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PMG Chapter 2034: Destructive Oppression

PMG Chapter 2034: Destructive Oppression
“Be careful, he is my imperial brother,” said someone to Lin Feng telepathically. It was Princess Piao Xue, she was worried about him.
“Alright,” replied Lin Feng telepathically. He looked at Prince Yan as the Prince’s spirit suddenly appeared. He was moving gracefully, like water…
“My imperial brother’s spirit is unique, and so is his Dao. He can make them fuse together with water. It’s difficult to defeat him.” said Princess Piao Xue. At that moment, Lin Feng only saw the body of the prince moving like water. It seemed unreal, as if he were going to disperse at any time.
Lin Feng punched out, and the Holy Spirits turned into raging sharp swords. Prince Yan stepped forward, and the sharp sword quickly cut through him. His arm waved, and he suddenly fused together with his spirit. He became transparent, and his arm looked like water. When they sword pierced through his arm, there was no blood, merely a fissure appeared and flowed together again.
“Prince Yan’s strength is really mysterious. People rarely have the opportunity to see him fight. However, the geniuses never darde underestimate him, even Wang Jian doesn’t,” whispered someone.
“What a terrifying power.” When Lin Feng saw the prince’s defense, he was amazed. Princess Piao Xue had told him the truth, it really was a strange Dao. However, how could he use that kind of Dao to fight?
Cultivation strength was the strength of the thousand worlds!
Prince Yan ran towards Lin Feng. He waved his arm and a lake appeared, turning into a water pillar which descended from the sky above Lin Feng. It looked like Lin Feng was about to drown.
Lin Feng looked at the prince icily. He condensed another Holy Spirit which struck the water pillar, breaking it into two. A powerful strength crashed onto his sharp sword and just missed him. Water strength could be that impressive?
Suddenly, the lake turned into a whirlpool and surrounded Lin Feng as it turned into ice, attempting to freeze him. At the same time, it turned into sharp ice swords which closed in on Lin Feng.
Normal swords can’t break the whirlpool, however, can water cut a sharp sword?, thought Lin Feng releasing Sword intent, Qi, and force, all of which condensed into a sword. His soul, blood, and flesh all seemed to have turned into a sword. The Qi and force seemed to be condensing in, around and on his body. He didn’t look like a human being anymore, he looked like a sword.
Lin Feng pierced through the water attacking him and flew out of the whirlpool, destroying everything in his way.
Prince Yan grunted icily when he saw that. His body seemed to melt. Lin Feng’s sword pierced through him, however, something shattered in the air and water strength penetrated into Lin Feng’s brain.
An ice-cold energy gave Lin Feng the impression his soul was going to freeze. A terrifying turbid yin strength bombarded Lin Feng’s soul violently. That wasn’t a real attack, it was even more terrifying than a real attack.
This is Prince Yan’s real Dao?, thought Lin Feng. He had the sensation that not only was his soul going to freeze and explode, but his body too. The turbid yin attack was really painful!
“Destructive curse!” Lin Feng released cursing strength, which filled the air. The water progressively disappeared around him. A human shape appeared in front of him, resolving into Prince Yan. He kept hiding in the water and flowing through it.
Waves rushed and streamed around him. Prince Yan’s water was trying to to fuse together with Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng had the sensation his blood was being corroded by the turbid yin strength. It was becoming fluid and turning water.
“Prince Yan’s strength is impressive!” said those watching. They had underestimated Prince Yan’s power. His attacks weren’t aggressive, but they were sly, which was even more terrifying.
A dragon appeared behind Lin Feng and the air began to hum. A terrifying absorbing strength filled the air, and started absorbing the water. There was draining sounds as the dragon drank up the water. Lin Feng released sharp Qi, his blood roaring with rage. His entire body turned into sword lights. He also released a terrifying cursing strength. He wanted to get rid of all the water in his body. Of course, he also released dreadful death energies.
Lin Feng expelled the water out of his body, tainting it with death strength as he did. It was already grey.
Prince Yan had been expelled out of Lin Feng’s body, and Lin Feng looked at him icily. His soul still felt ice-cold because of the turbid yin strength.
Prince Yan controls water type strength. It’s difficult to kill him. Maybe I could have killed Wang Jian or Zhuo Qing with my attacks, but I still haven’t managed to kill Prince Yan, thought Lin Feng. If his soul, mind, and body hadn’t been powerful, he might have died. Prince Yan had started corroding his body with turbid yin strength, it could have killed him.
In return, because of his particular abilities, killing him was very difficult…
“The Ancient Holy Techniques can oppress the universe, including the Great Dao. Even though I can’t do that, at least, I can oppress the water a little bit,” muttered Lin Feng. At that moment, he closed his eyes, and a wind started blowing, Holy Spirits appeared in front of him and turned into Sword intent.
At that moment, Lin Feng was bathing in ancient energies, and releasing endless amounts of Qi. It was like he had been separated from the outside world, and was alone in his world. The force of the earth and sky penetrated into his body. His body, and soul turned into a sharp sword.
He spat out oppressive strength. The crowd was shocked to see this. What kind of strength was Lin Feng using? What a terrifying force! They had the impression that Lin Feng was all alone in the world. He looked like a solitary, ancient sword!
He condensed his vitality Qi too. His whole body turned into a sword. Lin Feng disappeared, no longer a human being, he was a sword, and apart from being sharp, his sword was also oppressive. With that gigantic sword, he wanted to oppress the world!
The sword streaked across the sky, its terrifying strength filling the air. Prince Yan had the sensation that he was going to be crushed by that sword. His confident, unperturbed expression changed as his water began to crack and shatter. His whole body blew apart into a lake. Without a hard body, how could he resist?
The gigantic sword crashed onto the lake. It looked like a sword from ancient times. At that moment, the lake suddenly became rigid, not like a fluid anymore. It became rigid and extremely hard. The sword could oppress anything!
The lake started breaking apart, and then it disappeared.
“He even managed to a oppress and destroy invisible and intangible water!” someone exclaimed. They were all astonished. That ancient sword was really domineering!
“Even though people can’t easily attack Prince Yan, the problem is that when he turns into water, his strength is spread all over, and he can’t focus on one point. Unfortunately, Lin Feng is already oppressing him too much. His spells are terrifying.”
“That’s the holy technique of the Qin Dynasty’s ancestor.” The stronger cultivators of the Qin Dynasty were astonished. That was definitely their Ancestor’s technique! The technique had evolved over time, but the technique Lin Feng used looked like the one they had read about in books. It was similar to the one they used, but still different!
“Lin Feng, you obtained our Ancestor’s technique with the big feet!” shouted the strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty. They couldn’t keep calm anymore. They didn’t have access to the original technique of their Ancestors, but Lin Feng had learned it!
The Holy Spirit Dynasty cultivators were startled. Lin Feng had learned the Qin Dynasty’s ancient technique, they were even more responsible, all the geniuses were jealous of Lin Feng. No wonder his oppressive strength was so terrifying. Prince Yan wasn’t even able to compete with him anymore!
At that moment, Prince Yan’s body appeared indistinctly. He was still in the water but his silhouette was distorted. He couldn’t do much though because his strength was spread all over.
“Lin Feng, stop!” shouted some senior cultivators of the Tianci Dynasty loudly. However, Lin Feng continued oppressing the water and destroyed it. At the same time, Lin Feng started condensing a new gigantic sword.
“Let’s go!” Another cultivator jumped out, a strong cultivator of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng was surrounded by sword energies as he followed the strong cultivator of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. He glanced at the crowd disdainfully. He had killed Prince Yan in front of all the geniuses!
“How insane!” Princess Piao Xue was astonished when she saw that, sighing despite herself. Lin Feng had killed her half-brother!

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