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PMG Chapter 2043: Discussing the Problem

PMG Chapter 2043: Discussing the Problem
The Holy Spirit Dynasty organized the banquet. Even though the goal was to discuss Lin Feng’s problem, the Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty welcomed the guests. Everybody found that strange. The Holy Emperor had appeared personally, so he could act as a mediator and reduce the pressure.
With the Holy Emperor present, it would be difficult to oppress the Holy Spirit Dynasty, and the Holy Emperor also attached great importance to Lin Feng.
Many strong cultivators from the Qin Dynasty were there, too. Lin Feng had obtained their Ancestor’s technique. They wanted it, no matter what!
The members of the Ancient Jade Dynasty also came, along with people of the Moon Palace. Empress Xi was there. There were three old men who looked unfathomable and enigmatic.
Of course, apart from the Dynasties, there were some Ancient Holy Clans. Wang Jian’s Ancient Holy Clan also arrived. Zhuo Qing’s group also came. Geniuses and strong cultivators from many different places were all in attendance.
“Everybody, come and have a seat,” said the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s Holy Emperor patiently. The crowd sat down and waited patiently. The Snow Clan and the Tianci Dynasty’s members hadn’t arrived. They were the real protagonists.
A cold Qi emerged all about them. The temperature dropped down, and snowflakes appeared.
The Snow Clan is here, thought the crowd. Another group of people had arrived. They were wearing snowy white robes, and looked proud and arrogant. The young man at the very front looked incredible, like a real warrior. His eyes were bestial. He looked like someone who could burst into violence at anytime.
The members of the Tianci Dynasty arrived, but they stayed back, as if all that had nothing to do with them.
“What about Lin Feng?” said Xue Ao, looking over the crowd icily.
“Snow Clan, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling. Please come and have a seat,” said the Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty. He didn’t reply to the question.
“Where’s Lin Feng?” asked Xue Ao again, coldly. He didn’t give the Holy Emperor any face. He was a beast from the Snow Clan, and very aggressive. In the kingdom of the Snow Clan, nobody could compare with Xue Ao.
“You’re looking for the Holy Dynasty Prince, what is the reason?” asked the Holy Emperor calmly.
“We’re here to kill him.” Xue Ao’s eyes glittered with cold lights. Kill him? The Snow Clan wanted to kill Lin Feng?! What had he done to offend them?
An eerie silence invaded the atmosphere when he said that. The Snow Clan had come to the Holy Spirit Dynasty to kill their Holy Dynasty Prince. How scary. Xue Ao was staring at the Holy Emperor, waiting for him to react. Would they hand Lin Feng over?
The Holy Emperor hadn’t thought the situation would be so bad. A cultivator of the Snow Clan who had a king-type body had come to Qi Tian Holy Town to kill Lin Feng…
“What if I refuse?” The Holy Emperor remained silent for a few seconds and finally asked. He sounded indifferent, even though he was smiling.
Xue Ao stepped forwards and released a terrifying amount of bestial Qi.
“If Lin Feng doesn’t come out, we’ll kill the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty until he comes out,” snarled Xue Ao aggressively. He looked furious and scornful. Who would dare attack him if he started killing them?
The Holy Emperor remained silent. Someone near to him said indifferently, “Holy Emperor Ling, Lin Feng is not from the Holy Spirit Dynasty. No need to protect him. Since he has received the legacy of our Ancestors, just ask him to transmit his knowledge to us. No need to offend other people. I’m from the Qin Dynasty, I also want Lin Feng to transmit our Ancestor’s knowledge to us.”
“Lin Feng is insolent. He killed Prince Yan. Now the Snow Clan wants to kill him, the Holy Spirit Dynasty doesn’t need to get involved. But before killing him, we want to get the skeleton he’s obtained!” spoke up a Tianci cultivator.
They’re basically throwing stones at someone who has fallen down a well, thought the crowd. Nobody dared steal things directly from Lin Feng, but now they had an opportunity to join hands with the Snow Clan to steal his treasures.
“According to rumor, Lin Feng also has the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Since he’s going to die, we can also share them,” said someone else icily. The Holy Spirit Dynasty was coming under great pressure.
The Dynasties could benefit from the situation, all thanks to the Snow Clan!
Everybody watched at the Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty.
“Holy Emperor Ling, hand Lin Feng over.”
“Lin Feng has offended too many people. Holy Emperor Ling, don’t be stubborn. The situation is too serious.”
The pressure was intense.
“So many people want to kill me?” said someone indifferently at that moment. Lin Feng came out of a palace with other people. Everybody turned to look at him.
“Lin Feng.”
People’s eyes twinkled coldly. Lin Feng had dared to come out!
Lin Feng had dared come out, and now he even sat down. There was a Taoist priest next to him, composed and unmoved. When he arrived, he exclaimed “Good Heavens!”, and many people rolled their eyes.
Where were these people from? The people who had come with Lin Feng looked terrifying, unfathomable, and enigmatic.
“You’re Lin Feng!” said Xue Ao, staring at Lin Feng and releasing bestial Qi. A hurricane appeared around him. He looked ferocious, ready to pounce.
“Where’s Xue Ling Long?” demanded Xue Ao icily.
Lin Feng looked at him indifferently. What an arrogant little beast! Then, he looked elsewhere, ignoring him.
Xue Ao suddenly looked amused. His bestial Qi became even thicker. He suddenly turned into a blur of light and charged Lin Feng.
As he did, an old man behind Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked at Xue Ao icily. Suddenly, lights moved towards him. The air began to warp. Xue Ao groaned and released a terrifying strength, explosively facing off against the older man… and was hurled away helplessly.
At the same time, the Snow Clan cultivators released a terrifying Qi all together. Everybody felt ice-cold.
“Do you know what you’re doing?” shouted an old man of the Snow Clan, staring at Lin Feng’s group.
The Taoist priest closed his eyes and replied indifferently, “Good heavens!”
“Eh?” The old man stared at the Taoist priest icily.
“Your Excellency, I’ve seen too many little beasts like you. You can become my pets, I’ll help you broaden your knowledge, and that way, you will stop losing face,” said the old Taoist Priest, shaking his head and staring at the Snow Clan cultivators.
The members of the Snow Clan were stupefied. Everybody else was stunned too, actually. That old Taoist Priest was acting too recklessly, he was humiliating the Snow Clan?
Become his pets? Broaden the Snow Clan’s knowledge?
“What did you say?” demanded the Snow Clan’s strong cultivator icily. They couldn’t believe it. That old Taoist Priest was humiliating the Snow Clan!?
“Good heavens, not only don’t you want to broaden your knowledge, but you also don’t understand what I’m saying! It seems I can’t help you after all,” the old Taoist Priest sighed.
“Insolent!” shouted the old man explosively. The atmosphere around him started freezing. The palace behind them even disappeared under snowflakes. “You want to die?!”
“Teacher, they are bad people, and they even dare say we want to die?” the little black Taoist priest asked the older one.
“They think they can kill us, they think we won’t react,” explained the old Taoist Priest patiently.
“Oh, why wouldn’t we strike back if they attacked us?” asked the little Taoist priest, frowning.
“They should listen to us carefully next time,” said the old Taoist Priest, calmly patting the young one’s shoulder. The members of the Snow Clan all pulled long faces.

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