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PMG Chapter 2036: Helping Each Other

PMG Chapter 2036: Helping Each Other
Lang Ye and Hou Qing Lin quickly fled the historical remains, Hou Qing Lin was still surrounded by ice energies and he was shaking violently. He had used his full strength to help Lang Ye. His body and soul had both been injured.
“How do you feel?” asked Lang Ye to Hou Qing Lin.
“I’m alright. If we had stayed there for a few more minutes, I would have died,” said Hou Qing Lin. He shivered uncontrollably.
“We succeeded though, we obtained the incantation! The spirit and marrow strength is also in my body, I’m afraid I can’t transmit it to you, though,” said Lang Ye, frowning. He could sense that the spirit and marrow strength could be transmitted by Saints to other people. He had the sensation he couldn’t pass it on, not able to copy the incantation perfectly and then paste it onto Hou Qing Lin’s memories.
“Just transmit as much as you can,” said Hou Qing Lin smiled. They had taken it, it was better than if Chu Chun Qiu had obtained it. Chu Chun Qiu was dangerous, and with the spirit and marrow strength, he would have become even stronger.
There were still many strong cultivators in the historical remains. Many other powerful groups from Qi Tian Holy Town had heard about what was going on, so they had hurried inside. The Saints’ world was open, why not come and benefit from it?
Lin Feng was already in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Knowing he had received the legacy of the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s Saint and the Qin Dynasty’s Saint, many people envied him.
“Holy Dynasty Prince!” said a strong cultivator of the Holy Spirit Dynasty to Lin Feng, “We chose a beautiful woman for you. She is extremely beautiful, her Qi is incredible, and she is very talented. We hope you can give her a child as soon as possible.”
Lin Feng was stunned. They really were in a hurry…
“I know that my wife is on her way to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, wait for her and we’ll talk about that,” said Lin Feng.
The man nodded, not daring to threaten anything. He said, “Alright, I can first take you to her so you can meet. Next time, you can go alone. No need for us to lead the way.”
Lin Feng remained silent. The guide wanted to do that for him so as not to be embarrassed. It would be strange to have someone lead the way to a room for you to have sex with a woman to make her pregnant…
“Alright,” Lin Feng sighed and nodded.
“Holy Dynasty Prince, please come with me,” said that old man to Lin Feng. They left together.

Lin Feng followed the old man and they soon arrived in a courtyard. There was a building there, but the old man didn’t enter the room. “Holy Dynasty Prince, she’s in there. She has a strange temper, however. It’s difficult to get close to her, but since she accepted, there won’t be any problem. If you agree, then…”
“You know what I mean, I don’t need to explain those things to you,” said the old man, laughing. Then, standing before the door, he said, “Princely Concubine, the Holy Dynasty Prince is here to see you.”
After that, the old man quickly left.
Lin Feng looked at the door and sighed. What kind of girl had accepted the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s request? For the girl, it was probably a nightmare.
A strange Qi emerged. Lin Feng opened that door, and slowly entered the room.
It smelled good in the room. Lin Feng slowly walked forwards, spotting the back of a woman out on a small terrace, the sun shining upon her. She didn’t turn around when Lin Feng entered the room.
She looked beautiful, but was wearing a black cloak. She had voluptuous breasts, but it was difficult to see the rest of her body because of the cloak.
Lin Feng was standing there and remained silent. He didn’t know what to say. What could he say, in such circumstances?
After a long time, Lin Feng sighed and said, “I know the Holy Spirit Dynasty really hopes it will happen. However, if you choose otherwise, I can ask them to pick someone else.”
The girl remained silent and shook her head. Lin Feng said, “Is it because you’re happy to give descendants to the dynasty?”
The woman shook her head again. Then, she said, “Being the mother of a future Holy Emperor of the Dynasty is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?”
Lin Feng was speechless. She wasn’t talking nonsense. Indeed, their children would maybe become Holy Emperors. How many people had such opportunities? Her voice sounded hoarse though, was it her real voice?
She also sounded a bit gentle. Lin Feng guessed that she was hiding her real voice.
Lin Feng didn’t know what to say anymore, so he remained silent again.
“Now?” said the girl calmly. Lin Feng knew what she meant.
“No, I just came to see you. Not now. I’ll come back to you…” said Lin Feng, then he turned around and left. The girl turned around hastily at his words. She was very beautiful actually, with particularly beautiful eyes. She was wearing a veil, however.
She had turned around quickly, but Lin Feng had already disappeared.
After a long time, she finally smiled. With the sun shining upon her, she looked stunning.
“Of course I agree. Not only because our child will be a future Holy Emperor, but because it will be yours too!” the woman said gently. Lin Feng did not hear her, however…
Lin Feng had already contacted Meng Qing using his jade talisman. She soon arrived in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. After that, Lang Ye, Hou Qing Lin, and Jian Mang also came to the Holy Spirit Dynasty.
“Are you all alright?” Lin Feng asked Lang Ye and the others.
“Yes, we were lucky, we found an incantation,” Lang Ye smiled.
Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He hadn’t thought Lang Ye and Hou Qing Lin would find anything!
“I don’t think it was made by a Saint, I think it comes from ancient Buddhist scriptures. I understand the incantation quite well. It’s become part of my strength. I obtained spirit and marrow strength through it. I can’t transmit the details to you, so you’d have to study it on your own.”
Lin Feng nodded, he had obtained two holy techniques, if he obtained the spirit and mallow strength, that would be even more. Spells changed over time because Saints only transmitted the rudiments of their spells, and people who received them had to be smart to understand and adapt them.
“Because of my connection to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, I can’t really transmit the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s technique to you, and besides, it wouldn’t be useful for you. It’s better for me. However, I will transmit the Ancient Holy Techniques of the Qin Dynasty to you. Even if you understand only a tiny part of them, you’ll become much stronger, or in any case, it won’t do you any harm,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t mind transmitting techniques, skills and spells to his friends. He had to create his own spells to transcend worldliness and attain holiness anyway. He had to surpass himself someday.
High-level and talented cultivators didn’t need to waste too much time studying spells.
Lin Feng and the others were helping each other study, the incantation represented an extensive knowledge and profound scholarship. There were nine words:
Temporary: For determination, firm and tenacious, mudra unity, determination of ancient characters, impermanence.
Weapon: For capabilities, indestructibility, mudra unity, determination of ancient characters, ever-conquering.
Battle: For battle determination, resonance of the earth and sky, mudra unity, determination of ancient characters, destruction of the earth and sky.
Each word had a meaning and contained spirit and marrow strength.
Unfortunately, Lin Feng hadn’t obtained it from a Saint. He only had the rudiments.
However, he knew that Saints’ techniques were all terrifying.
“That incantation would be perfect for our Buddhist fellow disciples,” Hou Qing Lin smiled.
“Indeed. Tiantai’s core disciples should obtain holy techniques. That way, Tiantai will become awesome,” Lin Feng nodded. When Lang Ye heard Lin Feng, he was surprised. Lin Feng wanted to create such a powerful group?

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