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PMG Chapter 205: The Prologue of Battle

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“Eight strikes of desolation.” Without hesitating, Lin Feng launched his Eight Strikes of Desolation but it only caused the arrow to deviate slightly.

As if Lin Feng had anticipated this, he raised his hand at the speed of lightning and launched his Qi forward to block the arrow.

“Pshh… pshhh…” Lin Feng’s Qi only barely struck against the arrow to slow it, but the arrow still pierced through it.

“Xin Ye, DODGE!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng’s sword was still in the opponent’s chest. Lin Feng released an incredible amount of sword energy inside the assassin’s body. The assassin met a terrifyingly brutal death.

“Pshhh….” Lin Feng turned around and his face turned deathly pale. He only barely saw the arrow penetrate into flesh!

But it wasn’t the princess at all, it was Qiu Cao. A moment before, Qiu Cao had thrown herself in front of Duan Xin Ye in order to protect her.

“Qiu Cao!” shouted Duan Xin Ye with a sorrowful scream. After that, a hole appeared in the roof of the tent and vines descended from the sky, grabbed Duan Xin Ye’s body and lifted her into the air.

“She is staying here!” shouted Lin Feng. He jumped up in the air and slashed out with the Qi from his long sword.

At the same time, another silhouette fell from the sky. A long blade struck against the sword Qi of Lin Feng and destroyed it.

Duan Xin Ye’s silhouette, in the blink of eye, disappeared from the tent and was taken away by the vines.

Lin Feng was astonished. His face was deathly pale. What a skilful attack. Besides, even the weakest person was at the fifth Ling Qi layer. Lin Feng alone couldn’t block all of them.

An endless Qi suddenly emerged from Lin Feng’s sword and it was followed by a horrible shriek. The energy from the opponent’s sword was completely dispersed. Lin Feng was furious and launched a lethal, unavoidable attack at the opponent.


The sword Qi caused the tent to explode into small pieces. Lin Feng looked around at his surroundings. He looked furious.

When Lin Feng saw the opponents attempting to escape, he immediately jumped up into the air in pursuit, but at that moment a fist struck his face, sending him backwards.

“Get out of my way!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly when he saw the armoured person blocking his way. Lin Feng had been pushed back to the tent by that powerful strike to his face.

“How is Her Majesty, the princess?” asked the person while looking at the tent.

When that person saw that Lin Feng wasn’t replying, they continued: “What have you done to the princess?”

Lin Feng had the sensation that the assassins were already close to escaping. He had no time for useless conversations. He moved forwards and brandished his sword.

“Hmph.” The armoured person smiled coldly and shouted: “Arrows ready!”

When they finished talking, a group of silhouettes suddenly came into vision and raised their bows. They were all aiming at Lin Feng. At that moment, a sharp force rushed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s facial expression changed, he knew that he was trapped. He quickly retreated and asked the armoured person: “Was it you?”

That person ignored Lin Feng’s question and shouted in an extremely cold voice: “What have you done to the princess?”

When he finished talking, he took a step towards the half-destroyed tent. He then saw that there was only a female’s corpse however it was not the princess instead it was Cao Qiu. Obviously, the princess wasn’t there anymore.

“Hand over the princess!” shouted the armoured person. His facial expression was extremely sharp. He slightly raised his hand and at that moment, the myriad of silhouettes pulled back the string of their bows ready to fire towards Lin Feng at any moment.

Lin Feng suddenly smiled and laughed insolently. His two dark and expressionless eyes were staring at that person and he said in an ice-cold tone: “Not only do you plan to assassinate the princess but you also want to make up false charges against me, in order to kill me?”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” said the person while staring at Lin Feng in a cold and indifferent way. He then said: “How dare you mention the princess’ life and your own life in the same sentence? You’re thinking too highly of yourself.”

“Even though your status of lieutenant was granted to you by Liu Cang Lan, today, you killed the princess’ servant and helped kidnap the princess. If you don’t provide explanations, you will die here.”

Lin Feng was smiling coldly. How could he explain things clearly?

At the moment when the princess was being kidnapped, they were all waiting close to the tent, how could they have not seen the kidnappers escaping? Besides, at the moment when Lin Feng was chasing the kidnappers, they had intercepted Lin Feng and stopped his pursuit. Of course, they had prepared this because they wanted to take Lin Feng’s life.

The fact that Lin Feng had killed the princess’ servant and kidnapped the princess spread very quickly amongst the troops.

An incredible amount of people were heading towards the princess’ wrecked tent. In the blink of an eye, the situation became chaotic. Duan Tian Lang had also come once he heard the news.

“Lin Feng, the princess was kind to you, you are her personal guard and surprisingly you dare commit such a crime, now, tell us where the princess is!” shouted Duan Tian Lang while staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng couldn’t provide an explanation.

Even if Lin Feng provided an explanation, nobody was going to believe him. Duan Tian Lang and the others had already declared him as an offender.

As far as they were concerned, Lin Feng was the one who had killed Qiu Cao and kidnapped the princess.

At that moment, Lin Feng wasn’t sure if Duan Tian Lang was responsible or it was another person within the military.

“Duan Tian Lang, are you not the person at the origin of this?” said Lin Feng coldly. If it was really Duan Tian Lang, that was really too shameless. The first arrow was actually aimed at Princess Duan Xin Ye, if Lin Feng hadn’t done his best to intercept it, Duan Xin Ye would have died.

“You will never stop until you’re dead.” shouted Duan Tian Lang in an ice-cold tone. He then immediately continued: “I will give you some time to think, if you don’t tell where the princess is, I will kill you as punishment.” When he finished talking, he lit an oil lamp and then a deadly energy emerged from his body as he moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked cold and indifferent. A murderous light flashed in his eyes.

If Duan Tian Lang was really at the origin of this, this was a good opportunity. Why wasn’t he killing him on the spot though and provided him with time to think about giving him an answer?

This short time was enough for the news to spread to Liu Cang Lan and for him to quickly rush to the location.

Lin Feng didn’t understand Duan Tian Lang’s intentions.

Lin Feng, however, could not determine whether the princess was still alive or not.

He wanted to go and look for Duan Xin Ye instead of wasting time here, after all, she had been kidnapped and he was responsible for protecting her.

However, considering the number of arrows aiming at him and the incredibly strong soldiers surrounding him, rushing to save her would have been idiotic. His life was currently in danger.

He slowly turned around and saw that the oil lamp would soon burn out.

The ground started to shake. An incredible number of horses rushed towards the campsite. The tent was completely surrounded by soldiers in an instant.

“Duan Tian Lang, do you think that you can act as you please here?”

At that moment, a voice spread through the atmosphere. Liu Cang Lan appeared in the air with his bow on his back. Behind him, the officer of the Chi Xie troops, Jiu Chi Xie, was closely following. He immediately moved next to Lin Feng and ignored everybody else.

“Liu Cang Lan, Lin Feng plotted against the princess and did not protect her. She is nowhere to be found. Why do you choose to side with him? What evil intentions are you harbouring?” said Duan Tian Lang

“I don’t care who kidnapped the princess but since such a short time has passed, looking for the princess within the campsite would be the best solution rather than wasting time here. She would not have been able to leave the camp. However, you have brought all of your soldiers here and created a chaotic environment and spread rumours. How does that affect the morale for our army? You wouldn’t be doing this on purpose to cause harm to Lin Feng?”

Liu Cang Lan’s words surprised Lin Feng. As expected, Liu Cang Lan was very experienced and proved he clearly understood the most important aspects of the situation.

Duan Tian Lang was an aristocrat and the chief commander. How could he not understand what was most important in this situation? In such a situation, the most important thing was to immediately search for the missing princess and it was not use his army to trap Lin Feng in an attempt to punish him. The fact that he had given Lin Feng some time seemed to have something to do with Liu Cang Lan.

“I obviously understand that, but I have given him the time it takes for an oil lamp to burn yet Lin Feng still cannot tell us where the princess is. Liu Cang Lan, you are a general, punishing Lin Feng is your duty but instead, you are siding with a criminal. If you don’t move out of the way then do not blame me for not showing mercy.” said Duan Tian Lang in a calm and respectful tone as if he held friendly feelings towards Liu Cang Lan and did not want to fight.

A smile appeared on Liu Cang Lan’s face as he said: “Inviting you to come here to fight our common enemy was a huge mistake. Duan Tian Lang, you are a traitor!”

“Chi Xie armored cavalry, are you there?” shouted Liu Cang Lan furiously.

“We are!” The atmosphere suddenly filled with the shouts of Chi Xie armored cavalry. The Chi Xie horses neighed and the atmosphere was filled with a deadly Qi.

Duan Tian Lang’s troops were chaotic and their morale was unstable.

“Liu Cang Lan collaborates with Lin Feng, a criminal who has kidnapped the princess. He is clearly a traitor! They both deserve the death sentence by law, kill them!”

Duan Tian Lang then shouted coldly: “Release your arrows!”

When Duan Tian Lang finished talking, an endless sea of arrows spread through the air towards Liu Cang Lan and Lin Feng. Duan Tian Lang had actually given his army the order to kill them.

“Kill them all!” shouted Jiu Chi Xie who started galloping towards the army while shooting powerful arrows from his bow. Immediately, soldiers started giving horrible shrieks of pain. They all came from the soldiers who were surrounded by the Chi Xie armored cavalry. The Chi Xie armored cavalry were mercilessly slaughtering those soldiers.

Duan Tian Lang had attempted to kill General Liu Cang Lan. The Chi Xie armored cavalry troops were furious.

The Chi Xie troops had already killed a large number of Duan Tian Lang’s troops. Duan Tian Lang was furious.

In the blink of an eye a civil war had begun.

Everybody was filled with cold killing intent.

What was going on? How could such a situation come about?

It was because of Lin Feng. Nobody could control the situation any longer. Soldiers from the same army were fighting against each other and dying.

It was as if everything had already been planned since the moment when Lin Feng entered the princess’ tent, as if they were doomed from that moment.

In the distance, a bugle call could be heard but most of the Xue Yue troop could barely hear it. At that moment, Liu Cang Lan and Lin Feng’s faces turned deathly pale.

The scariest thing about that bugle call was that it came from the Mo Yue Country army, which was moving towards them to launch an attack.

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