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PMG Chapter 2045: Suffocating Hurricane

PMG Chapter 2045: Suffocating Hurricane
The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty came over to Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, the Snow Clan wants to kill you. The others want to take advantage of that situation. It’s not over.”
“I understand. Protect her and the child, though,” said Lin Feng calmly. The Holy Spirit Holy Emperor’s eyes twinkled. He was relieved. They were different from Yan Di and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, who had come confident and at ease. They could kill anyone they wanted. Yan Di had dared act that way, but the Holy Spirit Dynasty was different.
The members of the Snow Clan and the Dynasties understood that, therefore, the Snow Clan feared Yan Di because Yan Di would have really killed Xue Ao. The Tianci Dynasty couldn’t do anything against Yan Di, either.
“Lin Qiong Sheng will become a Holy Emperor in the future. You don’t need to worry about her. She’s safe here. Even if you can’t protect her, it doesn’t matter,” said the Holy Emperor. “Besides, I will dispatch some strong cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty to follow you. That’ll remove some pressure from your back.”
“Leave the Snow Clan to me. Pay attention to the Moon Palace. The others won’t dare do anything if the Snow Clan doesn’t attack first,” said Yan Di calmly. Everybody nodded. Then, the Holy Emperor waved his hand and some strong cultivators’ silhouettes flickered and appeared behind him.
“Let’s go out,” said Lin Feng calmly. He started walking away. When they left the Holy Spirit Dynasty, they sensed a terrifying Qi.
After Lin Feng and the others left. someone wearing a black cloak appeared, looking nervous. She watched Lin Feng leave, and followed behind.
Outside of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, when the group saw Lin Feng’s people, they were startled.
“It’s Lin Feng, he took the initiative to come out!”
“The Snow Clan will capture Lin Feng! The others block the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan!” someone ordered. However, Lin Feng’s group of people didn’t stop. They flew away at full speed.
“Chase them!”
Many incredibly strong cultivators took off at their full speed. The air was shrieking from their passage.
“Who are those people? They look so strong.”
“How strong. Many incredible cultivators.”
Many people on the roads of Qi Tian Holy Town were astonished. It was a dangerous, thrilling sight.
“Today, the Holy Spirit Dynasty organized a banquet for Lin Feng and the Snow Clan. Maybe that’s them.”
“Possibly. A great war is going to happen.”
The big group of people drew many people’s attention. Lin Feng and the others arrived in a vast place and stopped, landing on the ground, which exploded under their feet. Pieces of stones flew in all directions.
Clouds rolled back in the sky, and the winds became chaotic. The strong cultivators who were chasing them stopped and dispersed, then they surrounding Lin Feng and the others.
“Is the Holy Spirit Dynasty still going to get involved?” the Tianci Holy Emperor demanded icily. The atmosphere was terribly oppressive.
“The Holy Spirit Dynasty isn’t going to get involved in the Snow Clan and Lin Feng’s affairs. If anyone else wants to attack Lin Feng, they should think carefully, though. After all, we’re not the only Dynasty who has a Holy Emperor,” said Holy Emperor Ling indifferently. His people were standing around Lin Feng, too.
The crowd watched the Snow Clan cultivators. An ice-cold Qi began to creep through the air. In response, the cultivators next to Yan Di stepped forwards and released energies, which surrounded Xue Ao. The Snow Clan cultivators frowned and pulled long faces.
The cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan said nothing at all. They just locked down Xue Ao. It was clear that if the Snow Clan dared attack Lin Feng, they would kill Xue Ao. They were saying to the Snow Clan, Try and dare us!
An invisible and intangible energy oppressed the members of the Snow Clan. They all hated Yan Di. However, they also couldn’t help but admire his courage. They didn’t dare attack Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had definitely offended the Snow Clan already, and would also definitely settle accounts with them at some point. They couldn’t resort to Saints, either. The Snow Clan wouldn’t do anything as long as the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan didn’t kill their people.
They couldn’t gamble with Xue Ao’s life to kill Lin Feng. The situation was chaotic, and they couldn’t do much.
The other strong cultivators started moving and stepped towards Lin Feng. However, the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s cultivators moved closer to Lin Feng to protect him.
“The Holy Spirit Dynasty can’t protect everyone today!” said Empress Xi icily. She was beautiful, calm, and aloof. The cultivators around her also took a step towards Lin Feng. They were putting more pressure on Lin Feng.
The silhouettes of cultivators flickered back and forth. The Holy Spirit Dynasty’s strong cultivators moved closer to Lin Feng and faced the members of the Moon Palace. Yan Di had said it was important to protect Lin Feng from the Moon Palace.
A graceful silhouette appeared and stood behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes glittered as he turned around. He was startled to see who it was!
The woman was wearing a black cloak and had a veil on her face, standing there calmly.
So she’s extremely strong, thought Lin Feng, when he sensed her energies. Her Qi was incredible. He was very surprised. The Holy Spirit Dynasty had matched him with a very powerful woman. She looked gentle and sad, but actually she was incredibly strong.
The pressure was incredible. It was almost as if time had stopped. Even the wind had stilled down. So many strong cultivators had gathered here, a great war would be tragic. Such military formations were rare in Qi Tian Holy Town. It was the first time in over a hundred years!
The strong cultivators who had come from far away were cautious, and didn’t dare get too close. They stayed well in the distance. If all these terrifying cultivators started fighting, they’d also sense something.
Finally, a sharp Qi sprang out. Someone took a step forwards. However, the crowd was surprised because it wasn’t a strong cultivator, it was a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer: Wang Jian!
Someone needed to take the first step, and that person was Wang Jian.
Lin Feng turned his head and regarded Wang Jian calmly. He had been waiting for those cultivators to make the first step, would they dare attack him? Everybody was extremely vigilant. Wang Jian had come out, and he could kill Lin Feng because he was a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer like Lin Feng.
Wang Jian was a genius of the Dark Night Region. He controlled weapon Dao. His attacks were deadly.
Wang Jian released sharp energies. The wind soughed and began to moan. The other strong cultivators remained motionless. Nobody else attacked.
No matter what, Lin Feng had to die today. So many people had gathered, they all wanted something from Lin Feng.
At Wang Jian’s back, a gigantic spear appeared and pointed at Lin Feng. A terrifying Qi appeared, a strong wind of intent streaming from it.
“Die!” shouted Wang Jiao explosively, and the gigantic spear drove towards Lin Feng. The golden lights streaked across the sky. Nobody knew how the situation was going to evolve. But the members of the Dynasties and the Ancient Clans knew one thing: Lin Feng had to die!

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    What level are the so called saints?

    • Wan Shi Tong September 3, 2018 at 2:52 pm - Reply

      No idea, either the author or the translation team keeps using more than one name for the same level of cultivation. Saints should be at the same level of Shi Jue Lao Xiao (I think that’s his name), and stronger than anyone present by a full cultivation level. Holy Emperors are supposed to be one level lower, and some of those are ‘almost Saints’, but stuck and can’t progress.

      • Aladanor September 3, 2018 at 4:34 pm - Reply

        i would guess its the translator that didn’t know what exactly the authos meant and as we all know there is way more than just one way to translate something…especialy with chinese to english. Our editor and proofreader try to even some of them out, but there will always be some things they don’t catch or don’t understand themself.

        • Drimiter September 3, 2018 at 6:47 pm - Reply

          I think that should be something related to the translation do Holy and Saint, this could be the same, or the meaning could be the same during reading/translation.
          Maybe even the author could move between these meanings.
          As M1gHTy said below, if there is EMPEROR after the Saint, this could meaing Holy Emperor, or Half Saint.
          If there is no emperor title, then this could actually refers to the true Saint/Sage.

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    can someone explain this clearly?
    or is the author not sure what is the difference himself?

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    holy/saint emperor (half saint)
    Sage/Saint (without emperor title)
    Sage King
    Something like that

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