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PMG Chapter 2050: The Evil Influence Remains

PMG Chapter 2050: The Evil Influence Remains
He was seated cross-legged on a Blue Uptala Lotus in his spirit world. Cosmic strength kept rotating around him, there were the cosmic energies of the ten thousand things of creation. Without the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree and the Blue Uptala Lotus, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to progress so fast in terms of cosmic energies.
Lin Feng was thoughtful.
“Zun cultivators break through to the Huang Qi layer when their force is multiplied by a thousand. After that, their body fuses together with the earth and sky around them. However, the real force of the earth and sky is unlimited. When Saints move, force keeps condensing around them and hurricanes appear around them. The strength of the earth and sky is like their own. They just have to move their hand to use it,” muttered Lin Feng. After controlling the Saint’s body, that was the feeling he had experienced. Saints had no limits. It had been a wonderful sensation!
They could also control people’s souls. When he controlled his own body, he had no problems and there was nothing unpleasant, he was in harmony with his own body. But when he controlled the Saint’s body, Lin Feng realized how incredible a human soul was. He needed to become so much stronger to become a peerless cultivator. They belonged to a completely different world!
Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised because he had been cleansed three times by Deva-Mara Kalpa strength as a high-level emperor, and he had become stronger after controlling the Saint’s body. However, after recovering, his demon skills had become stronger yet again.
After that, Lin Feng went back into the demon pond and cleansed his Deva-Mara physical body. His physical body was becoming ever more terrifying. Lin Feng knew that because he had controlled the Saint’s body, it was easier for him to become physically stronger. He felt even better physically.
His soul and body had become stronger. Lin Feng was even more determined, and felt even more optimistic about his future. He kept progressing quickly. At the same cultivation level, nobody could compete with him in terms of physical strength.
He was seated cross-legged on the Blue Uptala Lotus and after that, a weapon pattern appeared behind him. He had absorbed it with his Spirit, and had it mix with his blood. His Qi had finally calmed down.
Meng Qing was seated not far from him and smiled, “Little Zhe Tian, look at your father, he’s doing so much for you, come out quickly.”
“Haha, he will also come out quickly.” When Meng Qing heard Lin Feng, she smiled. Lin Feng stopped practicing cultivation and landed next to Meng Qing. He touched Meng Qing’s belly and sensed something move.
“Little boy, listen to your mom or I’ll scold you when you come out!” smiled Lin Feng.
Meng Qing laughed. “Don’t scare our baby, otherwise he won’t come out!”
“Lin Feng, will the Snow Clan attack you?” Meng Qing asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng initially didn’t intend to tell Meng Qing anything, but she had to know. Lin Feng had just told her a few things, he couldn’t hide the truth from her, and her perception was quite acute.
The Snow Clan was her native clan, and known to be powerful.
“Don’t worry, you can rely on me!” Lin Feng smiled.
Meng Qing put her hands on Lin Feng’s face and looked at him gently. “If you can’t survive, I can go back to the Snow Clan. Your safety is the most important thing. I have a celestial king-type body, the Snow Clan won’t do anything to me.”
“Silly girl,” said Lin Feng, caressing Meng Qing’s cheeks in return. He kissed her on the lips. They both smiled, understanding each other without talking.
“Lin Feng, do you think Lin Zhe Tian will look more like you or me?” Meng Qing put her head on Lin Feng’s shoulder and smiled.
“It would be better if he looked more like you,” replied Lin Feng cheerfully.
Meng Qing laughed and wondered, “Will he be like you? Will he travel all around the world and offend many women like you?”
Lin Feng laughed and said, “Haha, wouldn’t it be great?”
“Aren’t you afraid that it could affect his cultivation?”
“Some people are determined. Some people are solitary, too. Some people are confident and at ease, other people solely focus on cultivation. It always depends on people.” Lin Feng was different from many people. He smiled, “Look at those Holy Emperors and Holy Concubines!”
“You envy them?” asked Meng Qing.
“My wife is like a celestial being, how could I envy them? Other people envy me!” Lin Feng laughed back. He knew that Meng Qing was joking. They were two people who were really in love. They had gone through so much together.
However, some people didn’t intend to let Lin Feng off. Some Snow Clan cultivators landed in the Tianci Dynasty, where there was a new Holy Emperor, the previous Holy Emperor’s uncle. When he saw them, he didn’t look as happy as in the past.
“We suffered great losses, what do you want now?” asked the Holy Emperor impolitely.
The Snow Clan cultivators frowned and one of them said, “Our Saint is on his way, he’ll arrive within three days.”
The Holy Emperor was petrified and his heart started pounding. A Saint?
The Snow Clan had said one sentence and it sufficed to scare them to death. A Saint from the Snow Clan was going to come to town?
“So what does that have to do with the Tianci Dynasty?” asked the new Holy Emperor. He tried to remain calm and composed.
“Last time, the Dynasties and the Ancient Holy Clans surrounded Lin Feng and then let him escape. That won’t happen a second time!” said the Snow Clan cultivator calmly.
“Let him escape?” The Holy Emperor smiled coldly.
The Snow Clan was really shameless. The Snow Clan had fled first!
“A second time? You mean that we’ll surround Lin Feng again?” asked the Holy Emperor, not understanding their point of view.
“Indeed!” said the strong cultivator of the Snow Clan. He didn’t realize the Holy Emperor found him ridiculous, and just nodded calmly.
The Holy Emperor said coldly, “Since your Saint is coming, why do we need to waste time?”
“We need Lin Feng to use the Saint’s body. And we need you to deal with Lin Feng, you understand?” asked the Snow Clan cultivator.
The Holy Emperor was stupefied. The Snow Clan wanted Lin Feng to use the Saint’s body again, and give them a reason to send a Saint!
“Why doesn’t the Saint attack directly? Why do you need someone to provoke the situation?” asked the Holy Emperor.
“If our Saint attacks Lin Feng directly, he won’t use the Saint’s body directly,” explained the Snow Clan cultivator indifferently before starting to walk away.
“Some strong cultivators from my Clan have already gone to the other Dynasties and Ancient Holy Clans. Of course, you can refuse, but the consequences will be… hehe!” said that man with a laugh before leaving. The Holy Emperor was furious.
The Tianci Dynasty’s Holy Emperor had already died, and now they wanted to start again?!
“I will inform you when the right time comes. You can decide whether you want to join or not then,” the Snow Clan cultivator said while leaving. The Holy Emperor was furious, but could he refuse?

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