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PMG Chapter 2047: I’m Your Ancestor!

PMG Chapter 2047: I’m Your Ancestor!
When they saw Lin Feng penetrate into the ground, the cultivators were stunned and said icily, “Be careful, he going to travel underground!”
“Yes, freeze the ground!” said a strong cultivator of the Snow Clan. The strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were protecting Lin Feng. The Snow Clan cultivators landed on the ground and punched the ground, which started freezing with a loud crackling. If Lin Feng was underground, he had to freeze, too. He couldn’t escape!
“Holy Emperor Ling, if you don’t leave, we’ll attack the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty!” said someone icily. Maybe one Dynasty would have feared the Holy Spirit Dynasty, but now they had formed an alliance, they didn’t care about the Holy Spirit Dynasty anymore. Even if the Holy Spirit Dynasty wanted to get their revenge someday, they could call their families and that would be the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s judgement day.
Therefore, they didn’t mind oppressing the Holy Spirit Dynasty together. Maybe they would manage to destroy one Dynasty too!
“So many Dynasties are joining hands to fight against our Holy Dynasty Prince, ridiculous!”
“Since it’s that way, we don’t need to be polite, don’t worry. We won’t attack Lin Feng, but he won’t escape today,” said a voice icily. They had to stop the Holy Spirit Dynasty and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, so the Snow Clan would be able to focus on Lin Feng. The members of Wang Jian’s Clan wouldn’t let Lin Feng off, either!
A terrifying strength began to build. The great war burst out. The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were all surrounding Lin Feng. They made some hand seals and many ancient imprints appeared. Marks appeared on the snowy ground. A golden palace appeared, lofty and indestructible.
There was a boom as a powerful attack crashed onto the palace, but it remained unaffected.
“Hmph! Is that useful?” said an icy voice, as a terrifying strength condensed.
A gigantic spear descended from the sky, a destructive whirlwind around it. It crashed onto the palace and cracks appeared.
“Crush him!” said a few people at the same time. Destructive strength bombarded the palace. Finally, loud sounds spread in the air, the palace finally started breaking apart. However, at the same time, destructive strength blotted out the sky again.
“The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan are way too insolent, they must die!”
“Die!” the strong cultivators of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were less numerous than the others. They couldn’t possibly resist for too long. Lin Feng was in the ground, there was someone watching all those strong cultivators at the entrance of the hole he was in.
A new shattering sound spread in the air. The ice which obstructed the hole broke apart and ancient Qi rose up into the air.
“What’s going on?” The Holy Spirit Dynasty’s person who was protecting everyone was startled. Some Qi was emerging from the hole. She was shocked, her soul felt a severe pressure. It was a truly ancient Qi…
“Is that Lin Feng’s Qi?” she was astonished. At that moment, the members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan moved aside. Three people surrounded the members of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, one of them punched out at them. The atmosphere seemed like it was going to break apart.
The Holy Emperor’s Concubine was stupefied. She jumped into the incoming hurricane, waving her hand and breaking the wind apart. However, at that moment, a gigantic hand grabbed towards her. She was being attacked from every side!
The Concubine suddenly turned into a light beam, moving her hands rapidly. However, she was still chased from the hole.
Someone smiled coldly in the sky and dove towards the hole at full speed.
“Kacha!” The hole was being bombarded and grew wider. It became gigantic, and Lin Feng should have appeared in their field of vision.
When the ice completely broke apart, the strong cultivator was astonished. He didn’t see Lin Feng at all, he saw a gigantic creature.
It was a giant, three zhang tall. He was standing there, as tall as a building. His Qi was ancient and becoming stronger and stronger. Force kept appearing and condensing around him, turning into a hurricane of power.
The descending cultivator above the giant was astonished and started to shake. He couldn’t oppress that giant and quickly stopped descending. The others were astonished, too. Why wasn’t it Lin Feng? Why was there a giant?
They had seen Lin Feng go into the hole, where was he now?
Who, or what, was that giant?
At that moment, the giant raised his head, and light beams emerged from his eyes. He looked up at the cultivator in the sky above him, which made the man shiver even more. It was an ancient peerless cultivator, and his eyes were burning with violence.
The giant jumped out of the hole, his feet were gigantic, he grabbed towards the cultivator above him.
The cultivator above the giant was a Celestial Emperor, but he didn’t feel like fighting against a giant, so he tried to escape.
However, the giant stretched out his hand and a gigantic imprint appeared, oppressing the whole region. The Celestial Emperor shouted desperately, that attack had oppressed everyone! At the same time, the giant stretched out his gigantic hand and grabbed the cultivator. The cultivator had the impression he was going to suffocate.
“No!…” the Celestial Emperor shouted furiously. He was going crazy. The giant had grabbed him and now he couldn’t move anymore.
At that moment, the atmosphere became eerily calm again.
The giant looked like a Saint, was he a Saint from the ancient days?
“No, that’s…” the Qin Dynasty’s Holy Emperor was astonished and staring at the giant. That Qi, the giant, impossible…
The giant was holding the Celestial Emperor, who looked tiny in comparison with him. He was desperate and shouted, “Master, I didn’t do anything! Please forgive me!”
“I thought you wanted to kill me?” said the giant calmly. The crowd started shaking violently.
The voice was completely different, but that was Lin Feng’s way of speaking.
“How is that possible?”
Some people couldn’t believe their eyes and trembled. Lin Feng was extraordinary, but how could he control a giant’s body? That wasn’t Lin Feng’s body. That was the body of an ancient Saint. Lin Feng had definitely obtained it in the Saint’s World!
But how? How could Lin Feng control a giant’s body?
The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty was astonished, too. Lin Feng could control a Saint’s body? They had no explanation. Even if Lin Feng could control such a body, where did the Qi and strength come from?
They didn’t understand.
“Ah…” a loud shout spread in the air. The giant crushed the cultivator in his hand. His muscles, bones, flesh started crackling. The pain was unbearable. They couldn’t imagine how painful it was.
A soul emerged, the cultivator wanted to escape but the giant immediately grabbed the soul too, he crushed the body and the soul of the cultivator. He had destroyed a Celestial Emperor that easily.
“It’s a Saint, it’s a peerless cultivator!” said someone in astonishment and terror.
The Qin Holy Emperor looked at the giant and asked, “Are you really Lin Feng?”
The giant turned around and looked at the Qin Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty. The Holy Emperor didn’t flee. He was staring at the giant as he said, “I’m the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shan’s descendant.”
He was convinced that Lin Feng couldn’t control such a body without a Saint’s help.
The giant raised his hands, but the Holy Emperor continued staring at him.
He clenched his fists. People had cold sweats, worried for the Qin Holy Emperor.
“Holy Emperor!” shouted a strong cultivator of the Qin Dynasty.
However, the Qin Holy Emperor remained motionless. Suddenly, he was forced away as the giant said icily, “I’m your Ancestor, Qin Shan!”

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