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PMG Chapter 2048: Change

PMG Chapter 2048: Change
“I’m your Ancestor, Qin Shan!” said the voice, which made Qin Gan tremble. The giant grabbed Qin Gan and threw him away. The crowd was astonished, especially the members of the Qin Dynasty. At that moment, they all pulled a long face. They were staring at the giant in confusion. Their ancestor?
The Qin Dynasty’s Ancestor wasn’t dead?
The giant really had the body of a Saint, nobody had doubts about that, he looked majestic, he was as tall as a building.
Was that really their ancestor? If that was the case, if he hadn’t died, then the Qin Dynasty was going to become the ruler of Qi Tian Holy Town and even the Region of the Dynasty!
Those days, in the Dark Night Region, even Holy Emperors were rare, and it was almost impossible to see a Saint, but nobody had doubts that they existed. The Saints couldn’t all be dead. The crowd was convinced that nobody could be stronger than a Saint.
The giant threw Qin Gan away. Qin Gan coughed up blood. He wasn’t angry, however, he was touched and moved. It was his ancestor, a Saint, and the Saint was incredibly strong, he could have popped his skull with his fingers. He started thinking that in that body, there was Lin Feng’s consciousness as well as Qin Shan. Lin Feng couldn’t possibly be as strong as a Saint.
“Ancestor,” said Qin Gan, bowing before the giant. Everybody was astonished. Nobody understood what was going on. They had been chasing Lin Feng. Now, a Saint had appeared and it was the Ancestor of the Qin Dynasty! Qin Gan believed it himself!
“Ancestor!” The strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty all bowed respectfully before their ancestor.
The giant’s eyes twinkled. Lin Feng was the main controller, Qin Shan’s thread of consciousness was just helping. Lin Feng was really using the giant’s body. He felt perfect inside, actually. His soul wasn’t shaking even the slightest iota. The body was very responsive.
The members of the Qin Dynasty were Qin Shan’s descendants. Lin Feng was controlling their Ancestor’s strength at that moment. Lin Feng couldn’t kill the members of the Qin Dynasty using Qin Shan’s body, that would have been extremely disrespectful, therefore Lin Feng just wanted to teach Qin Gan a good lesson.
He glanced at all the members of the Qin Dynasty but remained silent. However, they all felt under pressure because of that silence.
The members of the Snow Clan had already gathered together, wanting to protect Xue Ao. An old man said using telepathy, “Get ready to leave!”
They all understood that they couldn’t face a Saint!
The members of the Snow Clan weren’t the only ones who wanted to leave, the others who had come to surround Lin Feng did the same.
Therefore, when the giant looked at the members of the Snow Clan, it was as if something was about to explode. Snowflakes appeared everywhere, and the members of the Snow Clan disappeared into the snow. A terrifying strength filled the air. When the snowflakes disappeared, the giant saw that the members of the Snow Clan were gone
Everybody realized that Lin Feng wasn’t going to die today. Without the Snow Clan’s help, nobody could do anything against him.
The Moon Palace’s members also released golden lights and disappeared inside, leaving without hesitation. A Saint was there, after all…
“Let’s go.” Progressively, more and more people started leaving. However, at that moment, the giant looked at the members of Wang Jian’s clan and a terrifying strength rose up.
“Go? You came here, you think you can leave that easily?” said the giant icily, yet mockingly. The air hummed. The giant took a step, and a second one, and a third one. With each step, he could move ten thousand meters.
“Block!” shouted the members of Wang Jian’s Clan, releasing their Qi. They all turned into swords and moved as fast as they could.
However, at the same time, the giant followed them and condensed an ancient Qi. The giant took out a gigantic ancient bell, and rang it once. Many people coughed up blood instantly. At the same time, the swords had the feeling they were stuck in moving sand.
The giant took another step and appeared in front of those people. A terrible strength seemed to lock the air in place. Their muscles stiffened. The terrifying ancient Qi was absorbing the force of the earth and sky. Those who were trying to escape struggled futilely.
“No…” shouted someone in panic. The gigantic bell crushed cultivators one after another. Their bodies exploded, and their souls dispersed. Someone managed to dodge and moved away at full speed. It was a Saint Emperor.
Lin Feng ignored him. He knew he could control the body perfectly, but he couldn’t catch up with him, otherwise he could have crushed him. A Saint Emperor was nothing in front of a Saint. Escaping would have been impossible. Shi Jue Lao Xian drank booze while crushing Saint Emperors.
The other members of Wang Jian’s clan didn’t manage to escape and all died there.
Then, the giant looked back at the others and realized that everybody was far away. Celestial Emperors were indeed extremely fast.
Of course, the members of the Qin Dynasty were still there. They raised their heads and all looked at their ancestor.
“Someone will have to pay the price today,” said the giant indifferently. He hadn’t talked very loudly, but people in the distance heard him and shivered. Who was going to pay the price?
The Dynasties and some Ancient Holy Clans had sent people to kill Lin Feng. Who was responsible for that?
Lin Feng had used the Saint’s help. He wouldn’t be able to do it again for a long time, and maybe he would never have such an opportunity again.
He had to cherish that opportunity. Could he just chase those people? Would they stop harassing him in the future?
He had to be crazy. He had to make Qi Tian Holy Town shake violently, they had to remember him forever. He had to teach them a good lesson!
“Dong!” The giant made another step, the crowd shook violently. Where was the giant going?
The members of the Qin Dynasty were stupefied. They gathered behind Qin Gan and said, “Holy Emperor, is that really our Ancestor?”
“Of course, do you think we would be able to stay here and stay safe and sound otherwise?” said Qin Gan. He had no doubts any more, the only problem was that their Ancestor liked Lin Feng too!
The Holy Emperor of the Holy Spirit Dynasty took a deep breath. He was astonished… a Saint! He had never thought Lin Feng would be helped by a Saint!
Yan Di remained calm and composed. He laughed and said, “Little boy, have you seen that? That’s my disciple. Soon, he’ll be as famous as me!”
When Fu Hei heard Yan Di, he thought, Since when is Master famous? And that was a Saint!
The imperial concubine looked at the giant in the distance, she was trembling. Where was Lin Feng?
She turned around and looked at the hole again. The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, including Yan Di, were still there. That Taoist priest was certifiably crazy, but he was also enigmatic and unfathomable. Even though she didn’t know what had happened to Lin Feng, she knew that he had secrets. She just stood there calmly and watched.
In the Tianci Dynasty, the ground kept shaking violently. People raised their heads and looked at the giant in astonishment. What was going on? Why was the giant coming to the Tianci Dynasty? No cultivator from their Dynasty could compete with the giant!
Finally, when the giant arrived, Holy Emperor Tianci landed in front of it, his face deathly pale. He looked much older suddenly.
The Saint had chosen their Tianci Dynasty to vent his anger?
“Master, what are you going to do?” asked Holy Emperor Tianci. He didn’t know what to do against such a cultivator. They were going to die if nobody helped them. He already didn’t dare fight against Xue Ao, and in front of a Saint, he was a nobody.
“The Tianci Dynasty needs to change their Holy Emperor,” said the giant calmly. He sounded like he was talking about something ordinary. With one simple sentence, he could decide a Holy Emperor’s fate. The Holy Emperor had to be changed!

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  1. MarkofWisdom September 4, 2018 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    of course the snow punks get away…soon they’ll come back swearing even more revenge for being embarrassed at running away

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    Ok correct me if I’m wrong, previously that Drunk Sage ordered that only Emperor level and below can attack Lin Feng? Not even Great Emperors can touch him. Wasn’t that Snow Clan douchebag a Great Emperor? If he’d attacked LF then he’d get a faceful of alcohol gourd right? Even if the Snow Clan have their own Sage, they don’t have one there otherwise Yan Di wouldn’t have been able to pressure them whatsoever. So why did LF have to waste such a valuable life saving device?

    • Thomas Wilson December 1, 2020 at 9:14 pm - Reply

      Now LF is a high level emperor. As to why the drunk sage didn’t show up. I bet he was watching from afar to see how it played out.

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