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PMG Chapter 2046: Killing and Absorbing

PMG Chapter 2046: Killing and Absorbing
At Lin Feng’s back, a gigantic sword appeared and pointed at the sky.
Lin Feng stretched his hand and his gigantic sword sped to meet the gigantic spear. They collided hard enough to start a windstorm. Lin Feng took flight as a Holy Spirit appeared around him. He condensed wind strength to accelerate.
Wang Jian grunted icily. He looked at Lin Feng and flashed forwards. Another flying spear appeared behind him, and at the same time, a blood spear appeared in his hand and armor appeared on his body. He wanted to kill Lin Feng!
Lin Feng’s eyes went all black. Holy Spirits materialized all around him. He punched out, a Deva-Mara Kalpa Holy Spirit appearing around his fist. He had learned how to condense that Holy Spirit after becoming a high-level emperor. Lin Feng’s fist was black and filled with explosive lightning. Lin Feng punched the flying spear and it exploded.
The crowd remained silent, just watching and not getting involved. Their hearts were all pounding, though. Wang Jian’s weapon Dao was impressive, his weapons explosive. But now Lin Feng had become a high-level emperor and he could destroy Wang Jian’s weapons by simply punching them! Lin Feng’s physical strength had become even more unbelievable…
All those people wanted Lin Feng to die. He had been on the Holy Way Stage, he was extremely talented. If they didn’t kill him now, he would pose a threat to them in the future!
Wang Jian saw Lin Feng charge towards him. A sharp death sword flashed towards him even faster!
Sharp weapon Qi rose up in the air, as Wang Jian turned into a gigantic cauldron. He could release any kind of weapon: offensive or defensive, and his weapons were almost indestructible.
Lin Feng released Death Dao intent. Wang Jian’s weapons also contained soul strength. Lin Feng sighed in admiration, Wang Jian was really talented, and his Dao intent was incredible. He was extremely strong. Who was stronger between him and Zhuo Qing, who had the Diamond Indestructible King-type Body?
Lin Feng waved his hand and ancient imprints appeared all around him. Their invisible and intangible strength surrounded Wang Jian. The ancient imprints looked like other worlds. He couldn’t escape!
A blade appeared in Wang Jian’s hands, he raised his hands and a powerful force filled the air. The incredible strength condensed and turned into an Azure Dragon, which roared out defiantly.
“Lacerate!” The air howled around around the Dragon, it was able to cut anything. It broke free from the World of the Living Imprints. Wang Jian’s weapons were indeed dangerous!
However, after the World of the Living Imprints broke apart, Wang Jian saw a terrifying gigantic sword streak across the sky towards him. It seemed to contain all sorts of strength, including cursing strength! That sword had the level of the top of the Huang Qi layer, and could even kill ordinary great emperors!
Wang Jian’s armor glowed with power. At the same time, he also took out another powerful blade, which lit up in his hand. The sword arrived and destroyed the blade he raised to stop it, before continuing on, unimpeded. An ancient shield appeared in front of Wang Jian, but it was immediately cut into two and then exploded.
The sound was subtle, almost quiet. The sword cut into Wang Jian and through his armor. Qi exploded, and he was driven away, blood splashing as his clothes were torn apart.
What a terrifying defense!, thought those watching. They were also astonished by Lin Feng’s attack. His attacks were murderous. He had progressed a lot, and faster than Wang Jian. Wang Jian was already at the top of the Huang Qi layer, he was going to become a great emperor sooner or later. Lin Feng was different though. When he was a medium-level emperor, he was already extremely strong, and he still had some ways to go before becoming a great emperor.
Lin Feng was extremely talented. The fighting abilities between cultivators of the same level were wide-ranging, and the difference could be gigantic. Differences in terms of spells, talent, and so on could be substantial. If Lin Feng had been at the very top of the Huang Qi layer too, he would have destroyed Wang Jian, even though he was also a genius.
Wang Jian could only look at Lin Feng. He couldn’t compete with him. Lin Feng kept destroying his weapons. The previous time he had fought against Lin Feng, Lin Feng had still been a medium-level emperor.
“Die!” shouted Wang Jian explosively. He condensed terrifying Weapon Intent, and shot it towards Lin Feng’s head. However, a demon appeared to protect Lin Feng’s brain. At the same time, Lin Feng condensed a sword Holy Spirit to merge into his body. He looked like a sword which could cut apart the universe.
Wang Jian calmed down when he saw that. A Ten Thousand Weapons pattern appeared behind him, his whole body turned into a sharp weapon. Weapon energies gathered around him.
Lin Feng raised his hands, terrifying and sharp sword Qi began to vibrate and hum. His body turned into a terrifying sword, and his soul into an indestructible sword. Desolate and ancient Qi filled the air. The energies blotted out the sky. Lin Feng started advancing, condensing force in his feet, each step was more and more powerful.
That sharp sword felt like the last thing in the world. The crowd was nervous. Lin Feng was using the Ancient Holy Techniques again, and he had become much stronger than the previous time, when he had killed Prince Yan.
Wang Jian was shocked and going crazy. He controlled weapon techniques, he had a weapon soul, he understood weapon Dao, he was a king of weapons, and his weapons were incredibly sharp. However, Lin Feng’s sword attack seemed better than his weapons. How could the king of weapons lose against someone else’s weapon?
Wang Jian continued advancing, his Ten Thousand Weapons vibrating ever faster, and everything towards Lin Feng. The ground was shaking as if it were about to collapse.
However, the gigantic sword broke the ten thousand weapons. When it neared him, he had already lost much of his power. He was oppressed.
“Oh no!” Wang Jian felt hopeless. This was a holy technique, an oppressive holy technique. His attacks could kill great emperors, but Lin Feng could oppress him using holy techniques. He was going to die! A terrifying Qi surrounded him-
“Wang Jian, Great Imperial Weapon!” shouted someone loudly. However, the gigantic sword was already descending from the sky, and Wang Jian was under too much pressure. He had the impression he was going to suffocate. He did all he could to protect himself as quickly as possible, the air exploding with his resistance. The gigantic sword crashed on him, and he shook violently, his weapon body breaking apart.
“Die!” People from Wang Jian’s Clan surged forwards, but there were cultivators from the Holy Spirit Dynasty in the sky to intercept them, protecting Lin Feng!
Lin Feng returned to human form. He punched Wang Jian in the head, but Wang Jian’s head didn’t explode. A terrifying absorbing strength appeared around Lin Feng. Nine dragons appeared and absorbed Wang Jian. The weapon pattern was also absorbed immediately. Even Wang Jian’s head was devoured.
“Die, die!…” the cultivators from Wang Jian’s Clan went insane when they saw the genius of their Clan get killed like that. Lin Feng’s soul was trembling, and a terrifying strength moved towards his head. He was being pushed down, but he kept his cool.
A strong wind blew the pressure away as another cultivator protected Lin Feng.
The ground shook violently. Finally, a great battle was about to burst out.
They had chosen Wang Jian to fight against Lin Feng. No matter the winner, the results would have been terrifying in any case. Now, Lin Feng had won, he had killed Wang Jian and the members of Wang Jian’s Clan were furious.
“A great war is starting!” blurted out someone in the distance. They had never seen such a terrifying gathering of strong cultivators!
Lin Feng looked at all those cultivators, he looked furious and said, “You will all regret trying to kill me!”
“Old buddy, protect me!” said Lin Feng, then he jumped forwards, and landed on the ground, a crater appeared, a mysterious strength appeared and surrounded him. The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan jumped into the crater to protect Lin Feng.

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