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PMG Chapter 2031: Holy Emperors Under Pressure

PMG Chapter 2031: Holy Emperors Under Pressure
“Holy Emperor, whatever you say, all the Holy Emperors want to see Lin Feng. If you want to protect him, let him go and see Saint Tianhun first,” said the cultivator of the Qin Dynasty indifferently.
“Hmph! Impossible!” said the Tianci Holy Emperor, rolling up his sleeves. However, at that moment, two people landed and looked at Lin Feng. They smiled and said, “There’s a Saint here, since there’s a Saint in the historical remains and he wants to see Lin Feng, he must see him.”
“What does that have to do with you?” asked the Tianci Holy Emperor, glancing at that person icily. That person was also a Holy Emperor.
“Saints are our ancestors. We must respect our ancestors,” the other replied indifferently.

Lin Feng looked at the crowd coldly. Saint Tianhun truly was a Saint after all, otherwise these people wouldn’t have tried to cooperate with him. They wanted to give the Saint a body to make him happy and also make their dynasties strong again.
“I’ll come with you,” said Lin Feng calmly.
The Tianci Holy Emperor was stupefied and said, “Lin Feng, you can’t…”
“Don’t worry, Holy Emperor. That guy with one foot in the grave doesn’t even have a body. We’ll see what kind of Saint that is!” said Lin Feng rolling up his sleeves and flying in Saint Tianhun’s direction. The crowd there closely followed behind him, thinking how brave he was. Saint Tianhun wanted to steal his body and surprisingly, he took the initiative to go. He was truly acting recklessly!
The Holy Emperors of the Great Desert and Qin Dynasties were still there. Many other people had gathered there and were looking into the distance. “Saint, Lin Feng is here.” They smiled.
Saint Tianhun watched Lin Feng and the group of people arrive, his eyes glittering. Surprisingly, the one he wanted hadn’t died, everything was perfect. Lin Feng’s body was perfect. He was convinced that with Lin Feng’s body, he’d manage to regain the strength he had as a Saint.
After Lin Feng arrived, he stood up in the air and said to everybody, “Greetings, Holy Emperors, greetings Mister.”
“Greetings Saint, Lin Feng,” replied the Qin Holy Emperor indifferently.
“Saint?” Lin Feng looked at Saint Tianhun and smiled, “His cultivation level is so low that the Tianci Holy Emperor could destroy him in one slap, is he a Saint too?”
“Insolent!” shouted the Qin Holy Emperor furiously. He said icily, “The Saints sealed the evil spirits, he was injured because of that! Now, Saint Tianhun is interested in your body, that’s a honor for you! You can give your body to a Saint, how wonderful is that!”
“Is that so? So why don’t you cherish that opportunity and give one of your descendants’ bodies to the Saint, then?” replied Lin Feng, smiling coldly.
“Saint Tianhun likes your body, it’s an honor for you.”
An oppressive strength surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng laughed and said, “So if someone wants my body, they can take it if YOU wish? You think you can decide what I have to do with my life or not? You really respect the Saints?”
“Of course, the Saint sealed the evil spirits in the historical remains, they are like gods to us.”
“Is that so?” Lin Feng smiled and said, “You’re saying they’re like gods for all of you, so the Saints are like gods for the Qin Dynasty?”
“I, Qin Ji, have an enormous influence. Even if Shi Jue Lao Xian protects you, the Saints of the dynasties are more powerful, you must offer your body to the Saint!” said the Holy Emperor. He mentioned Shi Jue Lao Xian on purpose, he was really scared of him, otherwise, he wouldn’t have talked nonsense and he would have captured Lin Feng straightforwardly.
“Since it’s that way, Qin Ji, kneel down before me.” said Lin Feng rising up in the air icily. The crowd was stupefied and fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Had he gone insane?
“What are you saying?” Qin Ji was stupefied too.
“Hmph!” Lin Feng jumped forwards and Holy Spirits appeared before him. He said, “Saint Tianhun, if you’re a Saint, you should be able to recognize this spell?”
“Holy Spirit Natural Godly Skill!” Saint Tianhun was stupefied. Even though Lin Feng’s Holy Spirits were weak, it was the real Holy Spirit Natural Godly Skill.
“Since you know it, then fine. So, Qin Ji, you know I was on the Holy Way Stage and I managed to sit on the Holy Imperial Throne. I received the legacy of the Saint of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, and now I am the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. If you respect the Saints, then you must kneel down before me as a sign of respect for the Saint of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.”
The crowd was astonished. This guy wanted a Holy Emperor to kneel down before him?
Besides, he had received the legacy of the Holy Spirit Dynasty? The Holy Spirit Dynasty was going to protect him since he was their Holy Dynasty Prince?
“Empty words.”
“Insolent, you don’t respect elders!”
“Shut the fuck up!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He glanced at all of them and said, “Haven’t you heard Qin Ji? The Saints are the gods of all the dynasties. If you dare disrespect them, Qin Ji might take your children to sacrifice them.”
“Haha, Lin Feng is right! He has really received the legacy of the Holy Spirit Saint. He’s really our Holy Dynasty Prince, even Saint Tianhun recognized his spell. Since Qin Ji respects the Saints, he must respect the young master too. Kneel down as a sign of respect!” said the Holy Emperor, laughing.
Qin Ji pulled a long face and retorted, “He said he received the Saint’s legacy, but why would we believe him?”
“Qin Ji, stop talking bullshit, Lin Feng said he had received the Saint’s legacy, you saw he has the spell, and now you contradict him? Do you think people are stupid?” asked the Holy Spirit Holy Emperor, smiling coldly.
Lin Feng stepped forwards and said to the crowd icily, “Today, I’m here, is there any Holy Emperor who wants me to sacrifice my body? Come and try.”
“Indeed, and if anyone wants to, what can they do against the Holy Spirit Dynasty, Champion University, the Animal World of the Vast Celestial Ancient City, the World Clan, and Shi Jue Lao Xian?” asked the Holy Spirit Holy Emperor. Many people shivered.
The Holy Spirit Holy Emperor had told everyone about Lin Feng’s background, it was not something they could brush off!
Lin Feng grunted icily and stepped. He glanced at Saint Tianhun, his Holy Spirits rotating around him, and released his Sword intent. Saint Tianhun looked back at Lin Feng icily.
Sword lights appeared, shaking the air, and the altar and the pillars around it broke apart. The Saint was astonished and furious. Lin Feng had dared break the altar!
A terrifying soul strength filled the air. Lin Feng glanced at Saint Tianhun and said, “You want my body? You’re a nobody. You were a Saint but now you’re worthless.”
“A little boy is surprisingly humiliating me, I’ll get you, sooner or later,” replied Saint Tianhun, staring at Lin Feng ferociously. He hadn’t thought this boy would have such a terrifying background. Even Saint Emperors were scared of some of the people who supported Lin Feng.
But he couldn’t forget about Lin Feng.
“Hahahaha!” At that moment, someone laughed frantically. Energies began to build and whistle.
“You’re Saint Emperors, if you can break our chains, we’ll help you become Saints. No need to consider such a weakling as a god!” said a loud voice in the distance. It came from Chant Mountain. His voice carried powerful energies and could destroy historical remains even from very far away.
The Holy Emperors raised their heads and looked in the direction of Chant Valley. Unchain those demons? They could help become Saints?
“They’re evil, don’t listen to them. They’re all evil, if you unchain them, the city will be destroyed!” said Saint Tianhun, “Hurry up and get a body for me!”
“I’m an evil spirit? How ridiculous. Let me tell you the truth, back in the days, the Saints had started fighting because they were greedy, they wanted our help to become Saints. If you break our chains, we’ll help you!” said the voice in the distance. The crowd was stunned. However, nobody dared act. What if the spirits were too strong, and attacked them? Saint Emperors didn’t want to act recklessly and die.
Saint Tianhun was different, he had been badly injured in the ancient past. He could be useful to the dynasties.
“I have nothing to do here anymore,” said Lin Feng dismissively. His silhouette flickered, and he departed. However, as he started leaving, some people followed him closely. Those people weren’t great emperors, and they weren’t Holy Emperors either. They were geniuses who had entered the mysterious world, just like him. Since the Holy Emperors couldn’t fight against Lin Feng, they could try their luck!
Lin Feng continued flying away. Two soundwaves spread out in the air behind him, Wang Jian had released his Qi, and looked like a ready sword. Lin Feng had obtained the Saint’s skeleton, and a Saint’s feet, they couldn’t let him off so easily!

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