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PMG Chapter 2040: Xue Ao

PMG Chapter 2040: Xue Ao
Time passed. Lin Feng kept growing stronger. He had already been cleansed twice by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, and his Deva-Mara body had also been cleansed twice. His physical strength had already reached the top of the Huang Qi layer. At that moment, Lin Feng could really sense how powerful the indestructible Deva-Mara body was. After having his Deva-Mara body cleansed three more times and after being cleansed three more times by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength, he would have no enemies anymore at the level of the Huang Qi layer.
Lin Feng was wondering whether, if he continued on this path, if he would have the physical strength of a great emperor. That way, he would be sure to to have no problems at all!
Something else made Lin Feng speechless those days. Meng Qing had been pregnant for a year and their baby hadn’t been born yet. Lin Feng had always said he wanted his first child with Meng Qing, but now the plan was probably ruined. Meng Qing didn’t mind, though. Even though she had turned into a human being, she was actually Xue Ling Long, so that probably explained why Lin Zhe Tian hadn’t been born yet.
Lin Feng arrived in the concubine’s courtyard, the beautiful woman was holding a baby, she looked calm and serene. When she heard Lin Feng, she quickly turned away. Lin Feng was speechless, “You really don’t want me to see your face?”
“You came to see the child? I called him Lin Qiong Sheng, he will definitely be very talented. When he’s two, nature pills, come and hug him,” said the girl in a hoarse voice. She stretched her arms left, but didn’t turn around.
“Alright.” Even though Lin Feng didn’t understand why she didn’t want him to see her face and the three nights had been really strange, he respected her. He walked to her and grabbed the child. He had beautiful eyes. Lin Feng recognized some of his facial features, he couldn’t help but smile, “I’m your daddy. In the future, Lin Qiong Sheng, take care of your mummy.”
The little boy looked at Lin Feng, his eyes twinkling. Lin Feng felt so happy. He gave back Lin Qiong Sheng to his mother and smiled. “If you need anything, contact me.”
“Alright,” the woman nodded. Lin Feng walked away and left. After he left, the beautiful woman turned around and said, “Lin Qiong Sheng, do you know why I gave you that name? Because it’s your mother and father’s story. You’re the hope of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Unfortunately, you will never be like your father because your mother will never be able to leave the Holy Spirit Dynasty. I understand your father. I will do my best to protect him.”
(Translator’s note: Lin like Lin Feng, Qiong in this case means Jade, and Sheng means holy.)
“Pfew…” The woman heard someone sigh. The woman was startled and her expression changed. She looked solemn and respectful. She also felt pressured and said indifferently, “Come in.”
A silhouette entered. Lin Feng would have been surprised if he had been there, because it was the Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.
“You’ve known each other for a while, why didn’t you want him to see you?” asked the Holy Emperor.
“It’s none of your business,” said the woman indifferently.
“You’re worried about the agreement with the Holy Mother? She’s used the strength of the altar to give you all she could. She hopes you can become a protector of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. You promised her, so you can’t leave. So even if you show Lin Feng your face, what’s the problem? Even if he can’t stay here, he would come to see you quite often, wouldn’t it be great?”
“What if he wants to take me away?” replied the girl. The Holy Emperor was surprised. “I don’t think I could refuse,” said the woman, smiling gently. If Lin Feng wanted to take her away, would she refuse? If she left, what would she do? What about the strength of the sacrificial altar? She had two choices, no matter what, it would be painful. If Lin Feng knew, he’d be sad and tormented. She didn’t want two people to suffer, one was enough. And she could stay with their child and raise him.
“Wait until Qiong Sheng is a grown up and has received the legacy of the Holy Dynasty Prince, then you’ll be able to go with him,” said the Holy Emperor in a low voice, before he turned around and left. Back in the days, the Holy Spirit Dynasty had a Holy Mother, however, she hadn’t managed to reach a certain level, she had made a cultivation mistake and had been severely injured. Therefore, she had decided to sacrifice herself and give this woman everything she had. Even though she wasn’t a member of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, she had their blood.
“Qiong Sheng, hurry up and grow up,” said the woman, kissing the baby with much love.
A group of people arrived at the Tianci Dynasty, wearing snow-white robes. They all had an extraordinary Qi, especially the leader of the group. He looked ice-cold, and his Qi was bestial. People had the distinct impression he was aggressive and violent, and kept their distance from him.
“Who are you and what are you doing here in the Tianci Dynasty?” asked a guard at that moment. However, when the guards sensed the young man’s Qi, they shivered, as these people were extraordinary.
“We came to see your Holy Emperor!” said the young man icily, and then continued flying forwards.
“Your Excellency, if you want to see our Holy Emperor, just wait and we’ll inform them,” said the guards.
The arrogant young man suddenly released a terrifyingly cold Qi, shouting furiously, “Insolent!”
He stopped and released even more Qi. With a glance at the crowd, he waved his hands and two beasts appeared, while the air started freezing.
The beasts roared in a deadly rage. The two guards could only look desperate and scream as the two snow beasts devoured them.
The young man shook his sleeves as if nothing had happened and continued striding forwards. At the same time, he shouted furiously, “Holy Emperor, come out and see me!”
“Who dares act that insolently in the Tianci Dynasty?” many voices shouted back icily. Great imperial Qi filled the air. A great emperor arrived and saw Xue Ao. However, Xue Ao merely grunted icily and the air started freezing again. He stretched out his hands and a snowy path appeared, moving straight towards the great emperor.
“Piss off!” shouted the great emperor. A snow spear appeared and shot towards Xue Ao. At the same time, a domain filling the air Dao strength appeared.
“Argh!” Explosions sounded, a snow-filled territory appeared behind the snow young man. The sky seemed to be bearing down, as if millions of mammoths were falling from the sky, and the air creaked and groaned. The incoming spear broke apart. At the same time, Xue Ao continued moving forwards and raised his hands, aiming at the man’s head.
The great emperor pulled a long face. He moved like water, trying to dodge.
“Explode!” shouted the young man furiously. The beasts roared furiously as the air kept exploding. The great emperor dodged away, but his body kept breaking apart. He gave shrieked horribly, even as Xue Ao grabbed his head and blew it apart. He considered everybody and everything beneath his notice.
Many more cultivators arrived very quickly. Great imperial Qi rose up in the air. Many great emperors appeared before the young man, but when they saw him, his clothes, and the people behind him, their expressions changed slightly. The leader stopped, prevented the others from attacking, and asked politely, “You’re from the Snow Clan, Your Excellency?”
“Snow Clan, Xue Ao,” declared the young man icily. The crowd from the Tianci Dynasty were astonished. The Snow Clan… this young man was terrifyingly strong. The great emperors of the Tianci Dynasty couldn’t compete with him!
“What is the Snow Clan doing here? And why attack our people?”
“We’ve heard that Lin Feng from the Holy City had spent some time here, where is he?” Xue Ao asked icily.
“Lin Feng?” The Tianci were stunned. The Tainci leader said, “We invited Lin Feng to come here, but right now he’s in the Holy Spirit Dynasty.”
“I don’t care where he is. Within three days, go and see him, and make him come here!” said Xue Ao, furiously releasing explosive Qi.
The cultivators behind him remained silent, as Xue Ao was terrifying. The two kings of the Snow Clan were completely different; Xue Ao was violent, brutal and aggressive. He angered easily!

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