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PMG Chapter 2042: Before the Storm

PMG Chapter 2042: Before the Storm
Lin Feng was in his spirit world, seated in front of Qin Shan. He released soul strength and put it into Qin Shan.
“Master, I’m sorry for disturbing you,” said Lin Feng. Qin Shan’s consciousness condensed.
“Do you need help?” asked Qin Shan.
“Yes, Master, I need your help. I might be in trouble soon, otherwise, I wouldn’t have come disturb you,” said Lin Feng. Without Qin Shan’s help, Lin Feng would be in trouble. Lin Zhe Tian was going to be born soon, the Snow Clan was putting pressure on him, and many people in Qi Tian Holy Town were watching him. He needed someone powerful to help him.
“Alright, but remember to ask me for help when you really need it, because after a great fight, I might lose control over this body. I will need to sleep for a very long time, and I won’t be able to help you again. With such a little thread of consciousness, I won’t be able to use my full strength that many times.” said Qin Shan.
Lin Feng was grateful and replied, “I will choose the best time to call you. When I become stronger, I’ll find a doctor for you, I hope to bring you back to life like before.”
“You’re kind. Come, try and put your soul into my brain. We’ll try to control my body together. After a battle, you’ll also become weaker, and you won’t be able to control my body, and you will also need much vitality and vigor. You will also need time to recover.”
“I understand!” Lin Feng replied. He put his soul into Qin Shan’s body. He tried to fuse together with his consciousness to control the ancient body. Walking around was no problem, but fighting was another story.
Lin Feng didn’t want to use the ancient body, it was bad for both Qin Shan and him, but this was for Meng Qing. This wasn’t a game, it was deadly serious.
The two Taoist priests arrived in front of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. The guards looked at them and shivered. What was going in Qi Tian Holy Town? The Snow Clan had come to the Tianci Dynasty, they were aggressive and violent. Now some strong cultivators were in front of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. An old man behind them was trembling.
“Masters, what are you doing in the Holy Spirit Dynasty? If you need anything, I’ll inform the leaders,” asked the guard, extremely politely!
“Good Heavens, I’m your Holy Dynasty Prince’s teacher. I came to see him.” said the Taoist priest with his palms together. He sounded solemn and respectful. The guards looked at him respectfully and bowed.
“I’m going to inform our Holy Dynasty Prince then.”
“Alright, I will wait here,” said the Taoist priest indifferently. He looked noble and strong.
In the distance, many people looked at him and started immediately gossiping.
“That Taoist priest looks extraordinary and extremely strong. There are many strong cultivators with him. And surprisingly, he is the Holy Dynasty Prince’s teacher! No wonder the Holy Dynasty Prince was so strong, he had an incredible teacher who looks unfathomable and enigmatic!”
“Yes, the Taoist priest really looks extraordinary, and now he came to see the Holy Dynasty Prince.”
The Taoist priest ignored what the people were saying.

When Lin Feng heard the guard, he was stunned. His teacher?
His eyes twinkled and he asked, “And what does he look like?”
“He’s a Taoist priest, he said Good Heavens when he arrived. He is with many other powerful cultivators. He came to see you,” relayed the guard.
Lin Feng finally understood, he smiled and said, “That old bastard is here!”
“Old bastard?” The guard shook his head when he heard Lin Feng talk about the Taoist priest like that. He noted that Lin Feng and the Taoist priest were close, the Taoist priest hadn’t lied.

After a short time, Lin Feng walked out to the gate, when he saw the Taoist priest, he smiled at him and said, “Bastard, since when are you my teacher?”
Yan Di said, “Little bastard, now that you’ve become an extremely strong cultivator, you’ve forgotten about me!”
“Alright, alright, I became strong thanks to you!” said Lin Feng, smiling happily. He looked at the small Taoist priest next to him.
The little Taoist priest looked happy and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, back then, let’s forget about the tensions, now, I’m our teacher’s disciple. We are fellow disciples, and now you’re the Holy Dynasty Prince. You know many ancient techniques, I hope I can learn from you.”
Lin Feng rolled his eyes and replied, “Fu Hei, I had not anticipated that you’d become his disciple.”
“Eh…” Fu Hei smiled. “Let’s not talk about that. Let’s exchange views on cultivation, teach me some techniques.”
The Taoist priest tapped Fu Hei’s head and said, “Don’t think you can do anything because you’re my disciple.”
“I learned that from you!” protested Fu Hei, smiling wryly.
“Alright, come with me,” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng was really happy that Yan Di had come.
“Lin Feng, the the Snow Clan came because of Meng Qing, right?” Yan Di asked Lin Feng, as they strolled back to his place.
“She has a king-type body of the Snow Clan. They obviously came for Meng Qing, I don’t know why they’re doing that, Meng Qing never goes out,” replied Lin Feng.
“You underestimate the Snow Clan. The Snow Clan is very powerful. They’re not as strong as they once were, but they’re still very strong. They have some terrifying spells you can’t imagine,” Yan Di said calmly, “Where is Meng Qing?”
“She’s pregnant and the Snow Clan came precisely at that moment. Old bastard, help me,” said Lin Feng, directly asking for help.
“No need to think too much, it’s an easy thing.” said Yan Di, rolling his eyes. Lin Feng was surprised, easy?
“How to solve the problem?” asked Lin Feng, his eyes twinkling.
“Give Meng Qing back to the Snow Clan.” said Yan Di.
“Piss off!” said Lin Feng, he looked even more furious than Fu Hei had. What a bastard!
“The Snow Clan has dispatched people to find Meng Qing. They care about her. She won’t be in danger there. I don’t know what the Snow Clan thinks of the child, though. They won’t kill him, since she’s one of them.” said Yan Di. “But you, you did a good job. The Snow Clan will definitely want to kill you. You are under pressure. If you don’t give Meng Qing back, they’ll definitely kill you.”
“Impossible, Meng Qing must stay with me. If you don’t want to help me, then fine,” replied Lin Feng, annoyed now.
“You need an army to block them.” said Yan Di, waving his hands, “Anyway, with me here, they won’t dare annoy you. After all, I’m your teacher.”
Yan Di was really shameless. Back in the days, Lin Feng used to ride him when he was still Qiong Qi. Back then, Qiong Qi also used to eat his abstruse energy crystals. Remembering those things, Lin Feng laughed.
Finally, it was the day of the banquet. Many strong cultivators arrived in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Many people wanted to see what would happen between Lin Feng and the Snow Clan. Why was the Snow Clan angry at him? Because of it, the Dynasties were also involved!
In a courtyard, a woman in black clothes handed Lin Qiong Sheng over to someone, her beautiful eyes twinkled, she looked angry. Nobody could touch Lin Feng, including the Snow Clan.

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