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PMG Chapter 2033: Understanding

PMG Chapter 2033: Understanding
Lin Feng’s sword tore Mo An Ran’s body apart. At the same time, the many sorts of strength exploded, and the prince turned into ashes.
The crowd trembled. This was terrifying! Lin Feng had cut apart a prince of the Great Desert Dynasty, and on top of that a prince who had been strong enough to come to the historical remains. People who could come to the historical remains were all outstanding, and Mo An Ran was no exception. He was one of the most outstanding cultivators who had come to the historical remains, but Lin Feng had still killed him!
However, two silhouettes jumped out. One was an old man was carrying a soul, Mo An Ran’s soul. As Lin Feng was attacking Mo An Ran’s godly awareness, his soul had been kicked out of his body, and he had managed to avoid Lin Feng’s deadly sword attack.
“Hmph!” Lin Feng grunted icily and jumped forwards. His Holy Spirit thrust out, sword lights filled the air. At the same time, a death sword bombarded Mo An Ran’s soul as he fled. The old man’s face stiffened, and he grunted coldly. A soul punch lashed back, surrounded by desert sand.
The two silhouettes left. Lin Feng observed icily, “We just agreed that people from the Great Desert Dynasty couldn’t get involved, and you didn’t respect your promise in front of so many geniuses.”
Mo An Ran could only snarl furiously. He had no physical body, and couldn’t fight against Lin Feng anymore.
Nobody had anticipated that Lin Feng would destroy Prince Damo’s physical body. If he hadn’t been protected, he would have died already. Many people who were initially motivated to fight against Lin Feng started hesitating. Getting Lin Feng’s treasures wasn’t so easy…
The people who weren’t princes were even more vigilant. Even if they found a way to take Lin Feng’s treasures, the princes wouldn’t let them leave with them!
“Any other prince wants to kill Lin Feng?” asked Wang Jian at that moment. His voice sounded like his Dao, extremely sharp.
The princes looked at him furiously. Was he making fun of them?
“I want to ask, since Lin Feng challenged the crowd, and since he has received a Saint’s legacy, the dynasties should fight first. If a prince can kill Lin Feng and steal the Saint’s treasures, we won’t continue fighting against him. If the princes stop fighting against him, we can try fighting against him,” said Zhuo Qing. The others were startled. Zhuo Qing, who had a Diamond Indestructible King-type Body, also wanted to fight, but he first wanted to see if princes were going to fight against Lin Feng or not.
“That’s exactly what I meant.” Wang Jian was putting pressure on those princes!
Princes first. If the princes didn’t want to fight, then the others would try.
“Here, apart from princes, nobody can compete with Zhuo Qing and Wang Jian. If princes don’t fight, only they can kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng is in danger,” mused those watching. Everybody knew how strong Lin Feng was. He had just killed the Great Desert Dynasty’s prince, and had destroyed his physical body. Lin Feng was a beast. Not many people here could compete with him.
“You continue chatting. I’m waiting here,” said Lin Feng glancing at the crowd scornfully. He went back to the top of the mountain and sat down cross-legged. Surprisingly, he was practicing cultivation while they dickered!
A clone appeared and Lin Feng’s real body forgot about the outside world. The determination of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree filled the air. Many sorts of cosmic energies condensed: the strength of the ten thousand things of creation!
The determination of the Blue Uptala Lotus also filled the air. The Qi of the ten thousand things of creation rolled out. Lin Feng sensed the energies of enlightenment, and started visualizing Qin Shan’s Ancient Holy Techniques.
Lin Feng forgot everything about the outside world, he just studied the holy technique. It was extremely impressive, as impressive as the Great Dao.
He was into a deep meditative state.
The Ancient Holy Techniques are Qi, force, and mind, thought Lin Feng. His blood flowed faster. It felt as if it contained an infinite amount of strength. A domineering shape appeared before him that could oppress anything. It looked like a gigantic ancient animal, but it could also look like an earthquake, it didn’t have a stable shape.
Ling Tian looked at the gigantic form. A gigantic oppressive foot appeared and fell upon the ground, it couldn’t shake anymore. It was incredible to watch. Nobody could forget such a technique. Without a Saint, it was almost impossible to create such a technique.
“Eh?” At that moment, the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s strong cultivators looked at Lin Feng. His blood seemed to be boiling. Force rose up into the air and strength condensed. The strength of the ten thousand things of creation and the earth and sky appeared around him and penetrated into his body.
What a guy, he’s meditating. What a strange man, thought the people of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. No wonder he had been onto the Holy Way Stage and Holy Imperial Throne. No wonder he even dared challenge all these geniuses!
The others also realized that something was going on with Lin Feng. They were initially stunned that Lin Feng was practicing cultivation there. Those kinds of Qi and force were extremely powerful. People could sense his strength even from far away.
There’s force in that strength. He can make stones explode. An attack using such strength is dangerous!, thought the crowd. They could sense how fearsome Lin Feng’s strength was.
The strongest cultivator of the Qin Dynasty frowned when he sensed Lin Feng’s explosive force. It was very similar to that of the Qin Dynasty-?
Lin Feng had taken their ancestor’s feet, had he obtained something else?
Prince Yan jumped forwards. Princess Piao Xue was stupefied and said, “Brother, Lin Feng is nice and the Tianci Dynasty invited him. He’s our guest of honor. Other people can attack him, but you can’t!”
“Saint’s treasures belong to dynasties. Since Lin Feng is arrogant, I want to try too,” said Prince Yan calmly while releasing soft water energy.
Five threads of water strength started flowing in the air, moving erratically. People from the Tianci Dynasty controlled water-type cosmic energies.
Prince Yan ran forwards, the sound of waves crashing filling the air. Water energies surged towards Lin Feng. However, a Holy Spirit Dynasty cultivator waved his hand, releasing strength and destroying the energies as he said, “Lin Feng is practicing cultivation. You can’t disturb him.”
“It’s alright, I’m done.” said Lin Feng’s clone. He was still seated cross-legged and looked pensive. Even though his clone couldn’t practice cultivation, thinking was fine. Lin Feng’s clone was wondering whether the Holy Spirit Natural Godly Skill could be used to condense many Holy Spirits and then merge them into one Holy Spirit. If he could make three thousand Holy Spirits at the same time, his attacks would be truly terrifying!
The Ancient Holy Techniques weren’t as complex as the Holy Spirit Natural Godly Skill, which was pure. However, his goal was to carry out explosive attacks, so he had to master the skill to its highest level.
Lin Feng was wondering whether he could make the Holy Spirits evolve, too…
At the same time, Lin Feng’s real body released a dreadful strength. He condensed it, and at the same time multiple Holy Spirits appeared around him. His Holy Spirits absorbed the strength of the earth and sky, and were growing stronger!

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    dickered or bickered?

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      They mean the same thing, basically. If you’ve heard the phrase “dicking around”, it comes from ‘dickering’.

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    When did the Holy Spirit Dynasty come in to protect him?

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      Yess i was wondering too… kept looking thru the previous chapters but couldn’t find where and when the holy spirit holy emperor/saint comes into the picture….

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      He was accosted by a whole bunch of Holy Emperors so they can give away Lin Feng’s body to lick that Saint ‘s ass. Holy Spirit Emperor was the one who tried to stop them then went with them to see the Saint spirit.

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