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PMG Chapter 2049: Consequences

PMG Chapter 2049: Consequences
Holy Emperor Tianci looked up at the giant, terrified. He had followed the Snow Clan to kill Lin Feng and now the consequences were tragic. He was facing a Saint who was telling him his time as Holy Emperor was done!
He sounded calm and aloof, but Holy Emperor Tianci understood that he was probably going to die.
So many Dynasties had joined hands to kill Lin Feng, and Lin Feng had in return summoned a Saint. For Holy Emperor Tianci, this was a real tragedy. If the Saint was furious, he could make him fall and turn to dust. He knew the Saint had that power.
How tragic, but it was reality.
“I want to know whether you’re Lin Feng or Qin Shan,” said Holy Emperor Tianci. He was going to die so he wanted to know who was going to kill him.
“I’m Lin Feng and the Saint,” said the giant emotionlessly. Holy Emperor Tianci nodded and gave all his possessions to an old man who was standing next to him.
“Holy Emperor!” said the old man, his face stiff.
“Uncle, you can be the Holy Emperor for now. Chen and Piao Xue have potential, in the future you can choose them, or someone else,” said Holy Emperor Tianci. The old man next to him looked extremely sad.
“Alright, even without me, the Tianci Dynasty will remain the Tianci Dynasty,” said Holy Emperor Tianci with a sad smile. He walked up to Lin Feng and said, “You want to kill me for what happened today, you’re right, but no matter what, you will end up like me, sooner or later.”
Then, Holy Emperor Tianci closed his eyes, ready to meet death.
Everyone remained silent in the Tianci Dynasty. The cultivators gathered there all stared at the giant. The giant raised his hand and brought it down. Even when he was crushed, the members of the Tianci Dynasty could scarcely believe it had really happened.
Lin Feng left the Tianci Dynasty, he couldn’t stay like this much longer. He had killed the Holy Emperor of the Tianci Dynasty to prove to everyone that they couldn’t do whatever they wished to him. Everybody in Qi Tian Holy Town would now understand that.
As Lin Feng had expected, when Holy Emperor Tianci died, the news quickly spread everywhere in Qi Tian Holy Town. Nobody said anything, everyone held their tongues. There was too much pressure. The Dynasties were too scared; their Holy Emperors, elders, and families could die!
Holy Emperor Tianci had died. Nobody talked about Lin Feng anymore, saying Lin Feng’s name became taboo.
All of that was due to the Saint’s existence. People in Qi Tian Holy Town realized how strong Saints were. Of course, many people felt even more determined, they all wanted to transcend worldliness, attain holiness, and look at Saint Emperors like insects.
Lin Feng went back to the battlefield and sank back into the ground. His holy Qi dispersed and disappeared. In the ground, Lin Feng went into his spirit’s world and left the Saint’s body. He had the sensation his head was going to explode. He felt extremely weak and sick. With the strength of the Huang Qi layer, using a Saint’s body was exhausting. Without the Saint’s consciousness, he couldn’t have done it.
Yan Di was waiting on the ground outside. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the hole. He was wondering whether taking Lin Feng away was the best solution or not.
Up in the sky, two people were seated on a cloud, lights gathered around them. They had seen everything. They made an odd couple. One of them had an alcohol gourd and looked nonchalant. The other one was a beautiful woman.
“Teacher, will he be alright?” the woman asked the drunkard.
The drunkard didn’t reply hastily, he took a sip of liquor and said, “No problem for now. But in the future, it will be a huge problem.”
“What do you mean?”
“Lin Feng is facing many problems. For now, nobody in Qi Tian Holy Town will dare attack him, but what about the Snow Clan?” said Shi Jue Lao Xian calmly.
The woman was startled, “Teacher, would the Snow Clan dare send a Saint to fight against Lin Feng…”
Qing Feng couldn’t imagine what it meant to be a peerless cultivator.
“You are young. You don’t understand how priceless a Saint’s body is, especially a body which still has a consciousness,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian indifferently. He understood precisely how Lin Feng had used a Saint’s strength. He knew that the Snow Clan’s members also understood that.
“Lin Feng shouldn’t have used the Saint’s strength?” asked Qing Feng. She was stunned.
“He would have died if he hadn’t. Lin Feng didn’t do anything wrong, but the real problem is that no matter what, he didn’t have any good option,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian calmly. He took another sip, looking detached from worldly affairs.
“Teacher, why…” asked Qing Feng, staring at Shi Jue Lao Xian.
“Why I didn’t help Lin Feng before he used the Saint’s body?” asked Shi Jue Lao Xian with a smile. Qing Feng said nothing, but Shi Jue Lao Xian tapped her head and smiled, “If I helped and protected each time he has a problem, how could he become stronger? Besides, I’m not with him all the time. He has to find solutions to his problems himself. All peerless cultivators have to go through uncountable hardships to grow strong.”
“What you mean is that Lin Feng will become a peerless cultivator?” deduced Qing Feng, her eyes twinkling. Her teacher thought highly of Lin Feng.
“I never said that!” Shi Jue Lao Xian grinned. “However, having used the strength of a Saint is something amazing for him, it has many advantages.”
“Teacher, what if a Saint of the Snow Clan attacks Lin Feng? He will definitely die,” Qing Feng asked him.
“Alright, for my good disciple, I’ll offend the Snow Clan only once,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian, shaking his head.
Qing Feng looked at him strangely and whispered, “What does that have to do with me?”
“Ah? Well then, I’d be happy to have a rest. I’m not getting involved then,” said Shi Jue Lao Xian, laying down on the cloud and continuing to drink.
“Teacher!” said Qing Feng, rolling her eyes and pouting.
Shi Jue Lao Xian just laughed and said, “Alright, alright, don’t worry. I’ll help him one last time, but I’ll offend the Snow Clan and it won’t be fun in the future. In the future, he’ll have to rely on himself.”
“Thank you very much, Teacher!” smiled Qing Feng. Since her teacher had said he would help Lin Feng, he was going to help!
Lin Feng’s soul strength moved back into his body and he began to slowly recover. His soul didn’t shake violently anymore. Then, he came out of the hole.
“Little boy, you must feel great, right?” chortled Yan Di, smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was bemused, feel great? His soul had almost exploded, using the Saint’s strength was incredibly dangerous!
“I want to go back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. I think it’s over,” said Lin Feng.
However, the old Taoist Priest shook his head and said, “You can’t go back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty.”
“Why?” Lin Feng asked.
“You must think about the consequences now,” said Yan Di.
Lin Feng didn’t understand. “Who will dare attack me now?” asked Lin Feng.
“The Snow Clan’s Saint,” explained Yan Di.
Lin Feng frowned and remained silent for a few seconds, “If a Saint really wants to attack me, where should I go? And will the Snow Clan really send a Saint to fight against me?”
“Alright, go back to the Holy Spirit Dynasty then,” said Yan Di.
Lin Feng was shook his head. He didn’t understand.
“Go back. If you have to face him, you’ll face him sooner or later.” said the old Taoist Priest. Then, he said “Good Heavens” again. Lin Feng didn’t understand. If the Snow Clan really sent a Saint to fight against him, he could activate the memories he had received from the Diviner of the Destiny Shrine, and say he was from the Destiny Shrine!

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