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PMG Chapter 2041: Two Taoist Priests

PMG Chapter 2041: Two Taoist Priests
The Tianci cultivators all grimaced, but they couldn’t do much against the aggressive prince of the Snow Clan. The strong cultivators who were behind him hadn’t even got involved, either.
The young men of the Snow Clan had come to the Tianci Dynasty and dared attack their people. If it had been anyone else, the Tianci Dynasty would have killed them already, but the Snow Clan was a powerful and mysterious clan, and the Tianci Dynasty couldn’t afford to offend them. Therefore, even though they were furious, they didn’t say anything. The Snow Clan cultivators had come for Lin Feng, but unfortunately, they had come to the Tianci Dynasty to find him!
“We will dispatch people to find him and make him come. Please, you are guests here. Kindly do not cause trouble here,” said the old man of the Tianci’s group. He was furious but didn’t show it. He could only deal with them pragmatically. They were the weaker force here; the Snow Clan was stronger than they were.
The atmosphere calmed down. The Tianci cultivators were furious, but they remained silent. The Snow Clan cultivators, especially great emperors, were terrifying.
Lin Feng didn’t know that the Snow Clan had come to Qi Tian Holy Town to find him, but the Holy Spirit Dynasty already knew about it. When the Tianci cultivators came to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, the Holy Spirit cultivators could only welcome them.
“I’m going straight to the point, a member of the Snow Clan who has a king-type body has come to the Tianci Dynasty and he’s looking for Lin Feng,” the Tianci cultivator informed them.
The strong cultivator of the Holy Spirit Dynasty flung his sleeves and said, “If people want to harm Lin Feng, we won’t let him go.”
“Lin Feng is the Holy Dynasty Prince of the Holy Spirit Dynasty now, so I understand you want to protect him. Nonetheless, Lin Feng must go this time, otherwise, the Snow Clan cultivators will be furious and will come to the Holy Spirit Dynasty.” said the Tianci cultivator icily. The Snow Clan cultivators seemed insane, if one cultivator dared cause trouble and attack people in the Tianci Dynasty, what else might he do? And could the Holy Spirit Dynasty deal with him?
“No need to talk that much anyway. They said that you have three days to deliver Lin Feng. I’m off,” said the Tianci cultivator icily. Then, he flung his sleeves and left. The strong cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty flung their sleeves, all of them pulling long faces. If it had been anyone else, the Holy Spirit Dynasty could have done something; any other Dynasty, or any other Clan. But this time, it was the Snow Clan, and the Snow Clan didn’t fear Shi Jue Lao Xian.
At that moment, a silhouette appeared, and everybody raised their heads. “Holy Emperor!”
“Alright,” said the Holy Emperor, waving to acknowledge everyone.
Everybody sat down, one person speaking up, “Holy Emperor, the Snow Clan has come to cause trouble. They want to find Lin Feng, but Lin Feng is meditating in seclusion and practicing cultivation. If we don’t tell them anything, they won’t know what he’s doing and where he is. What should we do?”
“The Snow Clan.” The Holy Emperor was stupefied. Why was the Snow Clan looking for Lin Feng? If the problem was too important, things could get serious for the Holy Spirit Dynasty, and they wouldn’t be able to keep the situation under control.
“I’m going to find Lin Feng and then I’ll decide what to do,” said the Holy Emperor calmly, before proceeding to leave. He had to understand what the Snow Clan wanted from Lin Feng first.
The Holy Emperor left and went to find Lin Feng. When Lin Feng saw the Holy Emperor, he was surprised.
“Lin Feng, I need to ask you something.”
“There is no harm in saying what one thinks, Holy Emperor,” said Lin Feng agreeably.
“Are there tensions between you and the Snow Clan?” asked the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng was startled. The Holy Emperor had come personally to ask him that, there was something going on obviously.
“Master, have the Snow Clan come to Qi Tian Holy Town?” asked Lin Feng, without answering the question. The Holy Emperor realized it was a serious problem.
“Some cultivators from the Snow Clan have arrived at the Tianci Dynasty. They said that they wanted to see you within three days, and some people from the Tianci Dynasty just came to us,” the Holy Emperor informed him calmly. However, Lin Feng sensed that he was feeling nervous.
“How many strong cultivators?” asked Lin Feng.
“One of them has a king-type body. Some old men and younger ones also followed him,” said the Holy Emperor.
Lin Feng understood that they had come for Meng Qing, and felt the pressure. The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty had come personally, it meant that the Snow Clan was extremely powerful. It was difficult to imagine.
“If there is a big problem, the Holy Spirit Dynasty is willing to bear the pressure for you,” said the Holy Emperor. Lin Feng looked at him deeply. He was trying to understand if he really meant it or not.
If the Holy Spirit Dynasty really dared protect him, the Holy Emperor wouldn’t have come personally.
Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t blame them. Even though he had an unusual position within the Holy Spirit Dynasty, if the tensions between him and the Snow Clan were too serious, how could the Holy Spirit Dynasty bear the pressure for him? They couldn’t afford to offend the Snow Clan, otherwise the consequences would be too serious.
When the Holy Emperor saw Lin Feng’s expression, he made up his mind, he turning around and leaving. At the same time, he said, “Lin Feng, I will organize a banquet for the Snow Clan’s cultivators. Even if they are strong enough, they probably won’t dare attack you in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. At least, we’ll do our best to make them keep calm and if you put pressure on them, then that’s the best.”
“Thank you very much, Holy Emperor,” Lin Feng replied gratefully. He watched the Holy Emperor leave. If the Snow Clan’s cultivators had come to kidnap him, they wouldn’t have sent people of the same age, they would have immediately oppressed him and the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng was already grateful. The Snow Clan was probably stronger than most Imperial Clans and Ancient Holy Clans, and Meng Qing was probably a holy maiden from the Snow Clan.
The feast day was set. The Holy Spirit Dynasty would receive the cultivators of the Snow Clan as well as the geniuses of Qi Tian Holy Town. Of course, some outsiders who had come for the historical remains would also attend.
When the news spread, the members of the Tianci Dynasty looked happy, gloating over the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s misfortune. The Holy Spirit Dynasty was protecting Lin Feng, and had invited so many geniuses, doubtless they were trying to put pressure on the Snow Clan.
After the news spread, there were no ill consequences, which surprised the Tianci Dynasty.
People hadn’t heard anything about Lin Feng for nearly a year. Some people were surprised that he was even in the Holy Spirit Dynasty, and now the Dynasty was even inviting the Snow Clan? The gossips couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen!
In the Saint’s World, Wang Jian was seated on a mountain, his aura sharp and ready. He hadn’t left the historical remains, the members of his clan had also joined him to hunt for treasures in the historical remains. However, they hadn’t obtained much. Back then, they had wanted to steal Lin Feng’s treasures, but then he had surprised them by killing Prince Yan.
On a flatland of the Saint’s World, Chu Chun Qiu looked in the direction of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. During this past year, he had become much stronger. His eyes glittered with subdued fury. He looked like a real king.
Chu Chun Qiu wasn’t interested in the historical remains as much as those searching for them. Apart from treasures, he was especially interested in people’s lives and souls.
At the same time, white clouds rolled in waves up in the sky. There were many people gathered on a white cloud. At the forefront were two people, both strangely dressed. There was a Taoist priest, posing as person of high morals, and next to him, there was a little Taoist priest.
“Good heavens, I haven’t seen that little boy for so many years, and he’s causing trouble again,” said the Taoist priest, who had the demeanor of a transcendent being.
“Teacher, that’s Lin Feng,” said the young Taoist priest next to him, smiling. He looked a bit afraid of his teacher.
“Yes, back then, Lin Feng was an ordinary cultivator, but then I became his teacher, I taught him a lot, he became that way thanks to me. That’s why he’s famous in Qi Tian Holy Town. If he hadn’t left me, he would have become even stronger. He’s not like you though, he could kill you with one finger. You’re a disgrace. But you’re lucky to have found me. Thanks to me, you will definitely become a terrifying cultivator,” said the Taoist priest solemnly. The little Taoist priest next to him winced.
Lin Feng used to be an ordinary cultivator? Back then, the Diviner had said he would become a terrifying cultivator if he didn’t die and wanted to recruit him. Now the Taoist priest was saying that Lin Feng had become so strong thanks to him?
Of course, the disciple was not going to say anything out loud, and the Taoist priest was extremely strong, that was undeniable.
“So you think that if I stay with you, I’ll become even stronger than Lin Feng, teacher?” asked the little Taoist priest calmly.
“Not necessarily. You met me a bit too late, maybe. You could, but Lin Feng met me when he was very young. Of course, you have already became a medium-level emperor thanks to me. If you hadn’t met me, you would not have become a medium-level emperor so quickly,” replied the Taoist priest.
The little Taoist priest sighed and asked, “Where are we going, teacher?”
“We’re going to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Lin Feng is my disciple. Even though he’s a bit famous, he’s still very young and he has offended the Snow Clan. I must intervene!” said the Taoist priest.
The little Taoist priest had cold sweats and exclaimed, “You’re really strong, teacher!”
“Yes!” said the Taoist priest proudly. They were en route for the Holy Spirit Dynasty!

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