept Lin Feng’s apologies and said icily, “Come with me and we’ll talk about it!”
“Lin Feng, don’t go now. They want to steal your body!” the Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty told Lin Feng hastily.
Steal his body?
“Hmph! Holy Emperor, it’s for our ancestor! You are going against our ancestor’s will?” demanded the Qin speaker icily.
“Ancestor’s will?”
“Bullshit! Saint Tianhun is not the ancestor of the Tianci Dynasty! We don’t even know whether he’s telling the truth or not!” retorted the Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty. “Don’t forget that Mister Shi Jue will get furious if you steal Lin Feng’s body,” added the Tianci Holy Emperor.
They had different opinions when it came to Saint Tianhun. And if a Saint rose in one of the Dynasties, they would be able to control all the others!
Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. Saint Tianhun wanted to steal his body and some people wanted to help him… Fine, then. Qin Shan was Qin Shan, the Qin Dynasty was the Qin Dynasty. Lin Feng wouldn’t try to be nice to them anymore!

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