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PMG Chapter 2032: Killing a Prince

PMG Chapter 2032: Killing a Prince
More silhouettes flickered about here and there in the air. It was a spectacular sight. The peerless cultivators who were chained didn’t shout out anymore. The historical remains had been destroyed, and the passage between this place and the outside world was now open. They needed to break free from the chains, and only Saint Emperors could help them break free.
“That’s Lin Feng, he obtained the Saint’s skeleton, it contains a terrifying Sword intent. I wonder if it also contains the Saint’s legacy.”
“We have the opportunity to come here once every hundred years, but only a few people really benefit from the experience. This time, Lin Feng obtained great things; the skeleton and the Qin Dynasty’s ancestor’s feet. That’s why these people are chasing him. They want to steal those precious treasures from him.”
“Let’s go, let’s watch who will obtain them in the end.”
Many people followed after Lin Feng and the others. More and more geniuses appeared behind Lin Feng. He acted as if he hadn’t seen those people behind him. He was moving neither too fast nor too slow. He didn’t try to escape. That battle couldn’t be avoided, he couldn’t escape it. Shi Jue Lao Xian and Champion University weren’t here, he had to rely on his own strength, it was the best way to survive in this world.
Lin Feng landed at the top of a mountain, stopping and turning around. He looked at all the geniuses and smiled arrogantly, “You keep following me, do you want to fight or not?”
Their eyes glittered back at him. The members of the Tianci Dynasty were here in the mysterious world, too. If they joined hands to kill Lin Feng, the Tianci Dynasty might get involved. What they wanted to do was follow Lin Feng until they found a remote place where they could kill him without being seen.
“You want the skeleton? You want the feet? If you are strong enough, come and get them. Come and fight. If anyone can kill me, you will be able to obtain everything I have. Of course, if you start a fight, be ready to die too,” said Lin Feng to them, “Who wants to fight? If you’re strong enough, come and get the skeleton.”
Lin Feng’s robe and black hair were fluttering in the wind. His eyes were dazzling. Alone, he was challenging all those geniuses.
If they killed him, they’d be able to obtain all his treasures. Of course, if they failed, they would die!
Princess Piao Xue arrived too. When she heard Lin Feng, she was shocked. This guy was really brave He was facing many geniuses and he dared challenge them! Prince Yan was there, and she knew that he was astonishingly strong. She was also aware that he rarely showed how strong he really was. Wang Jian was there, and his weapon cultivation was incredible. Zhuo Qing had a king-type body! Apart from them, there were many other princes! Lin Feng was challenging all those people, it was incredible to see!
Princess Piao Xue knew that Lin Feng was talented; he had managed to get onto the Holy Way Stage, and he had sat on the Holy Imperial Throne, after all! But he was only a medium-level emperor, most people there were high-level emperors!
Energies as sharp as blades moved towards Lin Feng, and a strong wind started blowing. More and more strong cultivators landed in the area. Many strong cultivators from the Tianci Dynasty were there too!
“Lin Feng, you said it, if someone manages to kill you, the skeleton will be theirs!” repeated a strong cultivator icily. “The Tianci Dynasty can’t get involved.”
“The Tianci Dynasty won’t get involved, but if I kill you, I hope the members of your dynasties come and make fools of themselves,” said Lin Feng to the crowd icily.
“Can we fight with Great Imperial Weapons? It’s better to clarify things, otherwise some people might just attack by surprise.”
“Of course you can’t. You all have terrifying Great Imperial Weapons, how to fight in such conditions?” said the strong cultivators of the Tianci Dynasty supporting Lin Feng.
“Alright, no Great Imperial Weapon. We’ll see how you intend to fight against so many geniuses!”
“You will regret not having given us the skeleton earlier.”
“Come and fight instead of talking shit,” said Lin Feng disdainfully.
“Kill him and take the Saints’ things!”
“Lin Feng, I will kill you!” Someone jumped forwards. He was wearing a robe made of swallow’s feathers. His Qi was extremely powerful and filled the air, giving him an extraordinary appearance. It was easy to guess that he wasn’t an ordinary cultivator at first glance.
Lin Feng had already proven he was a good fighter, even with the strength of a medium-level emperor. Ordinary geniuses didn’t want to fight to the death against him. And now he was saying, If you want to get the Saints’ treasures, come and take them, and be ready to die.
“Mo An Ran, Prince of the Great Desert Dynasty.”
“He is extremely strong. A brushstroke, and he can carve gigantic deserts, mountains, rivers, countries. It’s a peculiar power some strong cultivators of the Great Desert Dynasty have. Some people say they walk on the Path of the Thousand Autumns.”
“If you understand Dao strength, you can create an unprecedented and unique Dao. You can study other people’s Dao and make them your own.”
“Indeed, some legendary cultivators don’t fear any Dao, either.”
“Such people are beasts and rare. It’s easy to imagine a peerless cultivator do that, but not anyone else. Peerless cultivators can break free from the Great Dao.”
Many people were chatting about cultivation on the ground. They weren’t strong enough to fight Lin Feng. Mo An Ran had already jumped over in front of Lin Feng. A white picture scroll appeared at his back, it was shining and seemed like it could contain an endless amount of strength.
Mo An Ran pointed at Lin Feng and blinding lights filled the air. He took out a brush and moved it in the wind, painting a landscape with rivers and suns. He wanted to crush Lin Feng with the landscape, a magnificent and spectacular attack.
Lin Feng’s black hair fluttered in the wind. Holy Spirits appeared in front of him and an infinity of sword intent filled the air. It was like a dozen ancient swords had appeared.
He chopped his hand, sword Qi lit up and cut apart the rivers and suns. Everything disappeared in the blink of an eye. However, Mo An Ran continued advancing, moving his brush and painting a desert and dragons which bore down on Lin Feng.
What a strange Dao, thought Lin Feng. He continued releasing Sword intent. Death strength penetrated into Mo An Ran’s brain.
Mo An Ran refused to be the weaker one, he grunted coldly and started drawing again, the landscape of the Ten Thousand Autumns. The sharp orange lights made Lin Feng’s soul shake.
“Die!” Lin Feng’s Dao intent turned into a sharp deadly sword. At the same time, one of his Holy Spirits glittered with Nine Netherworlds light, striking into Mo An Ran’s brain. He was stunned, the Nine Netherworlds gave him the impression he was going to suffocate. His soul started turning black.Lin Feng was about to take control of him!
Lin Feng’s sword lights cut through the air, and all the orange attacks were destroyed. At the same time, Lin Feng continued releasing more Holy Spirits.
“You will die today!” Lin Feng said to Mo An Ran. Mo An Ran’s soul shook violently. It was a cursing Holy Spirit!
Mo An Ran used his brush to cut through the air. A galaxy appeared in the sky.
“You can’t escape!” shouted a Wisdom King Holy Spirit in Mo An Ran’s brain. The five Wisdom Kings kept attacking his soul. At the same time, Lin Feng cut apart the galaxy with his sword energies. An ancient path appeared and Lin Feng stepped up on it.
Mo An Ran joined his hands, made a cross with his fingers, and a dozen whirlwinds appeared and blotted out the sky, Mo An Ran in the middle of them.
What a powerful attack!, thought many people when they sensed the oppressive energies. At the same time, Lin Feng stopped, releasing more sword energies through his finger. The Holy Spirits kept humming as his energies gathered into a gigantic sword.
Lin Feng charged ahead once more. Each time he took a step, he released death strength. Mo An Ran was shaken, closing his eyes and shouting furiously. He released his Thousand Autumns Dao strength, which turned into a tornado.
At the same time, Lin Feng’s sword streaked across the sky. The gigantic sword could cut through anything. He destroyed the whirlwind attacks one after another. The crowd had the impression they were going to suffocate.
“You’re already dead!” said Lin Feng, his voice resonating in his opponent’s brain. The death sword slashed out, as a demon king jumped out and attacked Mo An Ran’s third eye. At the same time, his soul quaked. Lin Feng’s gigantic sword continued descending from the sky.
The terrifying godly awareness strength exploded. Lin Feng had the impression his godly awareness was going to explode. His enemy had an incredible godly awareness defense! However, the sword didn’t stop and continued descending from the sky. There was an explosion as he cut his enemy in two!

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  1. Alex September 1, 2018 at 2:16 pm - Reply

    You want him dead, so wtf with “no imperial weapon” rule? As long as he is dead, anything goes to achieve the goal. Only idiots would incapacitate themselves to fight a death duel

    • Wan Shi Tong September 1, 2018 at 3:42 pm - Reply

      The Great Imperial Weapons change everything about a fight. You aren’t thinking ahead, Alex. Whoever wins against Lin Feng will take Lin Feng’s place, and because weapons are allowed, that person will just be immediately assassinated by everyone with weapons. So will the person who takes Lin Feng’s stuff after that. So on and so on until there’s no one left. They will all die. It stops being a contest of strength to acquire things and becomes a contest of who has the most influential background – because those people will have the best treasures and strongest weapons. It loses the whole meaning and becomes a slaughter at the same time instead of a contest.

      • Blackbird September 13, 2018 at 4:40 am - Reply

        Well, all cultivators want to fight with they own strength instead of borrowing power from a weapon, that doesn’t make them stronger thought.
        It does make sense.

  2. Novo September 1, 2018 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    Lin Feng: “Omai wa mou….. shindeiru”
    Mo An Ran: “NANI!!!!!”

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