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PMG Chapter 2038: Strange Story

PMG Chapter 2038: Strange Story
When Qiu Yue Xin came out of the Dao Destroying Mountain, she looked serene. She looked like a caring and loving woman, as if her heart had been filled with love. She was smiling resplendently and looked extremely beautiful.
Lin Feng’s demonic intent disappeared. He walked forwards and hugged Qiu Yue Xin. He felt relieved and took a deep breath, thinking, Good, good!…
Qiu Yue Xin felt Lin Feng’s warmth, and put her head on his shoulder. She had no emotionlessness strength anymore. Her heart was filled with love.
“So if you don’t believe the Dao Destroying Mountain can destroy your Dao, then your Dao must break. But if you come here with the purpose of breaking your Dao, then it destroys it and then helps you,” whispered Qiu Yue Xin. Lin Feng smiled. The Dao Destroying Mountain was an ancient mountain. It could destroy Dao, but its main purpose wasn’t to destroy Dao, it was to allow cultivators to start a new life, on a new path. It allowed people to find their true path!
“Let’s go back,” said Lin Feng. He was very happy. Qiu Yue Xin had broken her emotionlessness Dao and now she had emotions again. In the meantime, Lin Feng had just become a high-level emperor. He was in a very good mood!
Qiu Yue Xin was back, she was really back!
The two jumped onto the boat and sat down cross-legged. Qiu Yue Xin looked happy and at peace. She enjoyed the landscapes sweeping by underneath them. She wanted to travel across the world with him like that.
Lin Feng went back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. He took Qiu Yue Xin to Xue Yue into his spirit world, and she spent some days with his family. Lin Feng took care of Meng Qing, Qiu Yue Xin, and Liu Fei, spending some pleasant days with them.
However, at that moment, a beautiful yet ice-cold woman was traveling to Qi Tian Holy Town. She was radiating a powerful Qi…
It was rainy and windy in Qi Tian Holy Town. There were great battles everywhere. Strong cultivators kept falling from the sky. Even great emperors were dying. The passage between the historical remains and the city was open so many strong cultivators had come, and real historical remains had also appeared. All this had nothing to do with Lin Feng anymore, though. He had obtained enough from the Saints, even the incantation. Even though it didn’t have the spirit and marrow strength, he could use the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures on the incantation, it would help him understand it and make it stronger.
Lin Feng was very smart. He knew what he had to do become stronger, he also knew he needed to rest sometimes. Spending days resting wasn’t a waste for his cultivation, as he never forgot about cultivation anyway.
Lin Feng was now a high-level emperor, and his Deva-Mara body had been cleansed once more. No emperor could resist his punches, his physical body had become so scary. If he punched an ordinary high-level emperor, he could crush him in a flash.
There were three other people with him in the demon pond whose cultivation levels were higher than his, they were at the very top of the high Huang Qi layer. They were the ones who, with Ji Jiang, had chased Lin Feng back after Pathfinder Day. Lin Feng was doing his best to raise those people and make them into perfect Demon Puppets. He taught them the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he cleansed their bodies, he taught them Saints’ spells, he taught them everything he knew.
Even though Ji Jiang wasn’t as famous as Ji Chang in the Ji Clan, he was still a genius of the Huang Qi layer, or he wouldn’t have chased after Lin Feng to kill him. Lin Feng was convinced that with the education he provided them and their high cultivation level, even if they weren’t as good as he was at fighting, they would still be great fighters, especially with the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures which could increase their talent. With time, they’d stand out more and more.

Lin Feng left his spirit’s world and went back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Half a year had passed. Meng Qing’s tummy was getting bigger and bigger. Lin Feng didn’t feel like fighting these days, because he wanted to be there for his child’s birth. He had a strange feeling; he was going to become a father, he was nervous and excited at the same time.
“Is there anything wrong?” Lin Feng asked someone who was waiting outside of his courtyard. A person from the Holy Spirit Dynasty was there.
“Holy Dynasty Prince!” When that person heard Lin Feng, his eyes twinkled. Lin Feng came out of his courtyard and looked at the strong cultivator who told him, “Holy Dynasty Prince, so much time has passed, shouldn’t you…”
Lin Feng perfectly understood. Even though the Holy Spirit Dynasty liked him for his talent and they had also proclaimed him Holy Dynasty Prince, in the end, he wasn’t a member of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, he didn’t have their blood. For them, his descendent was the important thing.
“Alright, don’t worry,” sighed Lin Feng, nodding. He had to do it.
“Since you say that, I’m off,” replied that person respectfully, and then left. Lin Feng took a deep breath, he had no way to avoid this. He had to do it. It was too strange for him.
If he transmitted his blood to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, what would be his relationship to them? He would become a member of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. He would be the Holy Dynasty Prince and people would think highly of him in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. They would attach importance to him. He might become a Holy Emperor then, or his children would.

The moon was shining upon the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng appeared in a peaceful courtyard. He didn’t hide.
Lin Feng opened the door, there was a curtain behind it and a silhouette within. “You’re here.”
“Yes, I am here,” Lin Feng replied softly.
“Wait for me.” Lin Feng saw a blurry silhouette behind the curtain changing her clothes. When she was done, she laid down on the bed and said gently, “Alright, come in.”
Lin Feng entered the room. He could see her red underwear in the moonlight. He was able to see her breasts, but she was wearing a veil on her face. She didn’t want Lin Feng to see her face…
Lin Feng stood there, he didn’t know what to do. He was embarrassed. He shyly walked forwards. Even though she looked very attractive, Lin Feng wasn’t really very aroused.
“I’m ready. I don’t have any…” said the voice. She was shy too. Finally, she had managed to turn Lin Feng on. He walked up to her, laid down on the bed, and touched her breasts. Her skin was very soft…
Lin Feng touched her everywhere. She was laying on her belly. Lin Feng tried to turn her around, but she whispered, “Don’t, it’s alright like that.”
“From behind?” Lin Feng was startled.
The woman had already bitten her lips to bleed.
“Alright…” Lin Feng was speechless. The Holy Spirit Dynasty’s people hadn’t deceived him, she was really beautiful and it was her first time. He felt even more guilty…

After that, Lin Feng came back to her on the two following evenings. Each time it was strange. After all, Lin Feng wasn’t sure he could get her pregnant the first time, therefore, three nights… that way, it could only work.
After the third night, they didn’t need to meet again. What a strange feeling. Lin Feng felt sad. On the third night, Lin Feng also realized that the woman felt nervous, she wasn’t scared, she also didn’t seem to hate it, especially the last two nights, she had loved it. But she was acting strange.
Lin Feng didn’t understand why she didn’t want him to see her face. Was she shy? But she had to meet him someday if she gave birth to their child…
After a few days, the news spread that a princess of the Holy Spirit Dynasty had become pregnant. The Holy Spirit Dynasty’s people were astonished. Many princesses of the dynasty were furious.
When a princess had a man and a child, their child could become Holy Emperors or Empresses.
Lin Feng could only feel strange about all of it.

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