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PMG Chapter 2044: Yan Di’s Craziness

PMG Chapter 2044: Yan Di’s Craziness
The Snow Clan cultivators were furious. People were humiliating them in front of everybody!
Everybody was amused, but nobody dared show it. They were wondering where those people came from. They were definitely brave. They dared make fun of the Snow Clan in front of everybody. Very few people dared do that.
The space around them was already completely frozen. An old man of the Snow Clan looked furious and stared at Yan Di, spitting out, “Are you from the Holy Spirit Dynasty?”
“We’re not. I know, you’re disappointed,” said Yan Di, laughing. “I’m a very old cultivator of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Are you interested in becoming my pet?”
“Your clan was destroyed once ten thousand years ago, now we’re going to destroy it once again!” said the old man icily.
The people behind Yan Di opened their eyes, and rather suddenly, the ice broke apart!
However, Yan Di waved his hand, making everyone recall their Qi before he closed his eyes. The old man of the Snow Clan groaned icily. He was going crazy!
“I’ve heard of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, they’re going to be destroyed again since they’re acting recklessly!” swore Xue Ao furiously.
“Old buddy, when beasts haven’t really transformed into human beings, they’re still as stupid as before, right?” Lin Feng asked Yan Di.
“Seems like it,” Yan Di nodded.
“I think so too. How do they even dare threaten us?” said Fu Hei, shaking his head.
“Poor Tianci Dynasty, these people went to their Dynasty and killed their people. The Snow Clan dares bully them.”
“Is that why the Dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town haven’t received the legacy of their Ancestors for such a long time? Because they can’t kill such people?” wondered Fu Hei.
“We can’t blame the Tianci Dynasty. Even though they’re cowards, they can’t compete with the Snow Clan, so they’re just vigilant,” Yan Di sighed. The members of the Snow Clan and the Tianci Dynasty all pulled long faces.
“Oh, so the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan doesn’t need to fear them in case they want to get their revenge?” asked Fu Hei fatuously.
“Little boy, you’re smart.”
“What should we do? They dared threaten us and said they would destroy the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan,” asked Fu Hei, smiling broadly.
“Of course, who can threaten me?” said the old Taoist Priest nodding. He looked at the people behind him and said, “If you hear them make impertinent remarks about our clan again, kill the little beasts which keeps barking.”
“You’re insolent!” The members of the Snow Clan started walking forwards and releasing Qi.
“Who’s barking again…!” Explosions and crackling of Qi in conflict rose. When the members of the Snow Clan started walking towards them, Yan Di smashed the table in front of him and it exploded. He stood up, his hair messy and fluttering in the wind.
The strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan also started walking and releasing a truly horrifying Qi. The members of the Snow Clan all froze in place and stared at Yan Di. They all pulled long faces.
“You think I’m a little beast, too?” said Yan Di. Flames of fury were burning in his eyes. He then said icily, “You’re threatening us? I’ve seen many, many people like you, even thousands of years ago. I’m not afraid of a few little beasts. If you say anything, I just have to raise my hand, and you’ll…all…die.”
Yan Di didn’t look like a nice and gentle Taoist priest anymore, he was releasing an ominous Qi. The members of the Snow Clan remained very silent at that moment, their hearts pounding in very unfamiliar fear. Some other people looked at Yan Di and were jealous, he was so strong and arrogant!
He was definitely crazy, humiliating the members of the Snow Clan and making them shut up.
The strangest thing was that the Snow Clan, who had dared go to the Tianci Dynasty and kill people, shut up when Yan Di threatened them. The crowd was astonished. The members of the Snow Clan were furious, but they didn’t dare say anything.
Everybody was afraid of crazy people. The Tianci Dynasty couldn’t afford to offend the Snow Clan, none of the Dynasties couldn’t afford to offend them, actually. But that old Taoist Priest did dare to offend them, so he was definitely crazy.
Lin Feng smiled indifferently. His old buddy was definitely fearless and crazy. Yan Di always went too far.
Yan Di smiled indifferently when he saw the Snow Clan had shut up. He reclaimed the demeanor of a transcendent being again. He smiled and said, “Don’t look so serious. I just asked you to shut up. Don’t be nervous. I just don’t like it when little animals bark unceasingly. Just stay calm.”
Yan Di sat down slowly again as if nothing had happened. However, the members of the Snow Clan continued remaining silent. As Yan Di had said, he just wanted them to shut up. The strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were there, and could crush them. Yan Di had even said he would kill Xue Ao if they continued being annoying. They couldn’t afford to lose him. They had come to kill Lin Feng, and in the end, they had to shut up.
“Oh and someone said they wanted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures which belong to my Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. If anyone needs them, please tell me. I’ll come to your Dynasty or clan personally. Maybe I’ll give them to you if I’m in a good mood,” said Yan Di to the crowd, smiling broadly. He looked nice and gentle, completely different from a few moments before.
The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were fearless. They didn’t even fear the Snow Clan! Actually, the cultivators Yan Di had brought were all Celestial Emperors and Saint Emperors. Apart from the little Taoist priest, the weakest cultivator was Yan Di himself. He was only a great emperor!
Yan Di shrugged and smiled at Lin Feng, “Alright, it’s your turn.”
Lin Feng smiled and stood up. He walked to the crowd and looked at the members of the Tianci Dynasty. He smiled and said, “Prince Yan wanted to steal my treasures, so I killed him. If you want to avenge his death, I’m here. Come and attack.”
The members of the Tianci Dynasty looked furious. Everybody had seen Lin Feng and Prince Yan’s battle. If they killed Lin Feng because of that, wouldn’t there be consequences? Impossible. The consequences would be terrifying for the Tianci Dynasty. Besides, if they killed Lin Feng and obtained nothing, it would be even more tragic. Everybody had acted arrogantly just now, they had all said they wanted to kill Lin Feng because the Snow Clan had the advantage. Now that the members of the Snow Clan had shut up, who could kill Lin Feng?
The Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty wasn’t that stupid. He grunted coldly and said, “If I kill you, everybody will make fun of me.”
“So, you were just joking?” smiled Lin Feng. Then, he looked at the members of the Qin Dynasty and observed, “The Qin Dynasty said they wanted to kill me, please attack if you want to kill me.”
The members of the Qin Dynasty looked at the Snow Clan’s people. They couldn’t kill Lin Feng, they needed the Snow Clan’s help to do so. The Snow Clan couldn’t say anything, though.
“So the elders of the Qin Dynasty were joking too, what about the others? What about those people who wanted to kill me?”
Many people grimaced. They would have never thought the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan would appear out of nowhere and get involved.
“Staying in the Holy Spirit Dynasty is useless. Let’s leave,” someone spoke up at that moment. The crowd was startled, their eyes twinkling. It was Empress Xi. Many people were surprised, but nodded agreement. The Snow Clan was under immense pressure, and couldn’t say anything. They had to leave the Holy Spirit Dynasty and gather outside.
“Good day!” The members of the Qin Dynasty stood up and started leaving. The members of the Snow Clan turned around and left too.
Lin Feng watched them go coldly and said, “Those people will regroup and come back even stronger.”
“Of course. They’ll try to form a group, but other people won’t dare touch you. They’ll ask the Snow Clan to kill you, though. The others will try to resist the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan and the Holy Spirit Dynasty,” observed Yan Di.
As they had said, those people left and talked about a strategy. They didn’t go far from the Holy Spirit Dynasty. So many strong cultivators had gathered and been humiliated, could they leave like that without doing anything? Was that even possible?
“Little boy, I can’t do much. You’ll have to rely on yourself,” Yan Di sighed. Lin Feng remained silent and nodded that he understood the situation!

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    Since when did yan di clan had Saint emperors??a saint emperor would be equal to the leader of snow clan.

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      snow clan leader is higher than saint / holy emperor. atleast Sage
      Huang Qi Layer
      Medium-Level Emperor
      High-Level Emperor
      Great Emperor
      Celestial Emperor
      Saint / Holy Emperor
      Saint King

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      From what I understand most of the powerhouses in Yan Di’s clan were able to be revived, and that’s where they all came from

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