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PMG Chapter 2039: Undercurrent

PMG Chapter 2039: Undercurrent
Elsewhere on the continent, there was a country dominated by snow. It was as beautiful as a painting.
There were many beautiful plants there, deep-rooted in the snow, and very old.
In front of the snowy tree there was an altar with many lotuses, all emitting pale lights.
Three lotuses were especially dazzling, especially the one in the middle. A Celestial Qi emerged from it.
The lotuses were extremely beautiful, even the third one, even if it wasn’t as beautiful as the two others. Besides, the strangest thing was that there was a lotus blossom inside the lotus. It was black and a powerful Qi emerged from it and filled the air.
“Very good!” A very old woman in front of the altar was holding a scepter. When she put it on the ground, the whole country trembled. People were wondering who had made her angry.
Next to her were many other old people. They all looked solemn and respectful, and they were all staring at the strange lotus.
That country was the mysterious Snow Clan.
“These hundred years have been among the best in the world. We’ve become much stronger. We have five geniuses. Two kings, one queen, they come from different tribes of the Snow Clan. Only one of them belongs to my direct bloodline, I order the three of them to practice different types of cultivation, one must focus on cultivation, one must focus on society, one must live in seclusion.
“However, because of what happened back then, someone captured Ling Long and took her away. I asked the shrine, they said she’d have an incredible fate. I agreed to let her grow up outside without disturbing her. I said when she becomes a great emperor, she must come back to the clan and get married with a king, but now she’s the weakest one and she is pregnant. I trusted the shrine too much,” the grandmother spoke calmly. Everybody was surprised. One of their most important descendants had become pregnant. The blood of the Snow Clan was going to be mixed?
When the people outside heard that, the grandmother sounded calm and serene, but the crowd knew she was truly furious. Back then, she was convinced that Ling Long would come back at some point to get married to a king from the Snow Clan. But now, the blood of their precious clan had been mixed with that of a foreigner. It was a nightmare for them.
And surprisingly, the Destiny Shrine had made a mistake, Ling Long was the weakest of the three monarchs of their clan, she was growing more slowly than the two others. She wasn’t interested in cultivation that much and she was pregnant from an outsider. How could she have the life of a queen? She had soiled the blood of the clan!
“Go and check, where is she?” said the grandmother at that moment.
“Grandmother,” said an old man next to her, “Xue Shen Feng is practicing in the Dark Night Region, in the Holy City. He’s in Champion University. He noticed a member of the Snow Clan in Champion University in the Holy City. She has a celestial Qi, but she has become the wife of another student.”
The grandmother was furious and ice-cold lights glittered in her eyes.
“Go and check. Take Ao out to practice and bring her back,” whispered the grandmother. Everybody nodded. Xue Ling Long had appeared outside, she was pregnant, and now they had to take her back.
In the Ancient Jade Dynasty, a special guest had arrived. The Holy Jade Princess was welcoming her, as she was from the Moon Palace.
Empress Xi looked at everyone icily, including Yi Ren Lei and said, “Where’s Lin Feng?”
“After having left the historical remains, Lin Feng left with people from the Holy Spirit Dynasty. After that, he didn’t show up again. We don’t know where he is,” replied one of the women.
“He’s still in the Holy Spirit Dynasty,” said the Holy Jade Princess, smiling evilly, “He’s in the Holy Spirit Dynasty and has received the legacy of the Ancestors. The Holy Spirit Dynasty made him reproduce with an outstanding woman of their dynasty. Lin Feng is already the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. His children will become Holy Emperors of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.”
Empress Xi looked furious. That bastard!
But now that Lin Feng had a special status in the Holy Spirit Dynasty, they couldn’t do much, they could only wait. A dynasty was far more terrifying than an Ancient Holy Clan.
“Thank you for the pieces of information. If Lin Feng comes out, please inform me,” Empress Xi asked the Holy Jade Princess. The Ancient Jade Dynasty had power, too. If they watched someone, that person couldn’t escape from them.
“Empress Xi, don’t worry, I will,” replied the Holy Jade Princess, smiling thinly.
In the Tianci Dynasty, in one of their main halls…
People had gathered, looking both solemn and respectful, as they were under great pressure.
“Has Chen recovered?” asked the one who occupied a leader position in the room.
“He’s okay. He will completely recover at some point,” replied people who were seated lower than him.
The Tianci Celestial Emperor looked furious and said, “Among our best people, Yan was killed by Lin Feng and Chen had problems. Damn!”
“And that little insolent bastard,” said someone, looking at Piao Xue icily.
“Yan was incompetent. It has nothing to do with Piao Xue,” said someone else coldly. “Do you have news from Lin Feng?”
“He’s still in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. He hasn’t come out,” said someone else.
“Watch him!” said another Celestial Emperor icily. Piao Xue was stupefied, she wanted to speak up for him, but in the end she gave up. She wanted to explain that her imperial brothers had bullied Lin Feng, but there was no point.
“Yes, Your Majesty!” replied someone.
Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on in the Snow Clan, of course. He didn’t know that many people were watching him either. Lin Feng spent some peaceful days. However, he was also vigilant. Meng Qing’s tummy was getting bigger and bigger. He knew it was a boy, as cultivators could sense whether their future child would be a boy or a girl.
“Lin Feng, have you thought of a name?” asked Meng Qing. They were in his spirit world. Meng Qing and Lin Feng were seated on a Blue Uptala Lotus. It was a very romantic scene.
“Lin Zhe Tian, what do you think about it?” asked Lin Feng to Meng Qing.
“Lin Zhe Tian!” whispered Meng Qing. She smiled gently and said, “If you like it, I like it too.”
“So, it’ll be Lin Zhe Tian.” said Lin Feng raising his head and looking at the sky. He whispered, “Our child will become extremely strong. Someday, he’ll be able to destroy the skies with one finger.”
Meng Qing laughed gently and snuggled into Lin Feng’s arms. She whispered, “What about the child you gave to the Holy Spirit Dynasty?”
“They will choose the name themselves,” said Lin Feng smiling.

Outside of his world, the Holy Spirit Dynasty had come to Lin Feng, but Lin Feng had left a clone outside, he didn’t need to go out.
“Holy Dynasty Prince!” said an old man, bowing before Lin Feng respectfully.
“What is it?” asked Lin Feng calmly.
“Holy Dynasty Prince, Qi Tian Holy Town is changing quickly. There are many strong cultivators here and we’re under pressure. Many people are watching you. Don’t go out unless it’s necessary,” the old man said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was startled, many people were watching him?
“Back then during the battle, elders from other dynasties were there, would they dare attack me?” said Lin Feng.
“They won’t dare attack you, of course. You’re the Holy Dynasty Prince. However, the situation in Qi Tian Holy Town is chaotic these days and complex. If someone dares attack you, they won’t let you know who they are, therefore, please tell us if you want to go out,” said the old man.
Lin Feng nodded agreeably. He hadn’t been out for a while and things had changed a lot in Qi Tian Holy Town. “I understand.” Before his child’s birth, he was going to stay in and rest!

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